Antigua Carnival 2023: If you want to witness vibrancy and the grand celebration of carnivals at its best, visit the Caribbean, where you will find carnivals happening every month in the different islands of the Caribbean and Antigua Carnival is one of them. This carnival takes the whole island in its colorful hues and makes the spirits of people boom.

Not just among locals, but Antigua Carnival is hugely popular among international people as well. People from all over the world rush to Antigua to be a part of this carnival and enjoy its massive celebration, which is not really easy to find anywhere else in the world. So, if you are also one of those people, you have landed in the right place because today we are going to disclose all the details about Antigua Carnival 2023.

History of Antigua Carnival 2023

Let’s start with the history of the Antigua Carnival. Once you see the celebration of this carnival in Antigua, you will understand that it is not a new carnival on the island. The deep-rooted culture and the traditions displayed in this carnival clearly say that it has something to do with the history of the island and it has been among the locals for many years. Yes, the Antigua Carnival has been in the history of Antigua for more than a century. The carnival-like celebration began in Antigua in 1834 when slavery was abolished completely in the country.

At that time, people used to get down on the street and dance to traditional music every year. However, it took another more than one century for the carnival to take the form of a traditional festival till 1957 when the official Antigua Carnival was celebrated for the first time in the land of Antigua. Since then, it has been a part of Antiguan culture and is celebrated every year with utmost pomp and festivity.

How is the Antigua Carnival celebrated? 

Antigua Carnival is not an exception when it comes to Caribbean carnivals. Just like the carnivals of other Caribbean islands, Antiguan people also celebrate their culture and tradition in the form of music and dance. They wear colorful costumes accompanied by vibrant accessories & masks and get on the street. They dance and indulge in different fun activities as well as street parades. You can say the celebration of this carnival is the biggest display of Antiguan culture in a real sense.

How long Antigua Carnival lasts?

It is a multi-day carnival that lasts for almost 2 weeks. Officially, the carnival lasts actually for one week. It’s the pre-activities that start a week before. However, if you are a foreign tourist and planning to be a part of Antigua Carnival 2023, you should remain on the island for both weeks. During these two weeks, you will get to see different cultural, musical, and other types of activities.

When the Antigua Carnival is celebrated

Usually, Antigua Carnival takes place in the first week of August. The pre-activities start from the last week of July itself and the carnival continues to go till the first week of August. Dates are not the same every year. You need to check it beforehand if you are planning to attend Antigua Carnival this year.

Antigua Carnival 2023

Now, let’s talk about Antigua Carnival 2023 that has already almost all set to take Antigua by storm with its grand celebration. The festival will start after almost 3 months from today. The locals are already excited and making sure all the preparations are done on time so that the celebration of the carnival won’t get affected in any way. The dates and the programs for each day of Carnival 2023 have already been decided.

Dates for Antigua Carnival 2023

In 2023, Antigua Carnival will mark its presence on July 22nd. The pre-festivities of the carnival will begin on the 22nd. However, the carnival itself will start officially on the 27th of July and continue to amaze people till the 8th of August. Each day is scheduled for a different program and activity and you will be able to understand only when you will check out the complete schedule for the same.

Schedule for Antigua Carnival 2023

To help you understand all the events and their dates of Antigua Carnival 2023, here we have brought the complete schedule of the same. We have listed down the programs and activities of each day separately.


  • Saturday, July 22

Mr and Mrs teenage pageant

  • Sunday, July 23

Queen of carnival


  • Thursday, July 27

Official opening of the carnival

  • Friday, July 28

Youth Rave

  • Saturday, July 29

T-shirt Mas

  • Sunday, July 30

Jr carnival/ Jr Calypso

  • Monday, July 31

Jaycees Queen show

  • Tuesday, August 1

Emancipation watch night

  • Wednesday, August 2

Junior party monarch

  • Thursday, August 3

Caribbean melting pot

  • Friday, August 4

Calypso monarch

  • Saturday, August 5


  • Sunday, August 6

Party monarch

  • Monday, August 7

J’ouvert/ carnival Monday

  • Tuesday, August 8

Culmination day/ parade of the bands

So, this is the complete schedule of Antigua Carnival 2023. You can check out the programs and the activities happening on all the days and plan your trip accordingly.

Musicians participating in Antigua Carnival 2023

We have already told you that Antigua Carnival 2023 is going to be a mega event if you want to experience worldwide popular Antiguan musicians and their most famous traditional songs. So, let us tell you the names of the popular musicians who will grace this cultural event of an5tigua.

  • Tian Winter
  • Claudette ‘CP’ Peters (Nat U)
  • Ricardo Drue
  • Burning Flames
  • Red Hot Flames
  • Menace XL (Dust)
  • Island Prince (Gimme Waist, Vandalize)
  • Drastic
  • Zamoni (We Bad)
  • Janine
  • Ezzy Ratigan
  • Young Lyrics (Everybody)
  • MJ (Frank)
  • Supa Mario (Till Morning)
  • Antigua DJs/Mixes
  • DJ Quest
  • DJ Riddim Master
  • DJ Jime
  • DJ Illist
  • DJ Tenny
  • DJ Elementz


Antigua Carnival 2023 is definitely a must-attend event for you if you are interested in exploring the cultural and traditional side of different countries. Antigua Island is deeply rooted in culture, so you will definitely enjoy Antigua Carnival.

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