The Dominican Republic ranks as the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean, offering a wide range of possibilities for everyone to enjoy days of ultimate fun, surrounded by a tropical atmosphere appealing to all. With no doubt, the Dominican Republic constitutes one of the best destinations in the Caribbean. Its prime location ensures that most of the territory is covered with sunshine all year round, which makes it easier for you to enjoy during your travels. Join us to discover 5 compelling reasons why staying here will be your top priority.

1. To sunbathe on white sandy beaches of Dominican Republic

Quite a few people have called the Dominican Republic’s beaches among the most lovely beaches on earth. And we agree wholeheartedly. Whether you’re seeking giant surf waves, secluded and quiet beaches, or wide and narrow ones… Just think about the sandy beach you’d love to be on, and we can assure you that the Dominican Republic delivers. From long beaches like Bávaro to go on endless walks with your partner, friends, or family, surfing beaches like Macao, semi-virgin beaches like the ones in Uvero Alto or Cabeza de Toro, or peaceful beaches like Juanillo or Playa Blanca.

When you stand there, barefoot on the soft sand, admiring the breathtaking scenery of the sea on a beach in the Dominican Republic, it really can’t be surpassed.

2. To experience the wide diversity of wildlife species available

A wide variety of wildlife and flora is found in the diverse landscapes of the Dominican Republic. If you are an avid animal lover, Dominican Republic awaits you in its natural habitat with a wide range of species to be seen and enjoyed everywhere.

Hardly anyone knows that one can go from sunbathing in the paradisiacal sun on a beach, to climbing Pico Duarte during winter and encountering sub-zero temperatures. From the desert dunes of Bani to the rich and frugal fruit and vegetable fields of La Vega. Experience the modern cities of Santo Domingo or the adventurous wilderness of the waterfalls, forests, and rivers of Samaná.

Humpback whales are our personal favorite natural phenomenon. These beautiful creatures migrate to the warm waters of the island during winter to mate and give birth to their offspring.

3. For a taste of local food

The rich and delicious food is the outcome of centuries of racial and cultural interactions in these lands. Inspired by the colonial era, by Caribbean neighboring countries, or even nowadays by foreign tourists who are visiting the island.

The local Dominicans have been enlarging their culinary repertoire with dishes as traditional and native as mangú, or sancocho, yet it is also quite easy to spot restaurants with an international selection such as Venezuelan, Peruvian, and Asian food… The new generation of chefs is proud to be able to adapt traditional flavors to the most avant-garde cuisine. The people of the Dominican Republic have not fallen behind in terms of gastronomic tendencies and visitors can delight in restaurants as exquisite as those you can find in major capitals of the world.

4. To know more about its history

The capital of the Dominican Republic possesses perhaps one of the most important historical heritages in the Caribbean: the first cathedral in America was built there in 1502. A city sacked by both pirates and enemy troops, it was once home to the remains of Christopher Columbus before they were transferred to Seville following one of these invasions. Nowadays, Santo Domingo is a noisy, tumultuous city with a charming colonial city centre to stroll through among terraces lined with street performers, cafés and boutiques.

The pastel-coloured houses of downtown Puerto Plata bear witness to the city’s Victorian past. Although it was Admiral Christopher Columbus the first European to walk through the coral reef that protects this natural seaport and to note that the colour of its mountain was “Plata”, due to the leaves of its trees. Other lilac, green or turquoise architecture that could make for a lovely photograph collection on social media is the lively neighbourhood in front of Samaná’s dock.

5. To experience the kindness of its people

The Dominican Republic has breathtaking natural beauty… However, what really sweeps you off your feet are the locals. Warm, smiling, friendly, merengue, and carnival fanatics. No Dominican will not offer you a big smile and treat you as if you were a lifelong friend. The Dominican people always make you truly feel at home and welcomed.

Dominican charm is renowned! You don’t want to miss their genuine smiles and the gentle way in which they approach life, and it becomes contagious. You get to leave behind any stress or worries, while they offer you a cold beer to share and teach you the best techniques to win at dominoes or tell you about their favorite baseball players, a truly perfect opportunity to live with the ones you love the most!

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