Planning a Caribbean vacation? Check which are the top 8 Caribbean Airports for 2020 that are so good that your holiday will be extended right to the very takeoff!

Being in the tropics, Caribbean airports have to possess several crucial sets in order to rank among the top airplane hubs in the region. Among the must-have are pointed out the excellent air conditioning system, the new technologies and the reliable internet connection, the clean and comfortable terminals, the great view to the sea and the friendly staff that can provide pleasant customer service.

V.C. Bird Airport, Antigua & Barbuda


The airport in Antigua opened in August 2015 and immediately climbed to one of the top 5 Caribbean airports for 2020. It offers impeccable cleanliness, fantastic comfort, and personalized service.

Travelers have access to great interior design, modern new technology, and various shopping opportunities. The airport offers pay-per-use lounges, as well as free WiFi. It has a great balcony as well with fantastic views towards Long Island and Maiden Island.

Punta Cana International Airport, Punta Cana

This modern airport is home to the only outdoor swimming pool right next to the runway. It is located in the VIP Lounge in Terminal B. You can enjoy a swim in the cool water of the infinity pool, watch the planes take off and land, and sip a fancy cocktail while waiting for your boarding time.

The VIP lounge is open to the holders of premium class airplane tickets, lounge pass memberships, and members of the Puntacana Resort & Club. Other passengers are also welcome if they pay a 50 USD access fee.

Barbados Virgin’s Departure Beach, Barbados

If your plan is to stay on the beach as long as possible, then the Virgin Holidays’ Departure Beach is the best possible choice for you. It has lounge chairs along the Carlisle Bay shore and a beach bar.

The travelers are picked up at their hotel and checked, so they have time to swim at the sea and enjoy the beach right to the very last moment of their flight. This beach is available only to those who travel on the trips of Virgin Holidays.

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Tortola Beef Island Airport, Tortola

The airport is located near Trellis Bay, so right after the security, passengers can spend time on the beach which is just 5 min walk from the terminal. This bay is known for the Full Moon parties, beach bars, and shops. The experience travelers get is unbeatable.

Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten

The airport was restored after Hurricane Irma in 2017 and is attracting travelers with its swimming pool complex next to the runway and its Sunset Bar and Grill on the beach of St. Maarten.

Relaxed atmosphere and great shade, tasty bar food and rum, and one of the best views towards the approaching airplanes just above Maho beach golden sands. The airport is small, easy to navigate, with free WiFi and a modern design.

Sangster International Airport, Jamaica

Situated in Montego Bay in Jamaica, the airport is famous with the fast-track privileges through security and immigration for the visitors paid Club Mobay with its selection of great local food and Red Stripe beers.

A cheaper alternative s Air Margaritaville two-level restaurant, which comes with a tiki bar. The airport is famous for the helpful staff and the free WiFi, as well as the great range of duty-free shops, as well as a VIP lounge with many comforts that can be accessed for just 40 USD fee.

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Panama City Tocumen Airport, Panama

The busiest airport in the region is known for its helpful customer service, mobile charging ports, quiet corners, and free Wi-Fi. The airport further offers pay-per-use lounges, many shops, and dining places.

Oranjestad Queen Beatrix International Airport, Aruba

This is a small airport with a single terminal, spreading on three floors. It features several nice restaurants, many shops, some slot machines, and a sculpture garden. There is also free Wi-Fi access for one hour, as well as pay-per-use lounges. The staff is friendly and very professional.

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Hope your Caribbean tour will rock with these top 8 Caribbean Airports for 2020.