Here’s a subtle reminder that Father’s Day is quickly approaching! This unique day, which falls on June 19, allows us to honor the important man in our lives, whether he is your father, grandfather, a friend, or a father figure. Every day, these men make us feel unique, therefore it’s crucial to express our gratitude and appreciation for them.

We’ve compiled a list of everything you can do to show your #1 guy how much you care. Whether he prefers outdoor excursions or a wonderful Father’s Day brunch, these Belize activities will ensure a memorable day.

Fishing expeditions on Father’s day

June is one of the best fishing months in Belize, making it ideal for Father’s Day. This is the one for your Dad who enjoys the water and the outdoors. Fishing expeditions are available for all levels of fishers, from novices to seasoned veterans. Catch-and-release, fly fishing, and deep-sea fishing are some of these options.

There are numerous destinations to pick from throughout the country. If spending a day on the water sounds like the perfect Father’s Day activity, learn more about the greatest fishing destinations and what to expect while organizing your trip here.


This one is for you if the path to your special man’s heart is through his stomach.
State you’re makin’ it right with some beef pies!
Make these Belizean morning favorites for Dad from scratch. Here’s the complete recipe. If they don’t work out, we’ve highlighted the finest places to get your pies! If grilling is more his style, try Nolan’s Famous BBQ Recipe. It’s the ideal way to spend Father’s Day in Belize with Dad, with meat on the barbecue and a case of Belikin Beer.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a terrific pastime for animal lovers to enjoy together in nature. Here are the greatest spots to saddle up in Belize. And keep in mind that no matter what he does, he will enjoy making wonderful memories with some of his favorite people. Happy planning for Father’s Day!

The Belize Zoo

Interact with the gorgeous animals native to Belize in an interactive wildlife experience! The Belize Zoo (TBZ) is home to around 200 animals. TBZ is a wildlife conservation and environmental education center in addition to being a rescue center. In addition, the Zoo allows visitors to learn about rare or endangered animals while engaging in exciting animal encounters.

Take a snapshot with Ranger the Scarlet Macaw, engage with Lordess the Tapir, and meet Cortland, a margay who is one of the Zoo’s newest members when you visit with the special guy in your life. This is a Father’s Day excursion in Belize that you won’t want to miss!