Top 5 Pink Sand Beaches in the World

Best of the Best Pink Sand Beaches in the World

Let’s explore the Top 5 Pink Sand Beaches in the World. Up there in the realms of unicorns, rainbows, and all the magical things are pink sand beaches-pastel-hued eye-catchers which make the water look bluer and white sand.

This makes everyone reach for their phones to take a snap. Let’s say crystal clear waters or pure white sand isn’t your ideal vacation; these pink sandy beaches will highly do the trick.

What are the pink sand beaches?

Pink sand beaches are the outcome of thousands of broken coral fragments, shells, and calcium carbonate, sea material left behind by foraminifera the tiny organisms with red and pink shells collect-which is magic!

Rare, unusual, and irrefutably striking-these destinations are an aesthetic dream one of Mother Nature’s realities. And, because the pink hue is always lovely, here are the best pink sandy beaches in the world.

Harbour Island, Pink Sand Beaches Bahamas

It is slowly becoming a top destination of all the Caribbean beaches found on one of the smaller islands of the Bahamas.

Amazingly, Turquoise waters and pink sand beach on the eastern shore of Harbour Island. The lovely pink and rose hue of Habour Island comes from the Foraminifera which is one of the small sea protists with pink seashells.

The marine animal has a beautiful red shell that crushes and mixes with white sand when the organism dies.

The pink sand beach is always cool, allowing visitors to stroll easily long, and wild barefoot without doing the hot sand dance.

Here you can snorkel and swim around the outlying reefs that offer large expanses of calm and shallow water-the best vacation for anyone looking forward to exploring the depths of the tranquil oceans.

Horseshoe Bay, CARIBBEAN SEA

Horseshoe Bay is one of the world’s most Instagrammed pink beaches. The beach lures swimmers’ adventures and photographers from across the globe at an intense rate.

Due to its fame, expect crowds are enjoy the scenery of the immense rock formations.

Not only will you be graced with striking rose-tinted sand, but you can enjoy snorkeling in wildlife-rich waters.

Plus, if you’re up for the 180+ step climb, stroll further along the shores and visit the best resort around while you can revel in the beauty Bermuda has to offer.

Tikehau, Tahiti

Have plans in Tahiti; include a visit to the pink sand beaches. The destination wrapped around a lagoon; you can enjoy sunbathing with the white and pink sands of Tikehau.

The destination is truly spellbinding, and the location makes for the prime dolphin spotting spot. I hope this gets much better!

Pink Beaches of Barbuda, Caribbean Sea

Are you looking for a less-tourist pink sand beach?

Visit Barbuda on the Caribbean Sea is the right of you. Here you will be graced by beautiful rose-toned sand where you can enjoy snorkeling in the wildlife-rich waters.

Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

If stunning, natural scenery is what you are looking for “Crane Beach” and Bathsheba Beach, off Barbados. When visiting Bathsheba Beach, tourist is greeted by what appears to be massive rock formations washed ashore. The ancient coral remnants offer a fantastic retreat that is a lot quieter.

At Bathsheba Beach, you can stay in Andromeda Gardens or the mountaintop Gun Hill Signal Station, one of the photographer’s dreams.

The beach is excellent for surfing as it hosts local and international surfing competitions.

I hope you’re planning your next vacation; add pink sandy beaches top of your list!


Best Wishes,

Icen Collins, Founder of IC Caribbean