Which Cruise Lines Have Lifted COVID-Related Travel Restrictions?
Here’s everything you need to know about cruise companies that have eliminated mandatory vaccinations and pre-cruise inspection requirements (and those that still have regulations).

A recent Squaremouth survey found that 65% of cruise travelers say they are no longer worried about COVID. As many countries have lifted all entry restrictions in recent months, cruise lines have followed suit, removing onerous requirements like mask-wearing, vaccination requirements and pre-cruise COVID testing. However, not all shipping lines have returned to normal cruise operations. Below is an overview of carriers that have lifted restrictions and those that are still subject to the rules.

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Cruise companies that lifted all restrictions

The cruise lines below have lifted all restrictions, including vaccination, testing and mask rules, with the exception of itineraries visiting countries where restrictions are still in place.

Norwegian Cruise Line: NCL was one of the first cruise lines to eliminate mandatory vaccines and pre-cruise testing. The only exceptions are some countries that require vaccines or tests such as Bermuda.

Royal Caribbean: Vaccinations and tests are no longer required, except for cruises that call at a few ports such as Haiti and Colombia.

Princess Cruises: Travelers will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccinations or testing on most voyages, except for some “enhanced policy voyages” to destinations where restrictions are still in place.

Celebrity Cruises: Removed vaccination and testing requirements for all travelers, except for itineraries that include destinations such as Bermuda, Honduras and Turks & Caicos.

Disney Cruise Line: The latest cruise line to eliminate all requirements is Disney Cruise Line, with the exception of some ports only.

Cruise ships with some restrictions

These cruise lines allow unvaccinated guests, but have some testing requirements for those who choose to hand over the vaccine.

Carnival Cruise Lines: Vaccines and tests are no longer required, except for a few destinations where they are still required. However, one important exception is that on cruises of 16 nights or more, vaccinations are required for all passengers.

Holland America Line: Customers who have not been vaccinated must present a negative test result within 3 days of departure. All guests on cruises of 16 nights or longer must be vaccinated and present a negative test result.

MSC Cruises: Vaccinations are no longer required, but some cruises require unvaccinated guests to submit a negative COVID test result for her prior to departure.


Restricted cruise ships

The following cruise lines continue to require vaccinations for all passengers and exclude unvaccinated travelers.

AmaWaterways: This river cruise line still requires all passengers to be vaccinated to board, but the official website says he hopes to lift the rule in 2023.

Cunard Line: All customers over the age of 18 must provide proof of vaccination and booster shots. Unvaccinated passengers between the ages of 5 and her 17 years must present a negative test result before departure.

Vikings: This river cruise line has a strict vaccination and refreshment policy, with regular post-boarding inspections.

What You Need to Know About Cruises Now

Business will return to normal as more cruise companies lift all his COVID-related travel requirements. However, certain destinations still have vaccination and testing requirements in place, so if you want to avoid potential restrictions in a country that is not yet fully open to all travelers, before booking You should thoroughly research your cruise itinerary. More than 120 countries have now lifted all restrictions, including many popular cruise destinations in the Caribbean and Europe.

However, stricter regulations apply in some countries in Asia/Oceania and Central and South America.