For tourists who are planning for a beach vacation, the Caribbean is the first choice. The Caribbean is an island filled with beaches all over it. Most of the beaches are easily accessible and some of them are not. Speaking of the beaches, other than Aruba, Jamaica has one of the best beaches on the Caribbean island, the seven mile beach in Jamaica. Let’s dive into this article for more details about the seven mile beach in Jamaica.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the Government have imposed travel restrictions and certain protocols you must follow to have a safe and fun-filled vacation.

Location of the seven mile beach in Jamaica

This beach stretches its base along the coastline of Negril, a small but vastly dispersed beach town in Jamaica, located near the Norman Manley Boulevard. The population of this town is around 3000 people.

The name itself describes the total length of the beach and out of which ‘4miles’ is a long stretch and the rest of the beach is combined with the bay.

History of the seven mile beach in Jamaica

As of now, the seven mile beach in Jamaica is one of the most valuable tourist spots on the Caribbean island as many people rush to have their vacation here but so many years back, this land was under the rule of pirates. They had just occupied the area and started using this beach for their business purposes.

Now, the security available at the beach is pretty strong and the local government is doing a fine job in maintaining it.


The beauty of the seven mile beach in Jamaica

beach is filled with powdery white sand which is so cool for children to play with. The contrast of this powdery white sand with crystal clear water lightens up the view and makes your day memorable.

In addition to these, Water sport activities are also available and people who are interested in such activities can roll over the beach with and excitement.

As the water is so shallow and quiet, children can have a good time playing nearby the sea. The beach is so wide enough to find a slice of paradise at any part of the beach. So, it doesn’t matter to stop anywhere and lay back to enjoy the view and food. You can experience the feel of Jamaican culture at this beach.

The breeze makes the palm trees swing and in turn, looks like they are humming to a piece of smooth music.

Spending a day at the seven mile beach in Jamaica

People are different and have different tastes. Some of them just like to sit and relax, some of them like to participate in water sports, some of them never mind to have a stroll on this beach. Here, we listed the best ways to spend your day at the seven mile beach in Jamaica.

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Taking a stroll

This beach is perfect for people who would like to have a stroll. Strolling up to 7 miles with your companion with the ravishing beach view on your side, really makes your day.

Watch out for the sun, he ain’t your friend. Better carry respective protective equipment with you and don’t leave anything behind as the beach is always packed.

The occasional breeze and the waves touching your toes sums up your day at the seven mile beach in Jamaica.

Sitting back and Relax

Obviously, you can’t walk all over the beach throughout the day without taking a break. There is no special spot/place on the beach specifically allowed to sit. You can sit anywhere provided the shade and food.

Children prefer to sit and play with sand by building forts, domes, statues etc. People like to relax and enjoy the view so that they can feel relieved and get released from the hand-cuffs “internal stresses”.

Just imagine sitting on the beach along with your companion, plugging in your headphones to play a song you like and looking at the sun about to say goodbye to everyone… It is beautiful, isn’t it?

Snorkelling, Swimming, Scuba Diving

The seven mile beach in Jamaica is an overall package for almost all activities that can be performed at the beach. Not only you can just sit and stroll but also can participate in activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing etc.

You need not be an experienced person to perform snorkelling or scuba diving. You can find abundant aquatic life residing under the sea. It constitutes seahorses, pufferfish, angelfish, stingrays and goatfish among others.

It is not necessary to buy the equipment for snorkelling and scuba diving. You can get this equipment for rent at local shops situated in Negril.

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Water sports at the seven mile beach in Jamaica

The water sports facility is one of the main attractions at the seven mile beach in Jamaica. You do not want to leave unless you try at least one of the activities as you won’t have much time to complete activities in a single day.

Jet skiing, Kayaking, Banana boat riding, Catamaran Cruises, Horseback riding etc. are the facilities available at the seven mile beach in Jamaica. You can manage to experience all the activities depending on the number of days you are staying at the resort.

Food stops

The seven mile beach in Jamaica is long enough to have food stalls at certain stops all over the beach. You can try out some restaurants at Sandals Negril.

You can also find some local vendors selling local food items at a low cost compared with the resorts. Not only the Jamaican favourites but also international food items are also available at these vendors.

Souvenirs like grilled fish, King crab, fresh lobster etc surely satisfy you with their authentic taste and smell. You can also find some local bars at the beach where you can get fine refreshments.

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A Sunset Ride

After having a great day filled with great fun-filled activities, top-notch food options etc. you can visit the best sunset on the seven mile beach in Jamaica. You can also take a cruise ship to have a look at the gorgeous sunset.

Having a drink/cocktail in your hand…gazing at the sunset…having small talks with your companions…that settles down the best way to end your day at the seven mile beach in Jamaica.

If you worried about losing the opportunity to look at the perfect sunrise and sunset, you can check out the time for the exact time and you can have your perfect day-ending moment at the seven mile beach in Jamaica.

After enjoying your day at the beach, you can head out to your resort where you are supposed to reside and make sure you have brought your accessories back with you to the resort. If you miss anything, you can file a complaint at the authority and they can enforce certain actions to find your lost belongings at the seven mile beach in Jamaica.

Do not hesitate to ask for any help at the resort as they are also helpful (especially for all-inclusive guests).

Do not forget to make a to-do list of actions/activities to be completed on the next day and make sure you sleep early so that you can get to the beach to visit the perfect sunshine on time and complete your desired activities.

Overview of the Seven mile beach in Jamaica

As far as this article has mentioned all the attractions, activities and facilities at the seven mile beach in Jamaica, you might have come to know that this beach is a kind of new experience filled with fun and relaxation.

Starting from having a stroll along the coast and having laid-back relaxation at several locations sitting on the lounge chairs with a view combined with powdery white sand and crystal clear water that can’t be beaten by any other views unless you wait for sunset which is the ultimate sight to be perceived.

Activities like Boat ridings, scuba diving, snorkelling and food choices which are vast in varieties makes the beach more popular.

The facilities available at the seven mile beach in Jamaica are sufficient enough and they provide restrooms, changing facilities unlike some of the other beaches where you can’t find these facilities.

It is not easy to point out a certain part of the beach to be the best part of the seven mile beach in Jamaica. Every part has its significance and importance. It depends on your perspective of receiving them.

The locals around the seven mile beach in Jamaica are helpful and friendly.

But overall, we can assure you that your summer/winter vacation at the seven mile beach in Jamaica is going to be a memorable and fun-filled vacation you have ever experienced in your life.

Customer reviews

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