Curacao Carnival is the most colorful and vibrant Carnival of Curacao. Like many other islands in the Caribbean, Curacao also hosts a colorful carnival that you can experience in the early months of the year. The main features of this grand carnival are music, street parades, and non-stop dancing. Despite being a tiny island, Curacao experiences a flood of rush during this month-long annual carnival.

The roaring pomp and gaiety of this carnival reverberates in the entire Caribbean and entices people from all around the globe. If you also want to experience colorful traditions and culture at the best, be a part of this mega festival. We have already gathered all the details about the Curacao Carnival for you.

History of Curacao Carnival

The history of the Curacao Carnival dates back to the early 19th century. According to some sources, the carnival was first celebrated by Venezuelan citizens, who used to live there for time being in 1901. At first, people used to celebrate at private clubs. In 1947, the festival was celebrated publicly for the first time on the streets. Since then, it has become an annual event in Curacao. Gradually, the carnival gained popularity and today it has evolved significantly too.

When and how long is the Curacao Carnival celebrated?

Curacao Carnival is celebrated in Curacao during January and the early weeks of February. Its festivity starts right after New year and continues till the evening before Ash Wednesday. Given the fact, the dates for the events of the festival may vary every year but the days remain the same.

In January, different types of traditional events take place while February is the real gist of the festival. Ideally, the festival lasts around 1 week in February. It’s the pre-events and activities that start taking place in January itself.

How is the Curacao Carnival celebrated?

The Curacao Carnival is all about colorful street parades loaded with lots of music and dance. The participants wear traditional costumes & accessories and get into the street to celebrate the joyous spirit of the festival. Not just adults, but kids also participate in the carnival and perform several activities. Each day has a certain theme and all the activities on that day revolve around that theme. Also, different types of street parades are conducted. As the first carnival proceeds day by day, it gets more fun-filled and exciting.

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Highlights of the Curacao Carnival

Every bit of Curacao Carnival is entertaining and worth beholding but there are some events and activities that you simply can’t afford to miss. So, here let us tell you the major highlights of the Curacao Carnivals.

  • Tumba festival

The Tumba festival is a musical event that takes place during the early days of the Curacao Carnival. Many emerging musicians participate in the event and compete for Tumba king/queen title. The festival is usually celebrated in the early weeks of Curacao Carnival and you can experience the local music of the island.

  • Several Parades

Apart from music and dance activities, the major catchment of the eyes in Curacao Carnival is several parades that take place every day with different themes. Let us tell you about all the parades in detail.

  • Children’s Carnival Parade

As the name suggests, it is the children’s parade. The young little revelers participate in the parade and showcase the culture of the island in a beautiful way.

  • Teen Carnival Parade

Like the children’s carnival parade, it is meant for teenagers. It is one of the largest parades of the event where you will see teenagers hued completely in the colors of festivity.

  • Banda Bou Carnival Parade

Banda Bou is yet another popular parade of the carnival that is dominated mainly by the rural people of the island. In this parade, you can experience the real traditions and cultures of Curacao.

  • Grand Carnival Parade (Gran Marcha)

As the name suggests, Gran Marcha or grand carnival parade is the grandest and the largest carnival parade, which takes place prior to Ash Wednesday

  • Children’s Farewell Parade

Like the welcoming parades of the carnival, the farewell parades also take place and the children’s farewell parade is one of those parades. In this parade, you will see children saying goodbye to the carnival season.

  • Carnival Horse Parade

Unlike many other carnivals in the world, you will get to see horse parades in Curacao Carnivals. The participants will ride on horses and then they will conduct parades.

  • Grand Farewell Carnival Parade (Marcha di Despedida)

With the name itself, you can assume what the parade is all about. It takes place on the eve of Ash Wednesday and signifies the culmination of the Carnival. Given this fact, it is the grandest of all parades of the Curacao Carnival.

Curacao Carnival 2023

Curacao Carnival 2023 is all set to take the world by storm with its grand and roaring celebration that is going to start just after a week. This year Ash Wednesday falls on 22nd February. The carnival culminates on 21st February. Below, you can have a look at the complete schedule and the theme of Curacao Carnival 2023.

Curacao Carnival 2023 dates and schedule

In 2023, the Curacao Carnival will start on the 7th of January and will continue till the 21st of February. The complete schedule would be like this:


  • Opening Curaçao Carnival Season 2023


  • Youth Carnival Music
  • Tumba festival


  • Election of the Carnival Teen King and Queen


  • Election of the Carnival Queen
  • Prince and Pancho


  • Election of the Carnival Youth Queen
  • Prince and Pancho

JANUARY 23, 24, 25, 27 

  • Carnival Music Festival
  • Tumba


  •  Horses Parade


  • Youth Carnival Parade


  • Teeners Carnival Parade


  • Carnival of the Bandabou region


  • Main Carnival Parade


  • Youth and Teener Farewell Parade


  • Main Farewell Parade


  • Closing Celebration of Carnival Season

Curacao is a small Island in the Caribbean but the celebration of its carnival is definit`ely grand and impressive. Be part of it at least once and experience the diverse culture of Curacao altogether in a single place.

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