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December 2, 2023 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm



The captivating island of Saint Lucia shines as a light of rhythmic appeal in the center of the Caribbean, where blue waters hug sun-kissed beaches and emerald hills cradle the pulse of a thriving culture. A sense of excitement builds as 2024 dawns, resonating across verdant valleys and iconic sites, signaling the coming of a celebration that goes beyond the confines of music and art: the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.

With its upcoming chapter, this yearly spectacle promises to be more than simply a jazz festival; it will take attendees on an immersive trip into the soul-stirring fusion of music, colors, and cultural richness that characterizes the Caribbean experience. With Saint Lucia’s breathtaking natural setting as its background, the festival becomes a symphony in paradise, drawing fans from all over the world to see the union of elite talent, inventive locals, and the unfathomable beauty that this Caribbean treasure has to offer.


The Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival was founded in the early 1990s, and it has a long history. The festival was started with the goal of showcasing Saint Lucia as a top travel destination for fans of music and the arts and honoring the island’s cultural legacy. This is a synopsis of how the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival got its start:

Early Years:

In 1992, the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival was held for the first time, and this was the beginning of what would become one of the most well-known cultural events in the Caribbean.The festival’s original goal was to highlight the abilities of local and international jazz musicians against the breathtaking backdrop of Saint Lucia’s natural beauty. It was exclusively focused on jazz music.

Development and Expansion: The festival changed throughout time, bringing in a wide variety of artistic mediums in addition to jazz. The addition of theater, dance, visual arts, and cultural programs expanded the festival’s reach and drew a more varied crowd.

The creators of the event understood how important it was to create a comprehensive cultural experience that encompassed all forms of art that add to the rich fabric of Caribbean culture, not just music.


(April 30, 2024 – May 12, 2024)

Festivals dedicated to music and the arts, such as the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, usually take place over a few days and feature a number of performances, talks, workshops, and cultural events. The festival offers participants plenty of chances to fully immerse themselves in the wide range of program offerings, whether it lasts for a week or just a long weekend.


The festival’s official website would provide details on ticket costs, packages, and how to buy them. There are frequently early bird discounts and exclusive packages available for both domestic and foreign guests.


Saint Lucia, with its lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture, provides the perfect backdrop for this world-class festival. The festival venues, ranging from intimate beachside stages to historic landmarks, create a unique atmosphere that blends the natural beauty of the island with the rhythmic beats of jazz and the expressive strokes of various art forms.

The venue for  SAINT LUCIA JAZZ AND ARTS FESTIVAL 2024 is Pigeon Island National Landmark.


Any jazz festival’s program is its lifeblood, and the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2024 is expected to include an incredible lineup of performers from a variety of genres. The festival schedule features a wide spectrum of musical tastes, from globally recognized jazz luminaries to up-and-coming artists and hidden treasures from the area. Fans can anticipate deep songs, thrilling performances, and the blending of many musical traditions that embody the spirit of jazz.


The Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival is unique in that it is dedicated to honoring the rich cultural diversity of the Caribbean in addition to jazz. The event brings together artists who are influenced by the history, folklore, and cultural traditions of the area, acting as a melting pot of influences. Participants will be able to fully immerse themselves in a cultural experience that encompasses visual arts, dancing, and delectable food in addition to music.

Past International Artists at the Festival:

The Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival has hosted a wide range of both local and international artists over the years.

Here are some artists who have graced the festival’s stage in the past:

Acoustic Alchemy

Yolanda Adams

Gerald Albright



Harry Belafonte

Terence Blanchard

Mary J. Blige

Boyz II Men

Norman Brown

James Carter


Stanley Clarke

Natalie Cole

Nicole David

En Vogue

Rachelle Ferrell

Bunji Garlin

Al Green

Johnny Griffin

Beres Hammond

Herbie Hancock

Morgan Heritage

Ronald “Boo” Hinkson

Los Hombres Calientes

Shirley Horn

Isley Brothers

Freddie Jackson

The Jacksons


Montell Jordan


Chaka Khan

Gladys Knight

Kool & The Gang

John Legend

Gerald Levert

Damian Jr. Gong Marley

Brian McKnight

Machel Montano

New Edition

Jeffrey Osborne

Paul Peress


Smokey Robinson

Diana Ross


Square One

Angie Stone

Luther Vandross

Amy Winehouse

Tito Puente

Earl Klugh

Explore the Diverse Eateries and Pop-Up Stalls at the Festival:

Local Delicacies Corner:

Local eateries serve traditional dishes like green fig and saltfish, bouyon, and callaloo, which showcase the diverse flavors of Saint Lucian cuisine. Festival goers can take a culinary journey through these locations, which celebrate the island’s flavors.

