Saint Lucia – The Diamond of The Caribbean

St. Lucia Background

One of the hidden gems in the Caribbean is Saint Lucia. Here are some of the reasons for you to visit the island


Very few countries can compare themselves with the Caribbean ones when it comes to the number of tourists visiting per year. The Caribbean archipelago consists of about 7,000 islands, 13 independent states, and 12 dependent territories. All of them have many sunny days per year, beautiful flora and fauna, gorgeous beaches, and great entertainment for tourists.


It`s a difficult task to choose the best one. Different people have different needs, and there is something for everyone in the Caribbean.


The highlight of the Caribbean is probably Saint Lucia, the diamond of the Caribbean as we are going to call it. Saint Lucia is a sovereign state located in the triangle made by Barbados, St. Vincent, and Martinique.


Saint Lucia has the perfect mix of everything the Caribbean archipelago has to offer. Here you can see a little of everything. From a broad historical background, beautiful nature, great parties, to luxury hotels.


Therefore, Saint Lucia recommends itself to the thousands of tourists every year, who usually come back to feel the island’s vibe a few times more in the future.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Saint Lucia


Now, we will present to you the reasons why you should visit Saint Lucia and potentially have the best time of your life.



Historical Background


When it comes to history on the island, you can visit the ruins of Fort Rodney. This is an old British fort built back in the 18th century. In WW-II it was turned into a signal station of the US military. These days Fort Rodney became a tourist attraction.

Beautiful Golden Beaches


All of the beaches you can find on Saint Lucia island are public ones. Everyone can visit them, at any time. The most beautiful one is Anse Piton.



This beach is one of the best beaches you will ever see, not only in the Caribbean but also in the whole world. It’s volcanic soil.


The island’s west coast is packed with beautiful golden sand beaches. We are going to name just a few of them. Anse Chastanet, Marigot Bay, Reduit Beach, and Anse Cochon.


However, the most well-known and biggest one is the Reduit beach, which you can find near the town of Rodney Bay. Just so you know, Marigot Bay is a port that has a small amount of sand, so we can consider it as a beach.


Chocolate Heaven



Who doesn’t love chocolate? We couldn’t find that kind of person even if we looked for him all day. Here you can find a hotel that has its own chocolate plantation.


The name of the hotel is Chocolat. You should look at the menu of the hotels restaurant. You almost cant find a thing that doesn`t have some sort of chocolate inside. Also, you can go for a tour around the chocolate plantation.


Hotels on Top Island Locations


As we said, most of the beaches on Saint Lucia island are open to the public. However, a small number of hotels have their own private beaches.


For example, every hotel owner on the island would probably give everything to have a Sugar Beach as its own private beach. They have minimalistic rooms and flawless housing. This is the island`s highlight for luxury lovers.



Hurricanes are Avoidable


Like any Caribbean island, Saint Lucia is reachable for hurricanes. Still, it is more southern than most of the islands, so it avoids the critical part of hurricane effects. It is much safer than most of the Caribbean islands.


The Bottom Line


We presented you with the Diamond the Caribbean archipelago. Saint Lucia is definitely one of the best the archipelago has to offer.


When you are ready to book a flight to Saint Lucia, visit our website and book a flight with Expedia. Thank you for reading our article, we hope it was fun as it was informative. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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