AIDAsol Spectacular Arrival at Barbados

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The cruise ship AIDAsol made its inaugural call at the Bridgetown Port, Barbados, on October 30, 2021. This is the third such call by a cruise line in three days.

Chairman of the Bridgetown Port Peter Odle said the port expected 335 cruise ship visits this season, and in the last few weeks and months, Barbados had extensive discussions on its COVID-19 protocols, with strict protocols in place. He added, “we were really trying to make sure that Barbados did not have an unnecessary spread of the COVID virus” particularly in light of the presence of the Delta variant.

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AIDAsol cruise ship

The ship, with a passenger capacity of over 2 198, brought 926 passengers and 620 crew. Barbados was the first stop on the first of three 40-day AIDAsol cruises that all start and end in Hamburg, Germany.

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As AIDAsol arrived at the port, disembarking passengers headed directly to tour buses that took them on tours pre-booked on the ship. There was no flurry of activities as the cruise terminal remained closed, and no independent port taxi operator was in sight.

Captain Jorg Rudolph Miklitza told the Saturday Sun there was a demand by Germans for cruising and a lot of interest in this region. He said it was a relief for him and his crew to be sailing in the Caribbean after the prolonged period of cruise inactivity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

AIDAsol Spectacular Arrival at Barbados (4) There was the customary exchange of plaques between the Captain, officials of the Bridgetown Port and the ship’s Barbados agents, Platinum Port Agency. (GC) AIDA Cruises extended its Baltic Sea voyages with AIDAsol from the German port Warnemünde into September, with booking dates between July 18 and September 18, 2021. AIDAsol Spectacular Arrival at Barbados (5) AIDA Cruises has been successfully operating cruises since March. A variety of attractive vacation options were available for the 2021 summer season. The next trip in 2022 will cruise for 117 days, arrive at 43 ports, 20 countries and four continents. All cruises are carried out in compliance with AIDA’s enhanced health and safety protocols, as well as applicable laws and regulations. More information is available at Aida 



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