north eleuthera

The Bahamas is one of the prominent countries among the Caribbean islands which is famously known for its destinations and attractions.

Speaking about the destinations of the Bahamas as there are so many of them, North Eleuthera is one of the special destinations you can find in the Bahamas.

Here, we incorporated everything related to the North Eleuthera you need to know before choosing this as your destination for your vacation.

About the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a Commonwealth region consisting of 16 islands that are low and flat. These islands contain three terrestrial ecoregions:

  • Bahamas dry forests
  • Bahamian pine mosaic
  • Bahamian Mangroves

The climate of the Bahamas is mostly tropical. Chances of getting winter here are very few unless a severe cold outbreak comes down from the North American Mainland.

Tropical storms and hurricanes occur occasionally in the Bahamas. The average sea temperature in the Bahamas always records between 23 °C and 28°C.

Limestones are predominantly found in the Bahamas. The estimated population of the Bahamas is around 385,637, where 96% of the population identified themselves as being Black, 4.7% White and 2.1% of a mixed race.

The national sport of the Bahamas is Cricket but they won’t play for the West Indies Cricket team

About North Eleuthera, Bahamas

Here, we enlisted everything about the North Eleuthera, Bahamas.

  • History of North Eleuthera
  • Weather of North Eleuthera
  • Hotels and resorts in North Eleuthera
  • Attractions in North Eleuthera

History of North Eleuthera, Bahamas

This island was founded by a group of puritans, known as the Eleutheran Adventurers, in 1648. They were sailing all away from Bermuda in search of freedom and they found this island.

Like puritans, Lucayans also moved to this island in search of peace as they had been oppressed under Slavery for decades.

Agriculture was prosperous from 1950 to 1980. Banana Plantations were highly preferred on this island. This island became a famous tourist destination when the British government enforced new ownership laws.

This island was located about 80km to the east of Nassau, facing the Atlantic Ocean on the East and the Great Bahama bank on the West.

As per the Official census in 2017, the population of this island is nearly 11,000 and its population density is 57.6/mile^2.

The Weather of North Eleuthera, Bahamas

On average, the temperatures are always high. The highest rainfall is recorded in June. The lowest rainfall is recorded in January.

The warmest month is July with a temperature of 32°C.

The hot season (summer) lasts for nearly 4 months, starting from the middle of June to the beginning of October.

The cold season (winter) lasts for nearly 3.6 months, starting from the beginning of December to the end of March.

The rainy season lasts for nearly 5 months, starting from the middle of May and ending around the end of October. The average total accumulation of rainfall is around 9 inches.

Hotels and Resorts in North Eleuthera, Bahamas

  • Pink Sands Resort, North Eleuthera district
  • Coral Sands Resort, North Eleuthera district
  • The Dunmore Hotel, North Eleuthera district

Pink Sands Resort

Located by the spectacular harbour Island, this resort is lauded as one of the best resorts in North Eleuthera, Bahamas.

Surrounded by lush greenery and authentic Bahamian palm trees, this resort provides various packages and offers for its guests.

Totally 29 cottages, villas are present at this resort. You can snorkel, Scuba-dive through the azure waters.

Amenities like non-smoking, gym, air conditioning, free internet service, a private pool, vehicular parking etc. are provided at this resort.

Coral Sands Resort

Located by Harbour Island, this resort offers various packages as follows:

  • Rooms: Standard room, Premier Standard room with balcony, Ocean view standard room with balcony.
  • Suites: Oceanview Suites with balcony, Private Ocean view suites with or without balconies, junior Suite partial ocean view with terrace, master suite 1 Bedroom 1 bathroom partial ocean view with terrace.
  • Bungalows
  • Cottages, beach house, sea oats
  • Private Residences: Villa Carissa, residences: hilltop & Sol y Mar.

The restaurant at this resort offers authentic french and Asian fusion flavours. Parties like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements etc. are especially celebrated here.

The Dunmore Hotel

Located by the Harbour island, the Dunmore hotel provides authentic packages for its guests as follows:

  • Hotel Residences: Ocean house, Sitting Pretty, Metcalfe House, lily pad, harbour view.
  • Hotel cottages: Oceanview Cottages, Coconut Cottages, Hilltop cottages.

The pink Sand beach is the main attraction at this resort. Scuba diving and snorkelling are highly preferred at this resort.

The Dunmore Clubhouse is an onsite restaurant at this resort where you can have casual dinners along with relaxing cocktails.

Attractions in North Eleuthera, Bahamas

Glass Window Bridge

Being one of the popular destinations in North Eleuthera, this bridge lies above the juncture of Bahama bank and the Atlantic Ocean, thereby offering a breathtaking view to the tourists.

Tourists love to capture aerial shots of this bridge where the azure waters and the turquoise water on the bank get mixed.

Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island

Harbour Island is World-famous due to this beach. Tourists and locals flock to this beach to enjoy the authentic sunrise and sunset views at this beach.

During the morning, the sun rays brighten up the pink sand and make your day “Pinky” blinded. During the Sunset, the whole view gets coloured with Purple due to the contrast of sunset rays and the pink sand, thereby making your night wonderful.

The Pink colour of the sand is due to the decay of foraminifera, a kind of sea creature that dies in the ocean.

Other Attractions in the Bahamas

Atlantis Paradise Island

Here, you can experience the beauty of Atlantis in a luxury hotel, aquarium, water park and entertainment complex.

AquaVenture is a breath-taking waterscape where you can enjoy yourself by swimming/splashing around in more than 20 swimming areas, or just sit and enjoy the boat ride.

Natural marine habitats like Hammerhead sharks, swordfish etc. will be found swimming through the crystal clear open-air pools. You can also go for a stroll and visit shops, restaurants etc. built around this resort.


Lauded as one of the most popular cruise ship ports in the Caribbean, Nassau also provides you with plenty of options to enjoy. Being built at Cable Beach, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Atlantic ocean and also visit shops, restaurants, museums of downtown and Bay street.

You can also visit Paradise Island, which is just about five kilometres offshore from Nassau.

People like to face dolphins on a day trip to Blue Lagoon Island which can be accessible from Nassau.

Harbour Island

Harbour Island is home to the authentic pink-sand beaches you can find on the Caribbean island. People from far away from the Bahamas often visit this island to perform snorkelling, diving, sunbathing, fishing etc.

You can also taste the delicious food items available around the island.

Treasure Cay Beach, Great Abaco Island

This beach is lauded as one of the best beaches in the world. This beach hosts one of the most popular fishing tournaments in the Bahamas.

The flour-soft sand and crystal clear waters make the whole beach glow with a spectacular contrast.