Top 5 Amazing Things To Do in Harbour Island

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How does a holiday on pink sand beaches surrounded by the clear turquoise waters sound? And, oh yes, a golf cart ride for transportation? Well this is the perfect offer of Harbour Island or as it is charmingly known to the locals, Briland. This beautiful expanse of land just northwest of Eleuthera island has a vibrancy that will transport you back to the 60s thanks to the architecture engineered by British settlers in 1700s. Though it will be hard to fight the temptation of just sunbathing the entire vacation, don’t give in. There is so much to do in Briland.


Top things to do in Harbour Island:


1.Horseback riding

horseback riding

If you have the heart for adventure and of course a love for horses, then this might just be what your itinerary is missing. Go ahead and find yourself an island cowboy to give you ride into the sunset, literally. You might have to do some digging though, before going for that ride as most are not easy contact. But legend has it, Marty- the ultimate cowboy with a band of auburn horses is located between Coral Sands and Pink Sands Hotel.




A vacation is never complete without a souvenir for the road. And the perfect Harbour Island take away is a custom woven tote bag which you will easily find at A+A Hidden Treasures, with a wide variety. For more authentic island offerings, search the wooden shacks that line the ports or stop by at Dilly Dally. But if you seek a little number for the beach, then The Sugar Mill will get you pink sand ready.




At 9PM, the island comes to life. Visit Daddy D’s to dance the night away with the man himself on the records. Or for a sporty spin, hit up Vic-hum have a face-off in sports like basketball and ping-pong. If you are after an early start to the night and seek a chance to mingle with the locals, Gusty’s will hold it out for you.


4.Water sports



Harbour Island boasts a unique reef buffering system that will invite straight into the water or simply leave you mesmerised.  Should you choose to jump straight in, there is an array of activities to try out.  You can go down to Valentine Drive Centre for some snorkelling scuba, underwater scootering and a special “Bubblemaker” program. Or head to Lil’ Shan’s Water Sports to rent out Kayaks, boats and even jet skis. Do not leave Harbour without swimming with the pigs.

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