best resorts in barbados: Top 5 Picks for 2022

Top Barbados Resorts 2022

Barbados boasts of top-notch resorts that tourists can reside when visiting the beautiful Island. Over the years, Barbados, an island in the Caribbean, has fast become the destination spot for tourists and historians. This fact is no surprise as the island boasts of a number of breathtaking tourist spots and artistic works of nature. A visit to Barbados is sure way of leaving a lasting memory for you and whomever you chose to visit the island with.

Barbados is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean. It is an Independent Commonwealth Nation with its Capital city, Bridgetown, known for its cruise ship port. As at 2020, the country population was just under 300,000 and the island is known for its numerous beaches, gardens, and caves. There are major attractions for tourists from all over the world.

Owing to this massive inflow of tourists, the Barbadian government has benefitted a lot from the revenues coming in from tourism and resorts. This massive inflow of tourism has made Barbados strict on COVID-19 vaccination compliance policies . The island has put stringent rules to avoid the entry of the Virus into its shores.

When visiting Barbados, there are many resorts available on the island to accommodate the growing number of tourists flocking in from all over the world. Below is a list of the top 15 best resorts in barbados tourist should look out for when planning a trip to the island.

Barbados Top Resorts


This pink-themed colonial style designed resort is located on the west coast of the island in St. Peters and is owned by the Godsal family. The resort is known for its peaceful and serene ambiance. This luxury beachfront resort has a couple of amazing suites, 40 to be precise, that gives you the feeling of home away from home. The restaurant is known to be one of the best on the island and Cobblers Cove Resort has a well-trained staff that deliver the best services you could imagine.


This newly renovated strip resort is located in proximity to St. James Parish. It has 72 well-furnished and modern suites all facing the beachfront. This prestigious resort has 2 casual restaurants with sea views. Other activities include an outdoor pool, a tennis court, a well-equipped gym and a hair/beauty salon. The environment is peaceful and is perfectly suited for tourists looking to have a relaxing experience in Barbados.


This gigantic hilltop resort is very conspicuous, comprised of 138 suites, 4 fantastic restaurants and bars and other recreational activities like swimming in the neatly maintained pool. The staff is friendly and welcoming, the food is nice and well prepared, the rooms are spacious and always clean and the resort faces the beach. Sugar Bay is a resort perfect stay for a family vacation.


This seven-storey beachfront luxury resort is located on the southern coast of Barbados and a stone-throw away from St. Lawrence gap, where there are lots of shops and bars and an amazing nightlife experience. Ocean Two resort is positioned along the Dover beach, so you are not far away from the sea breeze and the view of the beach sand and ocean expanse. This 88-room Resort has well-furnished standard -sized rooms, many shopping centers, 2 swimming pools, a gym, laundry, baby-sitting services and many more amenities to ensure your stay is stress less.


This magnificent resort was founded in 1966 by Conrad Hilton. It was demolished in 1999, but rebuilt and reopened in 2005. This 355-room 4-star masterpiece has practically everything, from a world standard swimming pool to a state-of-the-art service, restaurants and bars. The Resort is perfect for families as it has lots of activities and playground for kids. All rooms have a balcony for guests to comfortably soak in the view of the beach and environment. It is located in Needham’s point, St. Michaels, Bridgetown and is seated just in front of two beaches. Its strategic location makes it easy to locate numerous site attractions and also not too far from the airport.