Antigua Flights on High demand Added to American Airlines

Antigua and Barbuda, a dual-island nation located in the Caribbean, over the years has been one of the most sought-after destination spots in the Caribbean by tourists. This fact does not come as a surprise for many reasons. The island is very hospitable with numerous options of resorts and hotels for every budget. The locals are warm and welcoming, which is one of the most important features of any destination spot for tourists.

Which is why it comes as great news that American Airlines has announced its inclusion of flights to the dual-island nation, with plans to include daily flight services from JFK International Airport, New York to VC Bird International Airport, Antigua, from mid-August through to 3rd November this year. The flight schedule means the island will be receiving about seven flights weekly from New York through the end of this year 2022.

When on the island, there can never be want of activities. The island boasts of 365 beaches, which is why there are lots of activities associated with the abundance of the water bodies surrounding the island. Activities range from water surfing, snorkeling, swimming and even fishing.

There are cruise ships also available for tourists. For other tourists not so keen on water activities, Antigua gives land activities from hiking and biking, zoo trips, botanical gardens, museums, and lots more. The island is a perfect destination for families who need a vacation to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Demand for Antigua and Barbuda is extremely strong at this moment, and from all indications and feedback from our airline and hotel partners who are working to keep up with the surge in consumer demand, we will have a significantly busy summer straight into winter similar to what was experienced last year”, said the Minister of Tourism, Charles Fernandez.

In addition to the weekly seven flights from New York, which is an improvement from the previous one flight a week schedule, American Airlines will also continue to embark on its, already existing, once a week flights from Miami.
“We have been consistent in our lobbying efforts to the airline, encouraging them to maintain the daily service during our shoulder period when they would have normally pulled back. Demand is at an all-time high and we are pleased with the renewed confidence that American Airlines has placed in Antigua, by putting on these additional flights.  We now have some remarkably strong lift coming into Antigua”, said the Chairman of the Nations’ Tourism Authority, Colin C. James.

According to analysis of the reported arrivals of tourists for the year so far, it shows that the island is constantly rising in figures to match with the 2019 tourism arrival figures for the same period as 2019 was recorded as the best year for tourism arrivals to the dual island.

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has recently announced plans to further update the country’s travel protocols, which make room for all unvaccinated travelers to have an opportunity to visit the island with proof of a negative Covid-19 test result to be presented. The test must have been done 72 hours prior to arrival at Antigua.

Presently, vaccinated travelers (travelers with either two doses of a two-shot vaccine or one of a single-dose vaccine) can visit the country, without the requiring to do a Covid-19 test. Children under 5 years of age do not need to test before arriving in the dual isalnd. You can always look up the full travel advisory for Antigua and Barbuda on