Beyond Paradise: The Allure of Casa Chameleon at Mal Pais, Costa Rica

Volcanoes, coasts, clear waters, ghastly bat-filled caves, and one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world – Costa Rica is a traveler’s dream as all signs point towards the soul of South America. There’s no lying about the fact that life is in the pink around Costa Rica – or Pura Vida – as they refer to their ‘pure life’. While this sounds like a marketing gimmick, this country literally emanates the good vibes all around. As if the dreamland couldn’t be talked about enough, our hearts went surfing down the North Pacific when we heard about a peach of a destination no more than a few miles down the coast.

Not just any other resort or hotel – but a bouquet of 10 exotic villas each having infinity pools of their own. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better – they all face the blue haven below.  And without further ado, let’s explore the homage to everything Costa Rica stands for: the Hotel Casa Chameleon at Mal Pais. It’s got all the antiquity of a warm retreat, an intimate reverie that kindles the fire within, and sumptuous delicacies every step of the way.

Casa Chameleon at Mal Pais: The best all-inclusive Resort in Costa Rica

Located at the heart of Mal Pais, this Resort is one of the healthiest places you could plan to stay at for your Costa Rican retreat as Mal Pais is one of the seven global Blue Zones aka the healthiest places in the world. The Casa snuggles between Santa Teresa – the famed surf destination, and Cabo Blanco Nature Preserve in the North and South respectively. While the initial expression on hearing Santa Teresa’s name leaves you with scrumptious scents of local delicacies, Mal Pais is as tranquil as it gets.

Forget about feeling stuck in a crowded place – this one’s a rare sensation of perfection that you’re seeking through life. Let’s explore the attractions that Casa Chameleon has to offer. The best part about Costa Rica is its grand diversity bottled in the colorful galore of nature. Not only does that make it vacation work savoring for life, but an experience that awakens your soul.

Rooms so good they remind you of Paradise

When you enter into the hottest property in Costa Rica, get wooed away with what’s to be seen. With villas that are no less than your secret sanctuary, wake up to the infinity pool and the ocean view ahead of it. The homely touch of Casa Chameleon is born out of the eclectic decor that concocts it all into a dream destination. There’s no limit when it comes to life’s grandeur at the Casa Chameleon, as the villa suites integrate nature into your Pura Vida lifestyle. Kick it back and spend the whole day with your beloved, or devour into countless adventures that Mal Pais has to offer.

There’s more to Mal Pais than Infinity Pools

The attractions are limitless in Costa Rica and what better way to unwind yourselves than just taking the pristine vibe within? The Casa Chameleon costa rica offers plenty of adventures on both land and through the cool ocean breeze. Adventures on Land

Mal Pais has a thick coverage of fauna and fauna that’s best covered by breaking a sweat and getting a tan! The canopy tour is a spectacular journey across the dense forest that’s no more than minutes away from the resort. When you’re ready to explore Mal Pais, get yourself an ATV, and get vrooming across the town! Aquatic Adventures

What’s the point of visiting Mal Pais if you don’t get your nose wet? The Mal Pais oceanfront is as pristine as it gets and is perfect for surfing, fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Indulge yourself into aquatic therapy as all of it is minutes away from the Casa and relish delectable recipes made fresh out of the game.

Ready to live the Costa Rican Dream?

If you are looking for a Costa Rican getaway, the Casa Chameleon at Mal Pais is the perfect retreat for you. Book now and up to 15% off along with $500 Food & Beverage Credit! Say hello to the future of all-inclusive vacation.