All-inclusive resorts in Cuba bring another dimension of luxuriousness and hospitality to the tourism of this stunning country. From stellar architecture to stunning beaches, there is a lot to explore in Cuba. In fact, the tourism of Cuba is so vivid and glorious that you can never run out of magnificent places to visit on this tiny island. However, today we are not here to talk about them because we have already talked about them in detail. For now, we will skip them completely and will talk about all-inclusive resorts in Cuba.

8 best all-inclusive resorts in Cuba

When you are in Cuba for a holiday, you don’t need to worry about your stay because a number of all-inclusive resorts are there to do that for you. You just need to have the names of those resorts and they will handle everything. You can get those names from our list where we are going to discuss them in detail.

  1. Iberostar Varadero

Do you love capturing the soul-stirring vista of sunsets while sitting on a beach shore? Then, Iberostar Varadero will definitely please you because it will offer you a bunch of such moments. Not just the sunset, but you can also treat your eyes to sunrise views.

In addition, you can enjoy the shimmering pools of the resort for endless hours and get a bit closer to peace and serenity. After an exhausting travel day, go for its renowned Sushi dish for dinner and give your body whole new energy.

If your body still feels energyless the next morning, you can indulge in its spa services and it will definitely make you feel completely fresh. The luxuriousness of Iberostar Varadero has been witnessing the exchanging vows of many couples for years.

  1. Sol Río de Luna y Mares, Guardalavaca

Located right on Playa Esmeralda, this 4-star all-inclusive hotel has been a favorite of people who want to make they stay a little bit luxurious in Cuba while taking care of their budget. The resort is particularly known for its themed nights.

From prompt staff service to almost all luxurious amenities, you will get everything in this one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Cuba. It has a bunch of mind-blowing dishes to tickle your taste buds. Don’t forget to gorge on calamari that would be literally a delight to your tongue.

Just in case, you want to go for off-resort excursions, the super friendly staff of the resort would be there to assist you in every possible way. You can indulge in some adventurous water sports activities on the beach and have endless fun.

  1. Royalton Cayo Santa Maria

Royalton Cayo Santa Maria is one of the top resorts in the country and has already pleased plenty of people with its centric location and mind-blowing luxurious amenities. From the spa to catamaran excursions and poolside hangs to an incredible range of dishes, it has many reasons to sweep you off your feet.

Whether you are going for a family holiday or a romantic getaway, the resort will meet your needs perfectly. This adults-only resort features posh restaurants, where you can indulge in your favorite lip-smacking dishes.

If you already had a tiring excursion day, you can rest on its beautiful beachfront capturing the panoramic vista of nature right in front of you. Alternatively, you can bask in the glory of the white sand shores of the beaches.

  1. Melia Internacional, Varadero

Melia Internacional, Varadero bags the tag of being one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Cuba and it has a number of reasons for that. Above everything, it can perfectly serve you whether you are a couple or family person or just a solo traveler. The resort has a number of things to please all types of tourists.

You can spend some fun moments in the water park and playground or just head to the rooftop pool to soak in the sun. Located in the far-reaching stretches of Varadero beaches, the resort will definitely blow your mind with awe-inspiring surroundings.

In its upscale restaurants, you can also relish the flavor of a number of dishes from all around the world and give your taste buds a real treat. Its all-day buffets are all ready to serve you everything fresh and hot. The rooms and their decor are quite impressive as well.

  1. Sanctuary at Grand Memories Cayo Largo

If you are on a tour with your friends and looking for an adult-only resort in Cuba, Sanctuary at Grand Memories Cayo Largo would be a great fit for you. This tiny paradise in Cuba is a perfect place for a romantic getaway. It will surely spice up your love affair and give you the urge to stay a little longer here.

As you step out of the resort, you will be mesmerized by the stunning beach and its sparkling blue water. Just relax on the beach side under the warmth of the sun while giving your eyes a literal visual treat. If this does not seem you enough, you can lounge by its eye-captivating pool.

A stay in the wooden bungalow of the resort surrounded by verdant greenery and featuring all modern amenities will really make you feel like you never leave the resort. Above everything, it has a wide selection of dishes as well to please its visitors.

  1. Las Américas Golf and Beach Resort, Varadero

Las Américas Golf and Beach Resort is mainly popular among Golf lovers. However, you would definitely enjoy your stay here even if you have no interest in golf. Other than a luxurious golf course, the resort features many other things that would make your stay a fascinating affair.

The breathtaking views and the tranquil atmosphere of this resort are literally to die for. If you are not a peace seeker and want to go for something adventurous, the resort has a whole bunch of things to offer you on your plate. From windsurfing to pedal bloating, you can indulge in various water sports activities.

In addition, you have a variety of dining options to choose from and give your taste buds a delight. The resort features a total number of 6 restaurants where you can get almost all types of dishes.

  1. Paradisus Los Cayos

When it comes to the best all-inclusive resorts in Cuba, Paradisus Los Cayos will definitely secure a place on the list because it is one of the top resorts in the country. Located majestically on the white sand shores of Cayo Santa Maria, the resort has a plethora of things to please its visitors.

It features a number of bars and restaurants that makes sure you get just one-of-a-kind entertainment as well as a dining experience in this resort. To spend some calm moments, you can just hold your drink in your hand and lounge by the beach side.

Once you get enough calm moments, revel in the fun activities offered by the resorts such as dance classes, catamaran rides, kayaking, and windsurfing. The best thing about this resort is that it has a separate pool for kids that has been designed keeping the safety of little kids in mind.

  1. Royalton Hicacos Resort and Spa, Varadero

Another upscale all-inclusive resort from Varadero. No wonder why it is the center point of all-inclusive resorts in Cuba. Popular among adults, this is the resort where luxury and comfort meet their ends.

From a mind-blowing dining experience to a whole bunch of entertainment options, the resort has so much in store to offer you. You can start your day by enjoying a wide range of water sports activities offered here. Or, you can simply go to the beachside and lay in a Bali bed enjoying the peaceful ambiance.

After having enjoyment all through the day, you can end your day by having a romantic dinner in its luxurious restaurants and then shaking your legs in its swanky nightclubs. Not just that but you can also enjoy live Jazz music. Above everything, you are sure to be impressed by the prompt services and super user-friendly staff of the resort.

Reasons to visit Cuba:

We have already told you about the 8 best all-inclusive resorts in Cuba. Now, you might be wondering why you should visit Cuba and what this tiny country has actually to offer you. right? Then, let us tell you that Cuba is its treasure trove of fascination. From sparkling beaches to majestic historical places and marvelous architecture to the deep-rooted arts, Cuba is a melting pot that offers you different things all together in a single place.

Whether you are out for a romantic getaway or just a fun-filled family holiday, this country won’t disappoint you because it has tourist destinations to meet the taste of every visitor. You just need to do some research beforehand so that your holiday time does not get wasted while looking for the destinations.

Don’t spoil your holiday experience in Cuba by thinking about your accommodation. Just give this responsibility to these all-inclusive resorts in Cuba and let them handle everything. You just explore this tiny paradise on earth.

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