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5 Popular Cuban Food and Restaurants in Cuba:

Popular Cuban food and restaurants in Cuba offer a delightful culinary adventure that you shouldn’t miss. Are you looking for something new to try? then Cuban food is the best option. When visiting Cuba, you must sample all of the unique and delicious cuisines. The dishes are known for their tropical flavors and unique spices, and you will have a mouth-watering experience with each dish. The flavors of each dish will surprise you, from classic Cuban picadillo to sweet snacks and desserts. In this blog post, we will introduce you to 5 delectable dishes to try in Cuba, as well as some popular restaurants. So let’s take a look at some Cuban dishes.

Cubano Sandwich

What is Cubano Sandwich and when was it invented?

The Cubano sandwich is a type of sandwich that originated in Cuba; this sandwich is more than just a sandwich; it is truly exceptional. It is made with smoked ham, swizz cheese, pickles, sliced pre-cooked pork tenderloin, and the secret sauce (equal parts mayonnaise and mustard) spread on sweet Cuban bread and toasted until the cheese melts and the bread is crisp on both sides. It is delicious as breakfast or as an appetizer.

The sandwich gained popularity in the 1960s, and it was initially thought that it was invented in Tampa and Miami. However, this sandwich was actually a daily lunch between Cuban workers who used to travel to work in other countries, and they brought the sandwich to them, where it became popular.

The Cubano sandwich is a popular breakfast in Cuba and is delicious as a breakfast or snack throughout the day.


Ham Croquettes

What is Ham Croquettes?

In Cuba, ham croquettes are a delicious crispy traditional appetizer, but they can also be eaten for breakfast. This delectable dish consists of diced ham cooked in butter, onion, milk, and flour, then seasoned with nutmeg, salt, and pepper, cooled and refrigerated, rolled in eggs and breadcrumbs, deep fried in hot oil until golden brown, and served with a variety of dipping sauces.

Dipping sauce for ham croquettes

The ham croquettes can be served with any sauce you want, but the mustard sauce is the best. You can also have it with cheese sauce, bbq sauce, or Cuban mojo sauce.

Pastelitos de queso

You’ve probably heard of pastelitos de queso if you like Cuban food. It’s a delectable Cuban cream cheese puff pastry that’s ideal for breakfast with a cup of coffee or as a snack between meals.

It’s typically made with softened cream cheese, wrapped in squares of puff pastry, and dusted with sugar before baking.

Pastelitos de queso is a popular Cuban snack, and their creamy filling and crispy pastry will have you craving more. You must try it if you visit Cuba.


Ropa Vieja

What is ropa vieja dish?

Ropa Vieja, which translates to “old clothes” in Spanish, is considered Cuba’s national dish. It was brought to Cuba by Spanish colonists from the Canary Islands after they settled in Cuba.

What is ropa vieja made of?

It’s typically made with beef flank steak or chuck roast seasoned with kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, and cayenne pepper. Cooked in beef broth and tomato sauce with onion, garlic, sliced bell pepper, drained capers, and pimento-stuffed olives, then browned on both sides to bring out the flavor.

After seasoning with cumin, paprika, dry oregano, cayenne pepper, bay leaves, ground cloves, and allspice seasoning, the beef was simmered on low heat until tender. The beef is then shredded into thin shreds and served with the sauce and a side dish of your choice.


How to serve ropa vieja?

It’s typically served with white rice, black beans, and fried plantains. However, it can also be used as a tortilla filling.

Can you have ropa vieja with chicken or pork?

The traditional way to eat Cuban ropa vieja is with beef, but If you don’t like beef or want to try it in a different way, you can make some variations and eat it with chicken or pork meat instead.


Cuban Mojo Sauce

What is Cuban Mojo Sauce?

Cuban Mojo Sauce is a special sauce that was brought to Cuba from the Canary Islands, but Cubanos infused it with their tropical flavors, and it is now a signature marinade in Cuba.


The special sauce can be used as a dipping sauce for almost any dish, as a marinating sauce for vegetables or meat, and as a tasty salad dressing.

It goes well with almost anything, but it’s particularly tasty as a marinade for roast pork, grilled chicken, grilled fish, or seafood, and as a dipping sauce for tostones and yuca fries. This sauce will add a special Cuban flavor to your meals.


What is Cuban Mojo Sauce made of?

This traditional Cuban sauce is made with fresh orange juice, lime juice, diced garlic, chopped onion, salt, pepper, thyme, oregano, and olive oil.

It is simple but full of tropical flavors, make sure to try Cuban mojo, whether as a dipping sauce or a delicious meal like mojo roast pork or mojo chicken; you will be amazed.


Best Cuban Restaurants

If you are visiting Cuba and want to try these delicious Cuban cuisines, here are some options:

Doña Alicia

Is an awesome place to try Cuban food in Havana, the restaurant has excellent service and delicious dishes. It is a modern place and you will enjoy having dinner there, it is located at Reina #473 Esquina Belascoain, Havana, Cuba.

Restaurante Museo 1514

If you like old vibes and antiques, this restaurant will be perfect for you. The restaurant serves amazing Caribbean seafood cuisines and offers a unique dining experience; make sure to stop by for an unforgettable dining experience. It is located at Simon Bolivar #515 e/ Juan Manuel Marquez y Fernando Hernandez Echerri, Trinidad 62600 Cuba.

La Cabana

This is a great place to try local Cuban dishes in Santiago de Cuba. It’s a fantastic place with an open-air dining area and a variety of dishes to try. It is located at Gral Miniet 58, Santiago de Cuba.

Restaurante Aurora

If you’re looking for a cozy, friendly atmosphere in Santiago de Cuba, this is the place to go. It offers a wide range of options, including seafood, chicken plates, soaps, salads, and delectable desserts. It has a lovely open-air dining area and excellent service. It is located at General Portuondo # E/ General Moncada y Calvario, Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba 90100 Cuba

Cuban food is packed with delectable tropical flavors, and once you try it, you will always crave it; make sure to try all of the delicious dishes while exploring the island.

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