Best Vacation Spots to Visit in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a popular holiday destination practically all year, thanks to its near-perfect tropical weather, magnificent beaches, turquoise sea, and island breezes. Thousands of islands dot the Caribbean Sea, with 13 sovereign governments and 17 territories serving as famous tourist destinations, each with its own distinct personality.

One of the reasons for the islands’ appeal is the abundance of all-inclusive resorts that make vacationing simply.

Whether you’re island hopping on an excursion or taking a Caribbean cruise to various islands, it’s simple to visit multiple places in the Caribbean in a single trip.

Read our list of the Best Vacation Spots to Visit in the Caribbean to help you plan your holiday.

U.S Virgin Islands, Caribbean

The US Virgin Islands are one of the best destinations to visit in the Caribbean since getting there is simple, especially from the US. The US Virgin Islands are made up of three islands: St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. For day vacations, it is simple to bounce between the three islands.

The biggest of the islands, St. Croix, is popular with honeymooners and scuba divers. The island is about 22 miles long and has two cities as well as a vibrant cultural environment that includes artists and architecture.

In terms of visitors, St. Thomas is the most diversified, with its beaches and cultural city center attracting mostly couples and families.

The smallest of the three islands, St. John is more rustic than the other two. Beyond well-known beaches like Trunk Bay, St. John offers a lot of natural beauty. Because two-thirds of the island is protected national park territory, you will be able to witness the Caribbean in its purest form.

Dominican Republic, Caribbean

The Dominican Republic is the second-largest Caribbean country and a popular holiday and honeymoon destination. One of the reasons the Dominican Republic is one of the greatest destinations to visit in the Caribbean is because it is simple to travel there. It takes two hours to fly from Miami and eight hours to fly from most European cities.

If you choose to spend your time at the beach, the island has 250 kilometers of lovely beaches to pick from.

Punta Cana and Puerto Plata are two of the best tourist destinations, with several resorts and departure hubs for activities such as snorkeling and diving. Santo Domingo, the capital, is certainly worth a visit for a flavor of the culture and history.

Aruba, Caribbean

Aruba’s crystal-clear seas are excellent for a relaxing island vacation. Aruba is not as well-known as some other Caribbean islands, which makes it one of the greatest locations to visit since you can enjoy the island’s beaches and attractions without having to contend with enormous crowds.

Swimming in the Caribbean seas is one of Aruba’s most popular activities. Eagle Beach and Palm Beach are two of the island’s nicest beaches.

Aruba is also known for its diving. If you’re a beginner, your resort can arrange a diving class and a day trip to some of the local coral reefs and shipwrecks.

Turks & Caicos, Caribbean

The 2017 hurricane season devastated Turks and Caicos, but it remains one of the nicest destinations to visit in the Caribbean, especially as it rebuilds and seeks to entice tourists. Turks and Caicos are made up of 40 islands and tiny cays.

The sole cruise ship port is on Grand Turk. Providenciales, or “Provo,” is noted for its top-tier luxury resorts and Grace Bay, one of the world’s greatest beaches.

In the Turks and Caicos, diving and snorkeling are advised around Bight Reef, which features excellent underwater reefs and wildlife.

Antigua, Caribbean

Antigua’s greatest attraction is its 365 beaches, which range from quiet, shallow seas excellent for swimming to deep water ideal for snorkeling. Dickenson Bay is one of Antigua’s most popular beaches for relaxation. Hawksbill Bay’s tucked-away sands are calmer and suitable for couples and honeymooners searching for more isolated beaches.

Antigua offers a wide range of non-beach activities, making it one of the top Caribbean destinations. Hike to the top of Shirley Heights for a panoramic view of the island, including the Montserrat volcano. Another enjoyable adventure is to visit St. John’s Saturday Market, where you can purchase one-of-a-kind goods ranging from spices to jewelry.

Anguilla, Caribbean

Because cruise ships are not permitted on the island, Anguilla delivers one of the most genuine Caribbean experiences. It is much less touristic. Anguilla features modest beach cottages instead of major hotels. If you want a little extra pampering, there are a few luxury establishments on the island, but Anguilla does not have the packed tourist scene that some other islands do.

The majority of visitors to Anguilla spend their time on one of the island’s more than 30 unspoiled beaches, such as Meads Bay, Shoal Bay East, and Rendezvous Bay. Snorkeling, diving, and eco-tours are popular day-trip adventures surrounding the island.

Grenada, Caribbean

Grenada’s allure is in the experiences you’ll have on the island, rather than the unforgettable images of its stunning beaches. Mornings may be spent beachcombing for shells, while afternoons can be spent exploring one of the island’s spice farms. You must see the colorful waterfront and stroll around St. George’s lovely streets.

Grenada features 45 beaches, the most prominent of which is the two-mile Grand Anse Beach. Hiking opportunities abound, including the La Sagesse Nature Center and the Grand Etang National Park. Make time to explore Market Square, one of the island’s most popular attractions, where you may buy goods from local merchants.