US Virgin Islands Tourism Commissioner calls for the return of cruise ships to the Caribbean

stephanie klepacki

Joseph Boschulte, US Virgin Islands Tourism Commissioner, urged the Caribbean to deepen its relations with cruise line partners. He called on the tropical region to collaborate, to ensure the safe return of cruise ships to their borders, stating, “One destination does not make an itinerary.”


The commissioner, who was speaking at the 35th edition of Seatrade Cruise Global held in Miami, stressed the importance of following all the necessary health precautions, so every traveler feels safe. He added “There has to be a collaborative effort amongst us in the Caribbean on health protocols because if a destination does not have effective protocols in place, that impacts not only the ship but also the next destination as well.”


The Caribbean, which is still reeling from the devastation of the pandemic, experienced a complete downturn in the arrival of cruise ships. And although the US Virgin Islands saw a boom as a stay-over destination, it didn’t welcome a ship for over a year.


“We didn’t have ships arriving for about 15 months before welcoming Celebrity Edge to St. Thomas in July,” Boschulte added.


But things are looking hopeful, not just for the American paradise islands, but for the Caribbean as a whole with several islands having welcomed cruise ships to their borders already.

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