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World Cocktail Championship 2022, a trip to Cuba

This year the World Cocktail Championship 2022 catches us far away, neither more nor less than in Cuba, the venue chosen after winning the vote held during the Annual General Assembly of the International Bartenders Association. So we want to cross the Atlantic to attend the event, we will always unless have live broadcasts, where we can see some of the best bartenders in the world in action. If you are passionate about cocktails, you cannot miss one of the most exciting events organized around this mixture of spirits and juices.

Of course, you still have time to organize yourself, because the event will take place from November 4 to 9, 2022.

Varadero, venue of the 2022 World Cocktail Championship

With 24 votes in favor, the city of Varadero, province of Matanzas, surpassed the candidacies of Italy and Russia. This vote has made Cuba the first country in the Americas to host this great cocktail event.

José Rafa Malem, president of the Cuban Association of Bartenders (ACC), explained that they have been working since 2018 to achieve this goal. As he commented, some of the reasons why they will finally host this event are:

  • The history of Cuba, the development and acceptance of Cuban cocktails at the international level
  • The level that the country’s bartenders have reached over the years
  • Because this is a safe and hospitable place for those attending the international event

The Cuban Association of Bartenders has more than a thousand members and has its origins in the Cuban bartenders club of 1924. On the other hand, this cocktail championship will have the support of the Cuban Ministry of Tourism and other sponsoring entities, which will They will be in charge of guaranteeing the optimal development of the event.

Details of the World Cocktail Championship 2022

The 2022 World Cocktail Championship will be held at the Meliá Internacional Hotel in Varadero, from November 4 to 9, 2022.

The official sponsor is the Havana Club company, so it will be the rums of this brand that will serve as the basis for the cocktails that the representatives of 63 countries will prepare. From the different countries, 63 bartenders will participate in classical style and 35 in free style.

A classic-style eliminatory is expected to be held to select the 20 bartenders who will compete in the semifinal. Until finally there are five who compete for the title of world cocktail champion. The same will be done with the free cocktail style.

Other activities will be carried out during the World Cocktail Championship, including:

  • Visit to the San José de las Lajas rum factory in Mayabeque.
  • Tastings of liquors, chocolates, cigars and Cuban coffees


  • The largest Adam and Eve cocktail in the world will be made, at the hands of the 2003 world champion, Sergio Serrano.



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