Global Gastronomy Alley:

Pop-up stalls serving international cuisine in the Global Gastronomy Alley will transport you to a world of flavors. From Caribbean combination to Mediterranean pleasures, these diners add a worldwide energy to the celebration’s culinary scene.

Road Food Spectacle:

Experience the dynamic road food scene at the celebration, where neighborhood merchants serve up delicious treats. These stalls provide flavorful, quick bites, ranging from jerk chicken to seafood delights, making them ideal for festival exploration while on the go.

Jazz-Inspired Cafes:

Relax in one of the festival grounds’ jazz-themed cafes. In addition to providing a relaxing setting where festival-goers can listen to music and converse, these cozy spots also offer artisanal coffee and refreshing beverages.

Artisanal Dessert Haven

The Artisanal Dessert Haven is a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth with desserts from local and artisanal bakeries. From tropical organic product sorbets to debauched chocolate manifestations, these slows down offer a superb closure of a day loaded up with music and craftsmanship.

Rum and Cocktail Corners:

At rum and cocktail corners, mixologists create signature drinks based on the festival’s musical lineup, you can get a taste of the Caribbean. Drinks can be enjoyed in a relaxed setting at these locations while taking in the festival atmosphere.

Family-Accommodating Food Fair:

Carry the entire family to a devoted food fair including an assortment of youngster well disposed choices. These stalls provide a family-friendly culinary experience with everything from gourmet grilled cheese to inventive takes on standard snacks.

Late-Night Chomps and Beats:

Expand the culinary experience into the night at late-night diners offering flavorful tidbits and diverse beats. These spots make an enthusiastic environment, ideal for those hoping to appreciate jazz-roused dishes under the twilight.



There is more to the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival than just music; it additionally consolidates different types of visual and performing expressions. The festival’s “Arts” section features a wide range of artistic expressions and gives local and international artists a chance to show off their skills. Here are a few parts of human expressions highlighted in the celebration:

Exhibitions of the Visual Arts:

The celebration frequently incorporates presentations highlighting crafted by visual craftsmen, including painters, stone workers, photographic artists, and other visual fine arts. These exhibitions can be held in special art spaces or integrated into the grounds of the festival.

Road Exhibitions and Establishments:

Dynamic road exhibitions, craftsmanship establishments, and intelligent presentations add to the celebration’s lively environment. These components might incorporate live workmanship showings, road craftsmanship, and impermanent establishments that draw in celebration attendees.

Style Shows:

At the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, fashion and music are frequently combined. The lineup of the festival may include fashion shows that feature designers from all over the world and showcase distinctive styles that are influenced by Caribbean culture.

Events involving dance:

At the festival, dance is a big part of the arts. Different dance structures, including conventional and contemporary styles, might be highlighted in exhibitions that supplement the melodic demonstrations.

Drama and Theater:

Drama and theatrical performances add to the variety of arts programming. Providing a platform for storytelling and cultural expression, local theater groups and performers can showcase their talents.

Artistic Expressions and Verse Readings:

Poetry readings and book presentations may be included in the festival’s schedule. The celebration of spoken and written language as a form of artistic expression is made possible by this component.

Cultural demonstrations and workshops:

Throughout the festival, workshops for arts and crafts and cultural demonstrations are common. Participants might have the chance to partake in or notice exercises, for example, customary art making, drumming studios, and other social articulations.

Collaborations and Partnerships:

The festival’s success is aided by partnerships with international artists, cultural institutions, and sponsors. Organizations with different substances assist with getting assorted ability and assets.

Media coverage and positive reviews:

Positive surveys from participants, as well as broad media inclusion, add to the celebration’s prevalence. The occasion is in many cases highlighted in movement and way of life distributions, improving its standing on a worldwide scale.


In conclusion, the vibrant Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival exemplifies the power of cultural celebration and artistic diversity. It is well-deservedly popular, attracting enthusiasts from all over the world to Saint Lucia’s stunning landscapes. The festival’s unique appeal lies not only in the captivating musical performances but also in its multifaceted approach, which seamlessly combines a variety of artistic expressions, including culinary delights and visual arts. It is a cultural kaleidoscope that not only shows off the Caribbean and Saint Lucia’s rich history, but also helps build a global community of people who love music and the arts together. As the years progressed, the celebration has developed into a signal of solidarity, offering an amicable mix of worldwide and nearby ability against the background of dazzling settings. The Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival remains a cultural treasure as it evolves and invites everyone to participate in the joyful symphony of creativity and connection.




December 2, 2023
8:00 am - 5:00 pm