The Top 10 of the Best Tourist Places in Cuba to visit this 2021

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How do you know someone who has been to Cuba recently? 
Are you tired of seeing photos on Instagram, videos on Facebook and reports on the island of fashion? 
Then pack your suitcase and escape to the Caribbean! Traveling to Cuba has become in recent years a 
must for all travelers who want to live a different Caribbean experience: the perfect union between 
tradition, relaxation, adventure and culture.

If you want to visit it but in a different way, pay attention to the essential tourist places that 
you cannot miss on your route. Take aim!


  • Varadero


Varadero stands out for its beaches of beautiful nature and crystal blue.
There are also options for adventurers who enjoy exploring caves, cays, and forests.
The busiest destination is “Playa Azul”, near the “Al Capone” summer house, which is very popular with tourists.Varadero has a wide variety of accommodation sites adjusted to all budgets, you will find villas, hotels and apartment hotels


  • La Habana

plaza la habana vieja plazas y plazas

Among the tourist attractions of Havana Cuba, the famous festivals stand out,
such as the "Havana Film Festival", the "International Ballet Festival" and
the "Jazz Plaza Festival". The city also has a Museum of Fine Arts, which has
one of the best artistic collections on the continent, highlighting the sculpture
of "Maman" by Bourgeois. During your walk through Havana-Cuba, you will be able to visit many places for
sightseeing such as the National Capitol, the Colón Cemetery, the Coney Island
theme park, The Palace of the Revolution and the University of Havana. There is
also the José Martí International Airport, and to move around the city you can
use taxis and buses.


  • Trinidad (Santi Espíritus)

Trinidad Perla de las Antillas

Trinidad, Cuba, is a municipality in the center of the capital that stands out
for its colonial center, the Plaza Mayor and its neo-baroque architecture.
In this tourist destination there is a Romantic Museum, located in the formerly
known Brunet Palace.It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the
country, which promotes tourism in Cuba, due to its landscapes, nature, beaches
and multiple tourist places, such as El Cubano Natural Park, Ancón beach, the
Museum of Colonial Architecture and the Church of Santísima Trinidad, with a
carved altar from the 19th century.


  • Santiago de Cuba


Santiago de Cuba is a tourist area par excellence located in the north of the country,
very close to the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the cities with the most African influence,
which stands out during the carnivals and drum festivals. In Santiago de Cuba, the son
dance was born, known as the predecessor of salsa. This lively and coastal city is one of the places to visit in Cuba, one of the best destinations
for being the second largest in the entire country. In it you can see the Pico Turquino,
the Monument to the Cimarrón, the Basilica of Our Lady of Copper, the Baconao Aquarium,
the Castle of San Pedro de la Roca, the Moncada Barracks, the Padre Pico Stairway,
the Museum of Rum and the Carnival Museum.


  • Holguin

vista desde la loma de la cruz holguin cuba

One of the destinations to visit in Cuba is the city of Holguín, located in
the east of the country. It is popularly known as the "City of Parks".
Among the tourist places that can be visited in Holguín are La Loma de Cruz,
Las Flores Park, San Isidro Cathedral, Holguín Botanical Garden, San José Park,
La Marqueta Square and Carlos Manuel Park. of Céspedes. It is also famous for
its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, that is why it has an
all-inclusive hotel network, among the most prominent hotels are: “Hotel Playa
Pesquero” and “Hotel Club Amigo Atlántico Guardalavaca”.


  • Cienfuegos


One of the destinations for tourism in Cuba is the beautiful bay of Cienfuegos,
located in the south of the nation. It stands out for its colonial buildings,
the Tomás Terry Theater and the Provincial Museum. In addition, there is the
Arc de Triomphe, a commemorative monument of Cuban independence. Cienfuegos is also known as the Pearl of the South, due to its wide artistic
movement of galleries such as the "Estudio Taller Marilyn Monroe". It is the
city of birth of the musician Benny Moré and the salsa singer Celia Cruz.
Among the best places to visit, the following are recommended: The Paseo del Malecón Cienfuegos,
The State Hotel, the Statue of José Martí, Purísima Concepción Cathedral Church and the
Tourist Attraction of the dolphins.


  • Viñales (Pinar del Rio)

Vinales Mural de la Prehistoria

Viñales Cuba is one of the tourist destinations in the province of Pinar del Río. 
It is characterized because its main sidewalk, with great colonial nature, is made
up of very colorful wooden houses. It is also known as Valle de Viñales, being one
of the historical places in Cuba, since in one of its mountains is the Mural of
Prehistory, where you can practice cycling. Its main tourist attractions are:
the Cueva del Indio, the Cueva de la Vaca and the Viñales Botanical Garden.


  • Habana vieja (Habana)

The Top 10 of the Best Tourist Places in Cuba

Old Havana is one of the best destinations for tourism in Cuba, an ancient place located
in the municipality of Havana. In Old Havana you can see the Old Square of Havana, the
Plaza de San Francisco, the National Capitol, the Great Theater, the National Museum of
Fine Arts, the Castle of the Royal Force, the Governor's Palace, the Church of Angel Custodio
and the famous bar-restaurant "El Floridita". Old Havana is a well-known place among cities for its cruise terminals, its golf courses,
and its nightlife. If you want to remember the decade of the 50s, you must visit the
"Bar Two Brothers", and, if you are looking for food at affordable prices, Chinatown offers
a wide variety of places, highlighting "La Flor del Loto".


  • Cayo Santa María (Villa Clara)

hotel playa cayo santa maria hotel

The cozy island of Cayo Santa María is one of the places of natural beauty in Cuba. 
Located to the north, it is famous for its beautiful beaches and water sports.
It has a Wildlife Refuge which surrounds the busy Las Gaviotas Beach. In this tourist key there is a craft market, bars and places to eat in a commercial
area known as “Pueblo La Estrella”. It also has an Aquarium where you can see the
park's dolphins and sea lions, with a privileged location in the Jardines del Rey archipelago. If you want to visit the paradisiacal Cuban beaches, among the best destinations are
Perla Blanca, Las Caletas and Cuatro Punta, to get there you will have to cross the
Buena Vista Bay highway. And if it is the cheapest and most frequented hotels in the
area, the options are Islazul Florida Hotel, Hotel Islazul Moron and La Torre hostels.


  • Matanzas

varadero playa


San Carlos de Matanzas is one of the best cities in Cuba, located in the municipality of San Severino.
It is known as the Athens of Cuba or the City of Bridges, for its outstanding Rotating Bridge,
the main tourist center. Its most emblematic monument is the Aqueduct of Matanzas built in the 19th century, a great
attraction for tourism. It owes the name of Atenas to its great literary development, to the
beautiful verses and essays of Heredia. Here you can see all the places of interest in Cuba,
such as: the Bellamar Caves and the Saturn Cave, the Sauto Theater, the Liberty Park, the
Versalles in Matanzas, the San Severino Castle, the Matanzas Bay and the bay of pigs
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