The Bahamas are expanding, which gives travelers even more reasons to book a trip to the beautiful Caribbean islands soon.

When things begin to grow, you know that change is happening for the better.Things are getting even better for the Bahamas, as the Bahamas are expanding and thriving in the tourist economy.

Unites Arab Emirates Partners With The Bahamas!

Currently, there are 45 cities in the world where you can fly from to get to the Bahamas at any given time.

Actually, make that 46 cities.

Recently, the Bahamas and the UAE announced their current travel partnership!

The UAE has made a commitment to promote the Bahamas as a desired travel destination. But with the Bahamas truly being one of the fastest-growing islands of the Caribbean, who wouldn’t want to go?

Along with promoting the Bahamas locally, the UAE offers flights through their Emirates Holiday site as well.

Latia Duncombe Becomes Acting Directing General of Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Bahamian Latia Duncombe was recruited by the Ministry of Tourism in August as deputy director-general but has since moved up in her new role.

As she has been in business for 25 years, Duncombe brings with her the skills needed in order to help continue to bring the Bahamas a healthy tourist economy.

Bahamas Prim Minister Visits Ohio

Food is an essential part of the Bahamian culture, but with shortages across the globe, there has to be a better way to make sure everyone is fed.

The Bahamian prime minister visited Eeden Acres Farm as a way to solve this problem for his people.

Eeden Acres Farm is an indoor hydroponic farm that will soon be coming to the island of Nassau.

The farm will be equipped with robotics and AI, making it the most advanced AgTech farm to date.

According to, “With a projected investment value of $60 Million, this privately funded expansion is estimated to deliver up to 2 million pounds of clean and healthy leafy greens and herbs to Bahamian communities.”

Homesick Candle Co x Bahamas

If you have ever been to the Bahamas, you know how easy it is to wish you were there once you have to head back home to reality.

Homesick Candles completely related to that feeling. So, they partnered with the Bahamas in order to bring the tropical paradise home with you!

The fragrance is as tropical as a pina colada with the freshness of the salty sea breeze. All you need to do is light the candle, close your eyes, and you’ll be instantly transported to the relaxing Bahamas beaches!

Get your limited edition candle here.

Sands Radler Beer, The Bahamas, and Fort Lauderdale Food and Wine Festival

The Bahamas are expanding, not only with travel but with their food as well.

In the Bahamas’ Ministry sales and marketing team’s first time participating at the festival, they brought with them not only exposure to the Bahamas but a Bahamian Sands Radler beer.

Those that tested the beer said it was refreshing, giving the Bahamas Ministry’s team positive feedback that they can go on for the next mainland event they decide to attend.

Pharrell’s New Hotel

Pharell Williams has partnered with David Grutman and Atlantis Paradise Island to bring the Bahamas a new resort called Somewhere Else.

The 400 room resort will be taking the place of Atlantis’ current resort, The Beach. Somewhere Else is going to have many different amenities, entertainment, restaurants, and so much more. With so much planned, the resort is bound to have something for everyone.

Since Somewhere Else is taking the place of Atlantis’ lowest-priced resort, it is sure to be priced fairly. Not easily priced for everyone, but not priced high in the super-luxury category.

The resort will not be opened until 2024, but just looking at the concept design, it looks like it will be well worth the wait.

Until then, you can always check out some already built all-inclusive Bahamas resorts here.

The Bahamas are Expanding Out to Sea With Margaritaville

In April, Margaritaville at Sea cruise line will launch their Bahamas Paradise cruise line.

Starting at the Port of Palm Beach in Florida, this cruise will end up at Grand Bahama Island.

The cruise will last for 3 days, 2 nights, and will include many restaurants and onboard amenities.

You can book your cruise and learn more information on their official site.

The Bahamas are expanding, and now is a great time to plan a trip there. However, it is good to be cautious with how the world has been lately. Make sure you plan for a not only fun but safe trip. Check out the updated Covid protocols.