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Lusca is a mythical creature of Bahamian folklore. Half-shark, half-octopus, Lusca lurks around in the underwater caves, tunnels and blue holes found all over the Caribbean. However, it is believed that she lives mostly in the underwater caves and blue holes around the Bahamas Islands, especially around Andros, the largest island in the Bahamas.

She is mean spirited and some islanders believe that she likes to drown divers and explorers who are not careful. Some even believe that if your boat is over a bluehole she could pull it in down into the dark waters.


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Popular Resorts

Rosewood Baha Mar

Set on the gorgeous white sands of Nassau’s Cable Beach, Rosewood Baha Mar is a sanctuary of exclusivity within the stunning Baha Mar resort enclave. Created to delight the most discriminating travelers 

Comfort Suites Paradise Island

All guests of Comfort Suites Paradise Island have complimentary access to the Atlantis Resort, including Aquaventure Water Park, Tidal River Rapids, Beaches, Pools, Theater.

Popular Place To Eat


The best tables at 1648 are on the veranda, with its white wooden railings, wicker chairs, and lantern-topped tables. The restaurant serves up uninterrupted views of Governor’s Harbour and cinematic.

The Dunmore

Black-and-white photographs of the Bahamas in the 1960s line the walls of this vintage-style restaurant near Pink Sands Beach. Pick a table on the deck, and you can watch the waves as you dine.  The menu is a pick-and-mix.

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Standard Day Pass

Looking for an unforgettable beach day away and have access to your own boating transportation? The Standard Day Pass would be your ideal purchase option for “Full Throttle”. This day pass includes access to the event and your choice of unlimited house drinks.

Premium Day Pass

Ready to experience an exclusive unforgettable beach day away and have access to your own boating transportation? The Premium Day Pass would be your ideal purchase option for “Full Throttle”.cultural events  to the local festivities



Grand Bahama Island hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year. Plan your vacation around some of the island’s well-known festivals and you’ll end up with a one-of-a kind Bahamian experience. From the biggest cultural events.




Boating flings are the Bahamian equivalent of a road trip. A lead boat pilots the way for a caravan of boaters across the Gulf Stream to The Bahamas. We welcome all boaters to join us in one of our upcoming BoatingFlings!

Flings begin and are held Thursday – Sunday during June and July. All flings have a mandatory Captain’s meeting on Wednesdays prior to departure. 

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The Bahamas swim with sharks excursion is a must-try experience for everyone visiting the stunning archipelago. Located in the serene Compass Cay in the Exumas, this is where you can feel the thrill of swimming alongside nurse sharks Bahamas. Not to mention, the picturesque landscapes surrounding the island make this excursion simply too good to be true.

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Bahamas Island


Covering an area of 13,878 sq. km, The Bahamas (all coral in origin) occupies the larger partthe  of Lucayan Archipelago and comprises a group of nearly 700 (atolls) ring-like coral islands, and (cays) small, low islands composed largely of coral or sand.

The islands were mostly created by the disintegration of coral reefs and seashells, and low scrub covers much of their surfaces. As observed on the map, the highest point is located on Cat Island, where limestone rock rises to 63m (206ft) above sea level.

There are a handful of small freshwater lakes and just one small river located on Andros Island.

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