During the month of October 2021, Spice Island Beach Resort and Royalton Grenada both resumed operations in Grenada after being closed for over a year. Both resorts closed their doors in March 2020 with the onset of global COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent closure of the country’s border as a result. This unprecedented closure, as with many other countries, would have significantly affected the destination’s tourism industry.

October 01, 2021 saw the reopening of these resorts and signalled a positive turn for the tourism industry in Grenada.

Grenada’s Tourism Minister Clarice Modeste stated “These two remarkable resorts will no doubt add immensely to the variety of options in the accommodation sector. This reopening is indeed testimony to the confidence in the resilience of the industry,”

Barry Collymore, Chairman of the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA), said that the reopening will have a tremendous impact on the economy. He believes that the Spice Island Beach Resort will drive a lot of repeat business, while Royalton will open new business for Grenada. “They all, in the end, will be good for tourism, jobs and all of that, but they are going in the right direction.”

President of the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA), Leo Garbutt, indicated “having both hotels operating is excellent news for the country, as there are many people now in employment and their guests will fill seats on aircraft… also, local suppliers, farmers, fishermen, and others will have orders to fulfill. These hotels will stimulate the economy, so it is a winning situation for all. ”

According to Tourism Analytics, the number of visitors from January to June 2021, excluding yacht visitors, was only 10,027 (73.1% less than 2020). It is hoped that these reopenings will result in an uptick in tourist arrivals and  much needed turnaround. Both properties are operating as fully vaccinated facilities and together will now add an over 300 hotel rooms boost in visitor capacity.

Spice Island Beach Resort

Recipient of the Six Star Diamond Award By American Academy Of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) for the 7th consecutive year as well as a Six Star Diamond Award for Oliver’s Restaurant in 2020 among other prestigious awards, Spice Island Beach Resort boasts 64 luxury villa-style suites “with enough opulence to forget about the outside world”.

Brian Hardy, General Manager of the Spice Island Beach Resort, said that the property located on Grand Anse beach which opened with over 50% staff, is declared a quarantine site for visitors. “We are a fully vaccinated operation. All visitors and guests, our staff and management, entertainers, everyone who will be on the compound of the property, must be fully vaccinated.”

Royalton Grenada

Royalton Grenada is Royalton Luxury Resorts’ newest all-inclusive property located on two white-sand beaches in Tamarind Bay, Grenada. The resort offers relaxing ocean views and a host of water sports. Royalton Grenada is the perfect vacation destination for discerning travelers in search of a luxurious beach getaway.

Jordi Pelfort, President of Hotels and Resort at Sunwing Travel Group stated “We are thrilled to welcome back our discerning guests to experience a five-star luxury vacation on the renowned Spice Isle.”

Grenada Travel Requirements

As travel to Grenada is more enticing than ever ensure you are aware of the following travel requirements before booking:

  • All travellers entering Grenada, with the exception of citizens, residents and persons 13 years and under, are required to be fully vaccinated .


  • A Pure Safe Travel Authorization Certificate is needed by each traveller including children. To be granted the authorization you must register online, upload confirmation of an accommodation booking for a minimum of seven nights.


  • Travellers 6 years and over must present their negative RT-PCR test on arrival in Grenada.


  • Fully vaccinated travellers are required to quarantine for up to 48 hours at their approved accommodation whilst awaiting the results of their PCR test. If unvaccinated, travellers will be required to quarantine for up to seven days and will have their PCR test done on day five at their quarantine accommodation.


  • Persons 13 years and under travelling with a fully vaccinated party will also benefit from the reduced quarantine period of up to 48 hours. Children over 14 years who are unvaccinated will be required to quarantine for up to 7 days with their travel party.

As situations change so do entry requirements and health protocols. Be sure to check  Grenada’s Travel Requirements for up to date restrictions and measures.