When thinking about Best time of the year to travel to Puerto Rico, there are several things to have in mind, such as finding hotels and flights in good prices, enjoy the perfect weather and avoid the Huracan season.

Puerto Rico island has many things to offer during the entire year, no matter whether it is high or low season. Nonetheless, there are some things to have in mind when deciding when to visit this beautiful, paradisal island. So, when planning your trip to Puerto Rico, the best time of the year to come depends on your preferences. Are you traveling with a low budget? Are you escaping from the cold winter or do you prefer summer time? Do you want to enjoy activities that depend on the season, for example, see the turtles do their nests? Take a look to this article, and see which are the best and the worst seasons to visit Puerto Rico. Come on!

December to mid April

This time of the year is the best for those who are looking for the perfect weather in Puerto Rico and escaping the cold winter… with sunny, great temperatures long days and almost no rain at all. Because of this, it is the time of the year when most travellers are planning to come to Puerto Rico.

Also, it is the time of the year when there are a lot of festival and popular events to enjoy, if you do not mind the crowed environments. After thanks giving, you can enjoy the lights of Belen town, the white Christmas festival of old San Juan, the religious processions “Las Mananitas” and more. In January comes the festival of the three Wise Men and the San Sebastian Festival.


Another reason to visit Puerto Rico during this time it is because you can enjoy one of the three or all of the bioluminescent bays. You can do it by kayak or by boat tour.  It is recommended to go in new moon nights because darkness make the phenomena even more impressive! Also, it is important to do the tours when not much rain has fallen, that is, during the dry season, so the water is crystal clear. Having this in mind, you will enjoy the bays at their brightest!  Nonetheless, you can visit the bays during the whole year.

Bioluminescent Kayak tour

Mid April to June

Less tourist come to Puerto Rico during this time of the year. Most of them try to avoid the crowed environments and take advantage of lower prices. June is the hottest month, with high temperatures but there is a constant breeze. Rainy season is around the corner in May, but is rarely that it rains at the same time in the whole island. So, if clouds are appearing, then you can get your things and go to another place! June is perfect to sunbath and get a golden tan!

Relaxing afternoon

Lots of events happen during these months. In April, “Saborea” an entire week-end dedicated to eat the typical Puerto Rican food. In May’ “Danza” a dance festival in Ponce. Finally, in June, Crash Boat Beach fair to welcome the summer.

The most amazing experience of Puerto Rico Island, is to watch the sea turtles do their nests. The island provides shelter for “green marine turtles”, “laud turtles” and “Carey turtles”. This happens in Culebra and Mora Island near the west cost of Puerto Rico. More than 60 thousand turtles born in Puerto Rico beaches. Guide men are extremely careful when doing the tours in order to reduce the human impact as low as possible. They have an enormous respect for nature. So, if you are planning to visit Puerto Rico during spring or summer, the nesting of the turtles is something you should not miss!

Sea Turtles Babies

June to November

June and July determine the beginning of the Huracan season in Puerto Rico but this does not mean you cannot come to this wonderful island. Yet, huracan are not so frequent in Puerto Rico as it may be in other tropical islands. Added to this, huracans are always well predicted, so they will not surprise you. During this time of the year, there are many rainy days too, but still, there are plenty sunny days that will be perfect to go to the beaches, relax and enjoy, or even visit “The Yunque” or take a snorkel tour.

Yunque Forest

For those who want to travel with really low prices, this is when you should go to Puerto Rico. Both, hotels and airlines, reduce prices to half of them. So, if you are traveling with a low budget and you do not mind rainy days, then this is the best time to come to Puerto Rico! And the best of it, is that you will enjoy all the beaches for yourself, specially those more isolated.

Desert Beach

You can also enjoy the gastronomic festival SoFo in July or August, one of the most popular annual events in the island. Love fishing? Then, you can be part of fishing tournaments in August. For those fashion lovers, fashion week takes place in September in San Juan. Do not forget about thanks giving in November! It is a very popular day in Puerto Rico, and every city starts with Christmas decoration after it which gives the place a magic touch!

As you can see, any time in the year is good enough to visit Puerto Rico, so there is no excuse! Do not wait anymore, start preparing your bags and jump into a plane now! Puerto Rico is waiting for you!

There is so much to learn about Puerto Rico… in another article, I am going to tell you more about this magnificent Island. Meanwhile, you can follow us on Facebook or get to know us in our website… see you next time!