Are you dreaming of a romantic honeymoon? Or are you thinking about an adventurous vacation?

Need to spend a long vacation or just pick a few days to relax and rest?

All these options and more are available on the magical St. Lucia Caribbean Island. No matter what are you thinking or dreaming about, you will find a good fit for your plans. But if you want to make sure that this visit will meet your expectations, you have to plan your visit well, to determine what is the best time to visit St Lucia. In this article, you will find some important considerations which you need to keep in mind to get satisfied with your St. Lucia vacations.

St. Lucia, the romantic island:

Saint Lucia is a truly diverse destination with several activities to delight all interests. Although it is known as a favorite for weddings and honeymooners because of its uncrowded beaches and luxury hideaways, it also offers variant draw sites and activities that you can enjoy in your visit, for example:

  • Hiking to the top of Piton Mountain
  • Exploring the drive in volcano
  • Soaking in the sulphur hot springs
  • Taking a tour in the Pigeon Island National Park… and more.

You can plan to attend one of the Caribbean carnivals too and get to know the culture of the Caribbean people. If so, you need to know which carnivals you want to attend to plan your visit during this event.

With the big variety of Festivals and carnivals on this small and lovely island, this would be hard work.

Weddings and Honeymoons Saint Lucia (photo source)

The Top Things You Consider for St Lucia vacations:

1- St Lucia weather considerations:

When you are planning to visit any country, you expect to spend your time there in good weather conditions. But it is not the same for all people. In some hot countries, citizens may prefer to visit other countries in the snowy seasons. It is all up to you. So it is vital to investigate the weather and the best season you can go to your chosen destination.

In St. Lucia, the monthly temperature range is between (29-31 Celsius degrees) during the daytime and an average low temperature of 24 Celsius degree. (Mid 80 and mid 70 Fahrenheit degrees). These temperature ranges make the weather in St. Lucia luxurious throughout the year.

But it is not all about temperature, there is the rainfall which affects the popularity of each month with visitors. St. Lucia has two seasons, wet and dry.

  • The Dry season lasts from February until May. The rain during these months is the lowest, and this makes these months popular for visitors to avoid the heavy rain season.


  • The wet season lasts from June to December. During this period you should expect rain on most days during the month. In November for example it can rain at least 20 days, which affect the number of visitors to the island during this season.

The months that hit the low weather point are September and October as it is the annual hurricane season in the Caribbean Islands. According to all that has been mentioned, if you want to avoid rainy days and hurricanes and increase your chances of good weather it is preferred to plan your visit in the first half of the year.

2-High and low seasons in St. Lucia (budget considerations):

Before planning to visit St. Lucia it is better to know what benefits you can get from planning your visit during each season, high, shoulder, or low seasons.

  • High Season:

According to the weather during the dry season in Saint Lucia, you can expect that the high season will be from mid-December to mid-April. The temperature in December, January, and February are very suitable for beach vacations.

During the high season, the numbers of visitors increase and the flights and hotel accommodation availability is low.

  • Shoulder Season:

This is the season between the high and low seasons. It lasts from mid-April to June. This season offers chances to get many benefits.

The weather in this season is still great and the number of visitors is moderate so you will avoid the crowds. For your budget, in this season it will be easier to secure flights and top hotel accommodation with lower fares.

  • Low Season:

It is the season from June to November, during the wet season in Saint Lucia. In this season the chances for hurricanes increase, but on the other side, you can find many offers and discounts during the low season which can be a good fit for those who need to travel on a budget.

Piton Mountain. St. Lucia (photo source)

3-Preferred Activities:

Many people travel to other countries to discover different cultures, not only to relax on beaches. For those people carnivals and festivals may offer a good chance to touch the culture of the destination they visit. The Caribbean culture is diverse of many sub-cultures from a number of countries which makes it rich and adorable.

In St. Lucia, you can enjoy sunny days, golden sand beaches and at the same time, you surely will find a big event to attend. But for those who prefer some kinds of events, they need to plan and know well the detailed schedule for the popular events.

During the entire year, visitors can choose to attend one or more of these kinds of events:

  • Music Events … For music lovers especially Jazz it is a big chance to enjoy the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival which usually held in May. It is one of the biggest Caribbean Festivals, that you can take a good idea about the Caribbean arts and music. Also there is Roots and souls Festival. A festival dedicated to musicians who are setting new trends in reggae, conscious hip-hop, Afropunk and R&B, with performances, master classes and encounters between artists and other actors in the music business.
  • Local Feasts … Like Fishermen Feast. Each year on the last Sunday in June Saint Lucian Fisherman celebrate Fête Pêche. This thanksgiving celebration includes church services and various activities.
  • Flower Festivals … There are two Flower Festivals in St. Lucia. La rose flower festival in august. La marguerite flower festival in october.
  • Adventures and cruise Events … In this class you can find a wide range of choices. Saint lucia dive & adventure week in september. Atlantic rally for cruisers too.

There are also some other big Carnivals and events. Saint Lucia Carnival is the most known one. It is one of the biggest Carnivals with a variety of competitions. This is a very special celebration of Caribbean history, culture, and creativity.

You can find some detailed activities classified by month via this link.

St. Lucia Carnival (photo source)

4-Covid 19 pandemic travel requirements:

After the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries closed their borders for travelers. This closure ended but with some requirements in each country to secure their citizens and to control the spread of the virus.

However these requirements are different from one country to another, every traveler should check the requirements of his chosen destination to avoid any problems. I this page you can find all the updates of the Saint Lucia Covid 19 requirements.