Caribbean Islands allowed traveling

The  Caribbean islands allowed traveling to foreign tourists. Many islands, however, have imposed varying limitations and procedures for vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors, and some have begun to relax their travel restrictions.

The following are the most recent updates on travel from the United States to each Caribbean country. We’ve divided each entry into entrance-requirement information for vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers, as well as particular restrictions for children, to make this information easier to understand.

Please double-check the criteria on this page with the respective nations’ official websites; Travel Weekly is not responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions in this information.

Anguilla: Open to Vaccinated tourists

Absolutely vaccinated tourists who’re 18 and over now do not need to use permission to enter the USA. Need to present proof of vaccination popularity, a bad PCR check end result taken within 3 days of travel, or a fast antigen test executed within two days of travel. No trying out on arrival for those fully vaxxed in the last six months and for the ones who’ve had a booster shot. Vacationers who have been vaxxed greater than six months previous to the journey but have no longer had a booster dose are challenged to test upon arrival at their personal rate ($50).

Unvaccinated adults:
Not allowed to go into.

Unvaccinated minors beneath 18 need to be observed with the aid of absolutely vaccinated vacationers.

Antigua and Barbuda: open to vaccinated tourists

Vaccinated vacationers:
Travelers 18 and over ought to gift proof of vaccination and present consequences of an rt-PCR check or fast antigen take a look at taken inside 4 days of the tour. Home checks, self-administered take a look at and saliva samples are not popular. Must entire health assertion form on arrival. A few vaxxed passengers with fast antigen test results may be required to take an rt-PCR test upon arrival at their own fee and watch for results.

Unvaccinated travelers:
Now not authorized access.

Kids a while 5 to 18 must publish proof of bad rt-PCR or rapid antigen test taken within 4 days of travel. Children beneath 5 do not require any test.

Aruba: open to vaccinated and unvaccinated vacationers

All tourists:
Tourists now do not want to give a terrible covid check or proof of vaccination. Traffic needs to fill out Aruba’s embarkation/debarkation card and solution questions on their latest fitness. Aruba requires the purchase of travel insurance as part of the advent form.


Bahamas: open to vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers

Vaccinated travelers:
Display evidence of vaccination and either a poor fast antigen or rt-PCR check taken no greater than three days (seventy-two hours) prior to arrival.

Unvaccinated tourists:
Vacationers ages 12 and over must present evidence of rt-PCR taken a look at taken inside three days of arrival. Need to complete daily health questionnaires even as in the Bahamas.

Those a while 2 to 11 should show evidence of either a rapid antigen or rt-PCR check taken within three days of arrival; youngsters beneath 2 years are exempt from check requirements. Ought to complete each day fitness questionnaire while in the Bahamas.

More statistics:
Tourists aged 18 and over should practice for a Bahamas journey fitness visa; pay insurance (price is protected in visa rate and relies upon period of stay and vaccination popularity); 17 and underneath will have their profile delivered in the account of their figure or mother or father.

Barbados: open to vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers

Vaccinated travelers:
Proof of a terrible fast antigen check taken inside in the future of arrival from the authorized scientific facility or a PCR check end result taken inside 3 days of arrival. Download bmisafe app and the whole tour form thru the app with check results within 24 hours prior to arrival and vaccination proof.

Unvaccinated vacationers:
Same as above, plus a three-day quarantine with a test on day four to exit quarantine.

Unvaccinated tourists under the age of 18 are allowed to enter if observed by using vaccinated mother and father/guardians; travelers over 5 do not have a problem trying out necessities.

Bermuda: open to vaccinated vacationers

Vaccinated travelers:
12 and over need to be vaccinated, effective March 7. Need to offer proof of vaccination, bad antigen end result taken within days of arrival, or PCR end result within four days of arrival. These statistics have to be uploaded to vacationer authorization form 24 to forty-eight hours earlier than arrival; the rate is $40, which incorporates return testing for u.S.-certain travelers.

Unvaccinated travelers:
No longer accepted access.

Visitors age 2 and over want to offer a check as stated above. The ones age 11 and beneath no longer need vaccination as long as they’re followed with the aid of vaccinated family members.

Bonaire: open to vaccinated and unvaccinated vacationers

All tourists:
No covid exams are required, and evidence of vaccination or quarantine is required. Travelers ought to fill out a fitness declaration form 12 to 24 hours before departure, print the form, and preserve it in handbags in case a public health officer asks to peer it.

Parents should complete a fitness shape for every child.

British virgin islands: open to vaccinated and unvaccinated vacationers

Vaccinated vacationers:
Must produce evidence of vaccination and a terrible PCR or fast antigen test taken no later than forty-eight hours previous to arrival. Now not required to check in on the entry portal or check upon arrival. (if the test end result is older than 48 hours, whether or not due to delays or overnight layovers, fully vaccinated vacationers are required to sign up on the portal and take a speedy antigen to take a look at the day of arrival).

Unvaccinated or partly vaccinated vacationers:
Have to show evidence of a PCR bad take a look at end result taken within five days of arrival and take fast antigen test upon arrival.

17 and underneath do not ought to sign-in on the access portal if traveling with discerning or guardian who is absolutely vaccinated; should produce bad PCR or fast antigen test was taken within five days of arrival and test on arrival.

Greater facts:
All vacationers need to produce proof of journey coverage protecting covid medical and quarantine accommodations charges.