Trinidad is celebrating! A taste of Trinidad carnival 2022 is coming along and already some teasing events are happening now. What are you waiting for? Come in a tour with the events’ schedule and some helpful guides if you decided to get a ticket or register for an event.

In February 2022, Trinidad is showing the world the power of life, this carnival was a matter of “to be or not to be”. After almost 2 years the carnival is coming back beating all the difficulties and coming over all the threats.

Despite all the fears and obstacles that exist due to the Covid 19 pandemic, The Government of Trinidad and Tobago decided to lunch the “Taste of Carnival” initiative to start the Trinidad Carnival events’ calendar while saving their visitors’ and locals’ lives.

The Carnival Health Regulations:

Some prior regulations have been issued earlier and were very helpful to offer a kind of contentment to the Trinidad Carnival visitors. These regulations were set following the public health regulations, and they focus on preventing crowds.

No Fetes are allowed, No unvaccinated participants or visitors, and the capacity will be limited to 50% for all parties and festivities in the well-controlled safe zone venues. You can know more details about these regulations and arrangements by reading our post “Trinidad Carnival 2022 comes back with promising wishes to a full events calendar. Welcome!”

Now let’s take you on an interesting tour to the upcoming events of Trinidad Carnival 2022, so you can still take the action to join the ultimate joy and pick the chance to celebrate with this wonderful island and be one of the luckiest in the world.

Trinidad Carnival 2022 Schedule of Events:

The main festival events are usually held between 28th, February and the 1st, of March. The festival starts from the first days of February or maybe earlier, so some events have already started there.

The upcoming events consist of several parties and competitions, On Sat 19th, Feb and Sat 26th, Feb there are two national pan events one for the single and small pan bands and the other is for medium and large bands.

The Calypso tents have started with a virtual calypso tent on the past Fri 4th, Feb. While the physical Calypso tents started on Fri the 11th to 24th, February.

Also, Calypso lovers will meet the Calypso Fiesta on Sun 20th, Feb and another time with the Junior Calypso event on Mon 21st, Feb. The physical Calypso tents are held in the Queen’s Hall (the garden theatre) and Naparima Bowl.

Don’t miss the 20th, Feb Traditional and Conventional individuals competition which will take place in Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain, where also the re-enactment of Canboulay Riots and Dragon presentation will take place on Fri 25th.

The Senior Kings and Queens Prelims is scheduled on Tue 22nd, in the Queen’s Park Savannah, while the finals side by side with the Calypso Monarch finals will be on “Dimanche Gras”, Sun 27th.

The Trinidad Carnival will be rounded off with the virtual and televised Carnival History Showcase on the last day of the Carnival schedule on 1st, March ending the joyful month of amazing events which has been missing for almost two years.

Tickets and Registrations:

The National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago in the corporation with the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Authority issued a detailed schedule for the tickets prices for all events. The schedule is included in the below image.

Trinidad Carnival 2022 tickets prices (Photo Source)

For more information about the events, tickets, or registration you can contact T and T Carnival World. Anyone can attend and watch the virtual Carnival by going to the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival World website here.

For individuals who want to register for the Kings and Queens Competitions, Traditional individuals, or Conventional individuals competitions, you will find all the required registration forms by visiting the registration forms page on the National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago’s website.

Finally, for Media representatives, you will find the Accreditation Form on the same website here. The Mas Registration has already begun and will be closed soon, so if you are arranging to register check the closing dates and time by clicking The close dates and schedule.

What Else?

Besides the up-mentioned events, according to the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday website, Sound Forge to host Season 22 Carnival, there will be some parties in a safe zone venue that is well controlled. The 7 determined shows will start on 22nd, Feb under the theme “Defend We Culture”.

A Music Show

A list of artists is ready, they will perform in these daily shows according to the schedule which you can find in the table below. Sound Forge is trying to support Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival after 2 years of stopping.


February 22 Feel the Love Freetown Collective
February 23 Woman Crush Wednesday Nailah Blackman
February 24 Chance: The Rebirth Preedy
February 25 Showdown Cro Cro, Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, Joshua Regrello, Karene Asche and more
February 26 Engine Room A Team featuring Iwer, Nessa Preppy, Voice, and more
February 27 Hold On 3canal
February 28 High Mas David Rudder
Schedule of Sound Forge Events (Source)

Tickets are available through the box office only. According to the Newsday release, the tickets to the venue will be available starting from 14th, February.

By attending this wonderful Carnival you will find a lot of chances to experience the real Caribbean culture and the lifestyle of this amazing part of the world. It is a very different experience full of friendly spirit, joy, festivities, and happiness.

The people of Trinidad and Tobago offer the most welcoming hospitality, so you will spend some days which you can never forget.