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Best Snorkeling Destinations In Caribbean That are Kid Friendly

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Snorkeling is an excellent way to explore the Caribbean waters, an option to know the water-breathing locals. Here are the 7 best snorkeling in Caribbean. A sunny Caribbean vacation with your family can be worthwhile. A perfect day at the beach, great weather, and food with the ideal snorkeling experience too!

Let your kids explore the underwater world of the Caribbean. They can get up close and personal with the local marine life. Safety in mind, make your kids proud of letting them jump into the Caribbean’s dazzling, and warm waters. A treat to the spectacular underwater view of the Caribbean pristine reef host to the tropical fish.

Here is a look at the Best Snorkeling in Caribbean that aren’t just amazing, but also kid-friendly.

Best Snorkeling in Caribbean with Kids

7. Buck Island, US Virgin Islands

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Your next best snorkeling in Caribbean for family should be in US Virgin Island. Buck Island offers a protected snorkeling spot without having to leave the property.

Your kids can enjoy over 250 species of fish, crustaceans, coral, and sponges. All spread across 840-acre Island and reef system two miles off St. Croix’s North shore. The Park is protected but opens to divers and snorkelers a tasty treat for your kids.

Still, the famous St Thomas Island in USVI beautiful beaches is home a large reef you can visit by wading along. It’s a perfect destination for beginners and families.

Book your stay at the local resort that offers easy access to the corals and creatures. Here your family might come across a snapper or barracuda and take great snaps.

6. Canouan, the Grenadines

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All grenadines island offer family-friendly snorkeling conditions. Canouan is known for its mile-long reef full of brain coral, where your kids can see exotic fish species. You can also book a family vacation at Palm Island and Petit St, Vincent.

The Tobago Cays are full of soft corals, fans and whips, nurse sharks, turtles, and eagle rays in lovely calm, warm water.

Try the Horse Reef, highly protected of the 5 uninhabited islands part of the Tobago Cays marine park. The coral-reef system is about 12-feet deep and full of colors. For turtles, tour the beach of Baradels.

5. Bloody Bay, Little Cayman

There is no island with stunningly clear waters for the most exceptional snorkeling and diving. No spot like Tiny Little Cayman. It’s 10-miles long and a mile wide, surrounded by wrecks, reefs and dive spot.

The island reefs almost untouched underwater life, best for family marine life viewing. The Bloody Bay sounds scary, but it’s a stunning underwater paradise in the Caribbean.

It features a stunning coral, cliffs, with a hawksbill turtle, and the Three Fathom Wall.

4. Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve, Belize

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The Glover’s Reef is about 30-miles off the coast of Belize. This part of the Meso-American Barrier Reef is a fantastic snookering destination for kids. It’s a world heritage site with marine reserve home to an entire atoll and 80 square mile lagoon. Your kids can enjoy the rays, sharks, and turtles.

The best time to tour Glover’s Reef in March, April, May, or June for the whale sharks.

You can stay at the Robinson Crusoe resort. Enjoy thatch cabins over the water for a quicker route to perfect snorkeling and diving.

3. Underwater Marine Park, Curaçao

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Your next family-friendly Curacao underwater park blessed with a precious spectacular marine life. Access one of the best top snorkeling spots along the 12-miles Curaçao’s southern coastline.

Your kids have a great view of sunken ships, coral gardens, and a dazzling display of sea creatures everywhere they dive.

You can also access a flat-water snorkeling spot on the calmer western side of the island.

This gives way to top beaches such as Daibooi, Cas Abou, Lagun, Jeremi, Porto Marie, Grote Knip, and Playa Abou or Knip.

2. Cayo Diablo National Park, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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At Cayo Diablo, your family will have a glance at hawksbill and green turtles. They thrive in the shallow waters of Fajardo, Puerto Rico. The beach is set on the Atlantic and the Caribbean 20-minutes by boat. It’s an excellent view for Elkhorn and Staghorn corals matched with colorful tropical fish.

Your family can stay at El Conquistador Resort, a world-class resort. The destination offers a perfect location to explore the land and sea.

1. Champagne Reef, Dominica

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The Champagne Reef tops as the best snorkeling in Caribbean. It is rated the best snorkeling destination among the 25 Caribbean destinations. As listed in Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine 2019.

The destination is one of Dominica’s most beautiful natural attractions. The subterranean geothermal create teeny tiny bubbles, hence the glamorous Reef name.

Let your kids swim through the bubbles, a giant Jacuzzi. Get up close with the seahorse, parrotfish, frogfish, and lobsters for memorable snorkeling. Don’t forget the spectacle of striking corals and Hawksbill turtles.

The best snorkeling cocktail in the Caribbean islands!



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