The Caribbean is one of the best travel destinations to relax, with amazing weather, laid-back vibe and stunning sandy beaches. However, it is also a big hotspot for people looking to have a fun party into the wee hours. Here are the 5 best party destinations in the Caribbean.

5 Best Party Destinations in the Caribbean


Barbados is very famous for being the hometown of Rihanna, but it’s also the place for pink-sand beaches, shipwreck diving, its rum and exceptional nightlife. On Friday evenings, Oistins Fish Fry is popular for visitors and locals alike. They are treated with grilled marlin, swordfish and mahi mahi while they listen to calypso music played by a live band.

But the most popular area for drinking and dining is St. Lawrence Gap. Located next to Dover Beach, St. Lawrence Gap is a strip full of clubs, bars, hotels and restaurants, and it is the best place to go for drinking, dining, and enjoying the nightlife. There are great nightclubs at the St. Lawrence Gap, the tourists’ favorite of which are the Cove and Old Jamm Inn. The Cove is a bustling club with mellow Caribbean music, raggae and calypso, whereas Old Jamm Inn plays a variety of live music, from jazz to DJs.

There’s the Mount Gay, Barbados’ oldest distillery, founded all the way back in 1703. The smooth dark rum is locals’ top recommendation.


Aruba, popular for being a diving spot, also offers the nightlife to match. Aruba is known not necessarily as the place filled with nightclubs, but for being a great casino destination. During the day, visitors can find great resort hotels with swim-up bars and all-inclusive service, and at night, they can drink and gamble at extraordinary gaming halls of more than 10 casinos until late at night, as long as they are of legal age, 18 years or older. Many of these casinos also often host exceptional live shows, such as stand up comedy and DJs.

There are great bars and venues all over the island, but the area around Palm Beach is the place for the best nightlife, popular for Gusto night club, Bugaloe Beach Bar & Grill, Saloon Bar and Soprano’s Piano Bar.

San Juan

San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico is an unincorporated American city in the Caribbean with a booming nightlife of bars, casinos, and nightclubs. The casinos provide a refined experience, with rules such as formal dress code and no drinking at the table. There is also a vibrant party scene against the magnificent backdrop of Colonial styled buildings reminiscent of the Gothic and the Baroque. In the luxurious neighborhood of Condado, there are rooftop drinking terraces with a beautiful sight of the Caribbean Sea.

Every Thursday and Friday, the locals hold a traditional party called “La Placita” at the Plaza del Mercado, starting in late afternoon. Bars, restaurants, and food vendors surround the front of the Santurce market, and with rum and a live salsa band the crowd dances until early in the morning the next day.


Jamaica is a place with extraordinary art, culture and music, as well as a spot for luxury yacht charter. But a trip to Negril could also offer the budget travellers some serious fun. The island is calm during the day, but the night is the stage for the party animals. The most famous party beach is the Seven Mile Beach, well-known for its beautiful sunsets and exciting all-night parties. The bars serve icy Red Stripe beer as the whole place buzz with live music and street vendors. Travellers also go dancing to DJ music in the Jungle Night Club.

Stop by Rick’s Cafe for one of the world’s well-renowned cocktails and a long-standing tradition of cliff jumping at the perches nearby. The audacious among the people would even go up to 35 feet above the ocean for the dive

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago holds carnivals which are known as the “Greatest Show on Earth.” The carnivals start just after Christmas, all of the events leading up to the main street parade on the Monday and Tuesday beforel Ash Wednesday in the Port of Spain. The streets are filled with thousands of people of diverse cultures and ethnicities, in colorful, embellished costumes, dancing to the soca music. Limbo and stick fighting also add to the entertainment. Everyone is wondering who the Carnival King or Queen will be.