4 Best Things You Need To Know About Bimini

Caribbean islands are best known for their attractions and beaches. The Bahamas is one of the popular destinations chosen by tourists. You may have been searching for the right places to visit in the Bahamas. Bimini is one of them. Learn everything you need to know about Bimini.

Here we are going to know about everything related to it.

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About the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a Commonwealth region consisting of 16 islands that are low and flat. These islands contain three terrestrial ecoregions:

  • Bahamas dry forests
  • Bahamian pine mosaic
  • Bahamian Mangroves

The climate of the Bahamas is mostly tropical. Chances of getting winter here are very few unless a severe cold outbreak comes down from the North American Mainland.

Tropical storms and hurricanes occur occasionally in the Bahamas. The average sea temperature in the Bahamas always records between 23 °C and 28°C.

Limestones are predominantly found in the Bahamas. The estimated population of the Bahamas is around 385,637, where 96% of the population identified themselves as being Black, 4.7% White and 2.1% of a mixed race.

The national sport of the Bahamas is Cricket but they won’t play for the West Indies Cricket team.

Everything about Bimini

Here, we sorted out everything about Bimini you need to know:

  • History of Bimini
  • Geography of Bimini
  • Beaches at Bimini
  • Activities at Bimini

History of Bimini

Bimini means “two islands”. The first inhabitants in this region were known as Lucayans.

Bimini served as a supply point for the Rum-trade during the prohibition of the United States between 1920 to 1933. The prohibition of the United States was about the abandonment of production, transportation of alcoholic beverages.

But there was an occurrence of only horrific aeroplane crash off Miami beach. All 18 passengers and 2 crew members died.

Another tragic incident that occurred was a fire accident in the Compleat Angler Hotel on January 13, 2006.

Geography of Bimini

Bimini is a part of the Bahamas and it is located in the westernmost of it. The Capital of Bimini is Alice Town. This is located approximately 210 km away from Nassau in the Northwest direction.

These islands are popularly known as the Fishing Capital of the Bahamas. The population in this region is around 2000 and the population density is around 86/km^2.

The three islands are North Bimini, South Bimini and East Bimini. The capital town Alice Town is located in the North Bimini island which is 100 km further South.

The transportation of goods was carried out through airlines owned by Chalk’s international airlines. They were operated till 2007.

Compared with the settlement of shops, restaurants and bars at the North Bimini, South Bimini has quiet and better alternatives.

If you are looking to participate in casinos and for the nightlife, North Bimini is preferred and If you are trying to get away from the real world and take a breath of fresh air and are surrounded by stunning views, South Bimini is preferred.

People who are planning to spend their vacation relaxing, choose South Bimini.

Beaches at Bimini

Paradise Beach

One of the best beaches in the Bahamas, Paradise Beach is covered with white sand and crystal clear waters of azure in colour.

This beach belongs to the Resorts World Bimini. This resort host certain activities to make their guests feel at home. This resort has a rooftop infinity pool, a spa, a casino etc.

The rooms have a Fully-equipped kitchen, 1 to 4 bedrooms based on packages and ocean view optional rooms are also available at this resort.

Spook Hill beach

Being situated in the North Bimini, the name “Spook Hill” Beach means “Hill with a ghost” as there is a cemetery situated near to this beach. The shallow waters and the white sand brightens up the contrast.

Palm trees, flowers and tropical bushes are all over the park. When the sky becomes dense with clouds, it gives the feeling of ghosts’ arrival at this beach.

Swimming is highly preferred at this beach for all age groups. The temperature is between 27 to 29°C.

Families prefer to visit this beach in the Autumn season but spring is advisable to visit.

Radio Beach

Located in Alice Town, Radio Beach is highly visited among other beaches in the Bahamas.

The white powdery sand and the azure waters set up the mood. You can also have tasty food items served at the local shops and restaurants.

Coconuts and beverages are highly preferred at this beach. Most people visit this beach, especially in the evening to take a deep look at the magnificent Sunset.

Activities at Bimini

The Fountain of Youth

A Mythical Water hole . According to the Indian Legend, this water hole was supposed to restore the youth of old people but it was just a myth. Now, it became one of the best attractions in the Bahamas.

Dolphin House

Dolphin House is its kind artistic structure in the Bahamas. Ashley Saunders, who was fond of dolphins, built this artistic structure which consists of paintings and walls that are decorated with seashells, corals, scrap items etc.

Alice Town

Being the Captial city of Bimini, Alice town has the best endless beaches, walkaways. Along the Famous Kings Highway, so many restaurants, Bars, cafes etc. are lined up.

Other places in the Bahamas

Let’s look at the tourist attractions in the Bahamas:

Atlantis Paradise Island

Here, you can experience the beauty of Atlantis in a luxury hotel, aquarium, water park and entertainment complex.

AquaVenture is a breath-taking waterscape where you can enjoy yourself by swimming/splashing around in more than 20 swimming areas, or just sit and enjoy the boat ride.

Natural marine habitats like Hammerhead sharks, swordfish etc. will be found swimming through the crystal clear open-air pools. You can also go for a stroll and visit shops, restaurants etc. built around this resort.


Lauded as one of the most popular cruise ship ports in the Caribbean, Nassau also provides you with plenty of options to enjoy. Being built at Cable Beach, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Atlantic ocean and also visit shops, restaurants, museums of downtown and Bay street.

You can also visit Paradise Island, which is just about five kilometres offshore from Nassau.

People like to face dolphins on a day trip to Blue Lagoon Island which can be accessible from Nassau.

Harbour Island

Harbour Island is home to the authentic pink-sand beaches you can find on the Caribbean island. People from far away from the Bahamas often visit this island to perform snorkelling, diving, sunbathing, fishing etc.

You can also taste the delicious food items available around the island.

Treasure Cay Beach, Great Abaco Island

This beach is lauded as one of the best beaches in the world. This beach hosts one of the most popular fishing tournaments in the Bahamas.

The flour-soft sand and crystal clear waters make the whole beach glow with a spectacular contrast.