5 BEST Remote Work Tourism On Caribbean Islands

Remote work tourism visa in the Caribbean Islands

Some countries in the Caribbean islands are now encouraging tourists to stay on the island by offering long term/extended special visas and remote work permit. Remote work and travel together is now trending in the world that has rapidly changed in the face of Covid-19. The islands in the Caribbean have their own uniquely suited demands to meet for each of their island’s audiences for the special remote work programs.

Now more than ever, retreat to work remotely factors that drive visitors to choose a destination are also influencing business executives, entrepreneurs and students. Not just not just being a freelancer working with the clients but you can now also be an entrepreneur with business ideas with some tax benefits.

Pandemics have a positive side to take advantage of.

You can now stay longer in the Caribbean Islands work in a cosy resort, rental house or by owning a house. Islands like Barbados, Antigua, Bermuda and Barbados have come up with a one-year long visa programs.

That means you can sit on your favourite beach and work with passion what you like to do, sipping a crushed ice drink. Away from mental stress and indulging into calmness with the lush green trees, sparkling white sand, and the blue sea.

Enjoying the purpose of life with amazing food & drinks around the island like never before. If you are a nomad kind of person this is the best opportunity you can ever find.

Caribbean Islands that are providing Remote Work Visa program:


Bermuda is a highly-respected financial service and industries sectors from insurance to asset management to family offices. The island opens its opportunity to work or study remotely from the 1st of August,2020. The new rules from Bermuda with a one-year residential certificate allows professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and post-secondary students to live like islanders.

Travel time to Bermuda

Bermuda is just a 90-minute nonstop flight from New York, and other East Coast gateway cities in USA and also from the United Kingdom. The island’s Atlantic Standard Time is ideal for those monitoring or directly serving global markets in their businesses.

Facilities in Bermuda

Bermuda is well facilitated with broadband and remote workspaces. Workspaces has plenty of inspiration and the itineraries, you can dive right into colourful and creative island life, while remaining professionally productive out here in Bermuda. Find out more.

 “If you are working remotely from home, please take the opportunity to explore the option of working remotely from Bermuda for the next year. Bermuda is safe, Bermuda is friendly, Bermuda is close and Bermuda is beautiful.”

E. David Burt, JP, MP Premier of Bermuda

Business and investments

Bermuda encourages the Black owned businesses. Increasingly travellers want to find Black-owned tourism businesses. If your business is Black-owned and you’re happy to be identified in this way on this website,then can get connected with by completing a simple process on BTAConnect.

Security and Covid-19

Bermuda offers physical and social security to assuage current concerns. The island has proven to be one of the most successful countries in the world at controlling the Covid-19 and testing per capita. Reopened to visitors in July with responsible health and safety measures in place. With these precautions Bermuda authorities build trust and highlights the importance on keeping residents and visitors safe.


The Barbados Government has announced the introduction of the 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp. This new remote work program establishes a visa to allow people to work remotely in Barbados for a maximum of 12 months. The visa is available to anyone who can meet the visa requirements and whose work is location independent, whether individuals or families.


“We recognize more people are working remotely, sometimes in very stressful conditions, with little option for vacation. Our new 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp, a visa that allows you to relocate and work from one of the world’s most beloved tourism destinations.”

Mia Amor Mottley, Q.C., M.P.Prime Minister of Barbados

Applying for the Barbados Welcome Stamp to the visitors worldwide is now very easy and provides special assistance for the programme of calling 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Find out more.


Aruba “Workation” from paradise gives benefits of working remotely from Aruba. One Happy Workation can stay up to three months for US nationals only on Aruba’s some of the finest hotels and resorts.  ‘One Happy Workation’ program is strictly to intermediary between visitors and the hotels/resorts that are involved with the Workation Program only. Therefore, checkout Aruba tourism Authority website for package details of hotels/resorts that are linked in the program.

Antigua &  Barbuda

In both the islands of Antigua and Barbuda you can get the opportunity to live, work and play  with the special visa program called NOMAD Residence in Antigua & Barbuda. Living on the best beaches, working with best facilities and playing your favorite sport on the island.

With the Nomad Digital Residence visa, the holder and their dependents are allowed to travel in and out of Antigua and Barbuda for a period of two years extended stay while visiting. With the nomad/NDR visa income taxes are to be paid to the resident country which you normally as before.  No personal income tax is payable to Antigua and Barbuda.  However, applicants are not allowed to work for any entity of any kind in Antigua and Barbuda, nor to derive any income from any entity in Antigua and Barbuda.Findout more on NDR visa.

“Our telecommunications system is of international standard with an excellent landline and cellular coverage across the country, and high-speed internet connections allowing computers, smartphones, and other devices to connect to the Internet wirelessly. This means that you can work in any part of the world from Antigua as if you were in your office or home.”

The Honourable Gaston Browne, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbud


People from various parts of the world who now have the ability to work from home and are actively looking for a change of environment. The remote worker program is not only inviting but encouraging them to go to Montserrat to work and at the same time be more than a visitor but a part of the community on one of the world’s most unique destinations.

“The global pandemic has changed how we live and work, and as multinationals and leading start-ups across the world accelerate their rates of digital adoption, the need to be physically present to fulfill professional responsibilities has been redefined,”

Montserrat’s Deputy Premier, Samuel Joseph

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Applications for the 12-month visa cost around $500 for individuals and $750 for individuals with family members. You can also add up to three family members.For this program the candidates need to show proof of full-time employment and an annual income of $70,000 (along with health insurance coverage).

Business and Investment in Montserrat

By investing property on the island with the approved real will include in Dominica’s citizenship by investment program.

Life is not just being monotonous or working from home all day long. There are more options to do than you think on these Caribbean islands. Live your life working on what you love and, sporting with favorite hobbies on a safe island with wonderful beautiful beaches.

Note: Remote work and Longterm Visas information is as per the date when it was published. 
Please be sure to confirm all offers and discounts before planning your trip 
and with the latest Covid-19 conditions.


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