CLIMATE: Saba features a year-round warm tropical climate. Check the weather before your visit for the best planning.

Saba’s official currency is the United States Dollar (USD).

English is the predominant language spoken in Saba.

The Islands of


Saba, like its fellow Dutch Caribbean islands, boasts stunning cobalt blue waters, towering palm trees, and exotic landscapes. However, it diverges from the meticulously manicured image, earning the affectionate title of the “Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean” from locals. Nature enthusiasts particularly appreciate its unadulterated charm. In contrast to polished public spaces, there’s a rustic appeal with slightly weathered areas, overgrown spots, and buildings bearing the scars of past hurricanes, awaiting a fresh coat of paint. It presents a nostalgic vision, reminiscent of what St. Martin or Jamaica may have resembled two to three decades ago, free from the dominance of commercialism.

Tent Reef Subaquatic Symphony: Dive into adventure at Tent Reef Wall, a world-renowned dive site featuring dramatic drop-offs and a variety of marine ecosystems.

Well’s Bay Serenity Beach: Escape to Saba’s black sand paradise, where Well’s Bay Beach offers a secluded retreat surrounded by lush greenery.

Heritage Chronicles Museum: Uncover Saba’s past at the Harry L. Johnson Museum, where history and culture come alive through engaging displays.



Mount Scenery Vista: Enjoy stunning panoramas from Saba’s highest peak, capturing the island’s charm and the Caribbean’s natural beauty.

Hidden Gem Cove:Dive into the peaceful bay with clear waters, perfect for exploring marine life and underwater wonders.

Windwardside Retreat:Explore the charming village, featuring quaint streets, local shops, and easy access to scenic hiking trails.

Marine Wonderland at Saba: Immerse yourself in the vibrant world below at Saba Marine Park, a diver’s paradise with diverse marine life and colorful coral formations.

Tropics Fusion Eatery: Delight in delicious local and international cuisine at Tropics Café, where a relaxed atmosphere meets culinary excellence.

Artisan Oasis: Discover unique, locally crafted treasures at Saba Artisan Foundation, a hub of handmade souvenirs and artistic expression.

Island Resorts & Retreats


Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa

Hotel Abat Cisneros Montserrat has an excellent location right by Montserrat Monastery, dating from 1563. It offers free Wi-Fi in public areas.

Guests can enjoy beautiful views over the mountains and the Llobregat Valley from this hotel. The town of Montserrat is within the Montserrat Natural Park. Barcelona is just 50 km away.

Each room at the Abat Cisneros comes with satellite TV, heating and a work desk. All also have a private bathroom.

The hotel has a restaurant, a bar and 24-hour reception. A gluten-free menu is available on request. There is a play area for children.

Selera Dunia Boutique Hotel

This Saba Hotel is located in a great spot, far enough away from it all to enjoy only the slight breath of the breeze easily punctuated by the sounds of nature… Close enough to all the bars, restaurants, trails and dive shops which are all within a ten minute downhill stroll.

As one of the island’s newest hotels, Selera Dunia is expanding to cater for the needs of guests from all over the world. Offering very reasonably priced rooms, guaranteed tranquility and a great breakfast. Once you’ve stayed here you’ll be itching to book your next vacation on the Unspoiled Queen and you’ll be in no doubt where you wish to stay!

Saba Arawak Hotel

Saba Arawak Hotel has a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, a bar and garden in Windwardside. Free Wi-Fi and private parking are available.

The air-conditioned rooms include a desk, kettle, microwave, fridge, safe, flat-screen TV, terrace and private bathroom with shower. Some rooms have a kitchenette with an oven. Bed linen and towels are provided.

Guests can enjoy various activities in and around Windwardside, such as cycling.

Saba Arawak Hotel is 48 km from Simpson Bay and 49 km from Philipsburg. The nearest airport is Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, 3 km from the property.

Explore the charming streets of Windwardside:

Saba boasts four key villages, with Windwardside standing out as a top choice for tourists. This vibrant village houses an array of shops, restaurants, museums, and numerous hotels, making it a hub for exploration.

Windwardside is also the starting point for the renowned hike up 1,064 steps to Mt. Scenery. Make a pit stop at the Trail Shop located at the trail’s base for a map and valuable tips.

For delightful dining experiences, we chose Chez Bubba and The Hideaway on two separate evenings in Windwardside. Both venues exceeded expectations, with incredibly friendly owners and, of course, delectable cuisine.

Have a G&T from the Famous Bartender:

Treat yourself to a fantastic moment with a G&T made by our famous bartender. Each sip is like a delicious mix of flavors, showing off the bartender’s amazing skills. Enjoy a special and classy drink that will make your evening memorable and sophisticated.

Dine in a unique setting at the Bird’s Nest:

Planning a special celebration with your loved one or just want to mark the joy of being on vacation? Consider reserving a spot at the Bird’s Nest.

The Queen’s Garden Resort provides a special and cozy dining experience known as the Bird’s Nest. Picture having a delightful meal on a platform hanging in ancient mango trees, offering a view of the valley below.

