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If you like to travel and try new things, Anguilla is the perfect place to go. The Anguilla Culinary Experience is a great Caribbean festival where you can sample some of the best Caribbean food and enjoy outdoor activities all in one place. You can try delectable, freshly cooked meals made by both local and international chefs at this distinctive Caribbean festival. Also, you will participate in a variety of outdoor activities that will allow you to discover new things and appreciate the island’s stunning natural surroundings. In this blog post you will be introduced to the Anguilla culinary experience details, along with some of the best places to stay and eat on the island. Let’s get started.

Anguilla Culinary Experience

What is Anguilla Culinary Experience?

The second annual Anguilla Culinary Experience (ACE) is a four-day festival that will take place on the island of Anguilla. Throughout the event, you can meet some of Anguilla’s top local chefs and international chefs will join them in this event, you will enjoy some fresh food and creative rum, make lifelong memories, visit and explore the island’s top resorts, luxury villas, and restaurants. Additionally,  there are a number of events scheduled for you.

When will it take place?

The resorts on Anguilla will host the Anguilla Island Culinary Experience festival from May 3 to May 6, 2023.

Events included in Anguilla Culinary Experience

The ACE will start with the Seaside Resort Parties event, where you can enjoy some delectable cocktails while having fun at the opening night music party.

Then in the second event you can wine and dine with the talented chefs and you will learn some cooking methods during the Exclusive Chefs Dinner event which will take place in a luxurious private villa in Anguilla.

You also have the chance to dine in famous restaurants with both local and international chefs, where you may eat food that was freshly made for the Restaurant Night event.

You will have a truly special experience as you go around the island in small groups, gather salt, visit a nearby organic farm, and sample traditional bush tea in the Island Experiences event.

The Anguilla festival also offers barbecue parties and cooking contests if those things interest you. You may sample some grilled meat, chicken, and fish at the Beach BBQ and Mystery Basket Competition event. You can also learn some grilling methods, discover new and interesting sauces, and watch Anguilla’s award-winning competition while taking in the sun and the sea air.

Anguilla Culinary Experience is a unique Caribbean festival that you will never forget. Anguilla’s first year event was a huge success, so Anguilla is hosting it again this year. Don’t miss out the opportunity and enjoy this amazing experience while exploring the island.

You can check the Anguilla culinary experience festival for further details.

What food is Anguilla known for? 

However, The national dish of Anguilla is pigeon peas and rice, but there are many food options you can try there.

Grilled Lobster

What could be better than a meal of fresh seafood accompanied by the smell and beauty of the sea? One of the most well-liked seafood meals in Anguilla is grilled lobster.

In Anguilla, you can find lobsters all year long, and the meal is delicious. It is both a local and tourist favorite, and it is unlike any grilled lobster you have ever tasted.

The lobster is grilled and seasoned with Caribbean herbs, spices, garlic, and lemon butter, it is a must-try delicacy. It is a favorite meal throughout the Caribbean islands, grilled lobster is served at every Caribbean festival.


Johnny cakes

In Anguilla, Johnny Cakes are a standard side dish that are available all day long. It is prepared by combining butter, salt, all-purpose flour, sugar, and baking powder with warm water to create a soft dough.

The dough is then separated into little balls, formed into tiny circles, and either fried in vegetable oil or baked until golden, it is a soft tasty dish you can enjoy as a side dish for any main course.

Red Snapper Fish

The red snapper fish is one of the favorite dishes in Anguilla, and can be cooked in many different ways, but it is usually served grilled.

The red snapper fish is a very delicious dish that is full of flavors. The fish is cleaned and washed, marinated in chili sauce, and then seasoned with cajun seasoningitalian seasoning. It is then grilled on both sides until the outside is crispy, then it is served with rice, salad, and dipping sauces.

Best Restaurants in Anguilla 

If you are looking for places to eat during your stay in Anguilla here are some top rated restaurants.

Sunshine Shack

This restaurant, which is right on the beach and provides a variety of grilled food, crab, lobster, and fish, is the perfect option if you like to eat while looking out at the magnificent water. Also, it offers a variety of beverages that you can sip while relaxing in the sun. It is located at Rendezvous Bay Beach Located Next to Anguilla Great House, The Valley Anguilla.

Veya Restaurant

If you’re looking for a fine dining choice, you must visit Veya restaurant. It’s one of the best restaurants in Anguilla and offers a variety of food, including fritters, lobster, lamb, and chicken dishes. Whatever your preference, you can find it there. You can book your reservation from here.

Sharky’s Restaurant

Fresh seafood meals are popular in Anguilla, and Sharky’s restaurant is one of the greatest venues to try seafood there. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere and offers fantastic local cuisine, including lobster, calamari, and red snapper fish. It is located at  West End On your left just after the Cove Road heading West, West End Village 2640 Anguilla.

Where to stay in Anguilla during the event? 



Here are some options if you’re looking for a place to stay during the event days.

All-inclusive resorts in Anguilla

Zemi Beach House

The Zemi Beach house is the ideal location for families and couples. It is an all-inclusive resort with a perfect location at Shoal Bay East. The resort features a large number of guestrooms, suites, and beachfront rooms where you may sip your morning coffee while admiring the turquoise water. Also, it offers exceptional service and a rooftop pool deck so that you can enjoy your stay.

Cap Juluca, A Belmond Hotel, Anguilla

Belmond Cap Juluca, an all-inclusive resort on the private island of Anguilla Maundays Bay with Moroccan design for a new experience, is another ideal location. The hotel offers exceptional accommodation, free wifi, and complimentary breakfast.

Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla

If you want to experience the life of a private villa on the beach, the four season resort is the best place for you. The resort offers different villas with many rooms where you can stay with your family or friends. But if you would prefer to stay in a hotel or suite, the resort also provides such options. you will enjoy your stay on the beach with amazing service and delicious food.

Visit Expedia for more details on hotels and accommodations options in Anguilla, and before your trip, be sure to look over the most recent Covid-19 updates.

How to get to Anguilla?

If you are looking for good deals, check out flights from Miami to Anguilla

Anguilla is a stunning island with a wonderful crystal water, and the Anguilla culinary experience is a must try Caribbean festival you will enjoy every day of it and make new memories with friends and family. Make sure to book your flight around the festival days and enjoy the new experience. If you want to know more about Anguilla check this blog post about Anguilla best beaches.

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