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IC Caribbean is an international online travel agency and a Caribbean weekly magazine. We focus on promoting all things the Caribbean and making the Caribbean the number one tourist destination in the world. Partner with us and share in our vision by contributing to our website in several ways:

Become an Intern

IC Caribbean invites persons to join our internship program. We are a team of passionate and energetic professionals spread throughout different parts of the world.

Work with us to get exposure in the international travel industry and work with a diverse team of professionals. You will get to work on various tasks throughout the internship involving social media, content writing, public relations, graphic design, and many more. Enhance the value of your resume by showing your certificate of completion of an internship with IC Caribbean.

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Become a Guest Blogger

We are inviting travel bloggers to write on their experiences and tips in the Caribbean and promote the islands on our website. In exchange, you will receive recognition and backlinks. For more details contact us at [email protected].


be our guest blogger
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Sponsorships & Donations

IC Caribbean is inviting booking sites, tourism agencies, and airlines to partner with us by joining our partnership program. We are seeking support to continue promoting the Caribbean region and to make it the world’s number one vacation destination. For more details please contact us at. For more details contact us at [email protected].

If you support our cause and want to be generous and make a donation, we would appreciate it. You donations will help us deliver more and help grow the Caribbean tourism.

Thank you for your support,
Icen Collins,
President & CEO

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sponsors and donations
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