Experience the extraordinary journey on a road that seemed impossible to construct:

Explore Saba’s special “Road,” an impressive concrete path that experts thought couldn’t be built due to tough terrain. Local hero Josephus Lambert Hassell and others proved them wrong by constructing it by hand. Take a taxi ride with one of the 10 skilled drivers on the island to witness this extraordinary achievement and experience the resilient spirit of Saba.


Things To Do In


Saba is a beautiful gem in the Caribbean Sea. Therefore it is naturally home to a stunning tropical landscape and reef system. Tourists can find a plethora of things to do on the island. Of course, Saba’s surrounding reef system, which is protected by Saba National Marine Park, is the first thing tourists usually visit when they arrive. The reef is one of the most inspiring underwater environments in the Caribbean Sea, with scuba diving, unsurprisingly, one of Saba’s premier tourist activities.

Experience an exhilarating 12-minute airplane journey:

Discover Saba, a miniature Kauai, renowned for its dramatic coastline reminiscent of the iconic Nāpali Coast. Experience the thrill of landing on the world’s shortest commercial runway—just 1,312 feet. Your adventure begins with an adrenaline-pumping 12-minute plane ride from St. Martin, making it a must-visit destination for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts. Unleash the excitement in this Caribbean gem, where every moment promises awe and exhilaration.

Explore the underwater wonders with Sea Saba through diving or snorkeling:

Saba Entry Tip: Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts! While not a strict requirement, loving hiking or diving enhances the experience. No permanent beaches, large crowds, or all-inclusive hotels, but Saba boasts pristine natural beauty on land and sea. Dive into 30 world-class dive sites or enjoy snorkeling for marine wonders.

Conquer the thrilling climb up the 800 Steps on the Ladder:

Embark on a thrilling journey conquering the 800 Steps on the Ladder, unveiling stunning panoramic views that generously greet your ascent. Beyond the physical challenge lies an adventure into awe-inspiring heights, turning each step into a remarkable achievement worth cherishing.

Indulge in the unique flavors of Saba Spice:

While exploring the Caribbean, the chances are high that you’ll find yourself enjoying a delightful tropical rum cocktail, a beverage deeply ingrained in Caribbean culture, thanks to its sugarcane origins.

Enter Saba Spice, a distinctive local spirit – a spiced rum that tantalizes the taste buds. Its delectable flavor profile makes it an ideal nightcap, adding a touch of Caribbean charm to your evening.

Fresh Island Flavours


Troy Villa

From the spacious covered wooden verandah, that spans the length of the cottage, you overlook 180 degrees of undulating tropical vegetation, the Road as it snakes down the mountain and the charming traditional red roofed houses and buildings of The Bottom, Saba’s capital. Beyond, set between two hills that frame the Bottom, the mesmerizing view continues, filled with a wide expanse of turquoise Caribbean Sea, endless blue sky and billowing white trade wind clouds. Sailing ships peacefully glide by on their way to the outer islands. It is like a magical painting from sunrise to sunset.

Compass Cottage

Situated in the quiet and desirable neighborhood of Booby Hill in the private enclave of Johnny’s Ground, the cottage is peacefully remote yet close to the amenities of historic Windwardside Village. Walk or drive down the winding road to begin exploring Saba. Or tuck yourself away from the world right in your own paradise.Although you are in a private and peaceful place, you are just a short journey from the restaurants, shops, outdoor and indoor activities centered in Windwardside Village, perhaps hiking, diving, yoga or massage. Or chose a wonderful island inspired souvenir from one of the island’s artists such a painting, piece of jewelry or the famous Saba Lace and Saba Spice.

Champagne Cottage

‘Champagne Cottage’ is one of the great luxury Caribbean house rentals of Saba and the right choice to celebrate fine living. Situated on 3.2 acres of gated land with a large, key shaped pool, lots of outdoor patio space and spectacular views.

Living here for 3 days, a week or a month you’ll be in awe of Saba Caribbean Island and feel right at home. ‘Champagne Cottage’ is a 5 minute drive outside of Windwardside Village near Crispeen Trail & a short 15 minute ride from the airport

This beautiful home is now being offered as a short term vacation rental ( three night minimum stay) Or… a long term rental (six months to one year contract lease.)

Travel Guide



Saba is the smallest special municipality of the Netherlands that is located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea. Along with the islands of Sint Eustatius and Bonaire, it forms a part of the Caribbean Netherlands. Covering an area of only 13 km2, Saba is located to the northwest of Sint Eustatius and southwest of Sint Maarten and Saint Barthélemy (St. Barts) Islands.

This Caribbean island has a rugged and steep terrain and is surrounded by high rocky cliffs on all sides. There are many bays situated around the island. These are Cove Bay, Core Gut Bay, Cave of Rum Bay, Fort Bay, Ladder Bay, Tent Bay, Spring Bay, and Wells Bay. Many hot springs are also found on the northwestern and southeastern coasts of the island.