Beautiful Cayman– the tropical paradise, offers Global Citizen Concierge program; an opportunity for professionals and tech-savvy individuals who seek to escape and relocate into this tranquil Island to live and work remotely The Cayman Islands, is a self-governing British Overseas Territory, dubbed ‘the culinary capital’ of the Caribbean. This 264-square-kilometre (102-square-mile) territory comprises of three picturesque Islands in the western Caribbean Sea. The capital city is George Town on Grand Cayman, which is the largest island, known for its beach resorts and varied scuba diving and snorkelling sites. Cayman Brac is a popular launch point for deep-sea fishing excursions.

Little Cayman, the smallest island, is home to diverse wildlife, from endangered iguanas to seabirds such as red-footed boobies. Cayman Islands can be found in the most carefree corner of the Caribbean. All three of our islands have their own personality, reflected by the residents and unearthed in the landscape. Each have their own peculiar vibe and identity, marinated in a deep historical heritage that celebrates their unique culture. As a British Overseas Territory, driving is on the left-hand side of the road.

Hiring a car is the best way to see the islands as it allows total flexibility. The territory is considered a controversial major world offshore financial haven for international businesses and wealthy individuals, largely as a result of the state not charging taxes on any income earned or stored.

About the program The Global Citizen Concierge Program (GCCP) is a new initiative launched by the Cayman Islands, which allows persons who are employed outside of the Cayman Islands with the financial independence to work remotely, relocate, and live in the Cayman Islands for up to 24 months. The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (CIDOT) launched Global Citizen Concierge, which is a unique tourism initiative to welcome international guests who are eager for a change of scenery and willing to dive head-first into the Caymankind way of life, while staying connected, inspired and professionally productive as they live and work remotely in the Cayman Islands for up to two years.

Remote workers are eligible for long-term stays in the Cayman Islands which boasts a wide variety of accommodation and workspace offerings Through Global Citizen Concierge Program, professionals and digital nomads alike can embrace a remote lifestyle and immerse themselves fully in the bespoke luxury, adventure, culture and beauty of the Cayman Islands. Conducting board meetings just steps away from the award-winning Seven Mile Beach and brainstorming business solutions while paddling through peaceful mangrove forests as well as taking conference calls from the heart of this tropical paradise are now possible.

The GCCP will coordinate with Travel Cayman to process your travel authorization. The GCCP team will work with the relevant authority to ensure timely verification of all documentation required for your travel to the Cayman Islands.

As a Global Citizen, the Department of Tourism will infuse Cayman-kindness into every step of the process, helping to create a myriad of lasting memories and accommodations from arrival to departure. The GCCP team will assist you with booking with our national flag carrier, Cayman Airways, via Miami or receive your details for confirmed private jet service. Private jet passage may be secured by the applicant independently, but only following the necessary approvals.

More so, the team will ensure you receive the necessary information to guide your accommodation choice while living in the Cayman Islands for up to 24 months. It is pertinent to note that this process is subject to change based on the Cayman Islands phased border reopening plan being in its 4th reopening phase.

global citizen concierge Program Criteria Applicant(s)

  1. Proof of Employment and/or Income.
  2. Proof of Legal Existence of Employer/Company
  3. A notarized Bank Reference
  4. Proof of Identity- valid passport
  5. Police Clearance from last place of residence for more than 6 months.
  6. Proof of Health Insurance upon arrival

Dependents Per Cayman Islands Government law, a dependent is defined as the spouse/civil partner of that person, or one of the following relations of that person, namely a child, step-child, adopted child, grandchild, parent, step-parent, grandparent, brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, being, in each case, wholly or substantially dependent upon that person. Dependents do not include, caregiver, nanny, au pair, common law relationships, etc.

  1. Proof of Identity
  2. Evidence of Marital Status/Civil Partnership
  3. Dependent Children
  4. Police Clearance
  5. Proof of Health Insurance

Please note: All certificates and documents (e.g., birth, marriage/civil partner, death, divorce, police clearance etc.) which are in a foreign language must be accompanied with an English translation. Global Citizen Certificate Fees are as follows: Global Citizen Concierge Certificate Fee up to Party of 2 persons: US$1,469 per annum Global Citizen Concierge Certificate Fee for each dependent: US$500 per dependent, per annum Credit Card Processing Fee: 7% of total application fee The GCC Certificate allows one to live in Cayman for up to 2 years. The Certificate becomes valid upon the initial entry in to the Cayman Islands; however, the applicant must enter the Cayman Islands within 3 months of the date of approval.

Upon initial arrival, the Certificate is valid for 2 years. If remote employment is ever terminated, the certificate shall automatically expire on the date of termination. Steps involved in the application process from start to arrival:

  1. Persons wishing to work remotely in the Cayman Islands will have to submit an official application via the GCCP website, ensuring that they can demonstrate that they are employed outside of the Cayman Islands and have the financial means to support themselves while living here.
  2. Once the applicant has completed their application with all of the relevant information and documents required, the application is then submitted for review to confirm the completeness and accuracy of the application.
  3. The GCCP Team will work with the relevant authorities to gain the necessary approvals for your application.
  4. The GCCP Application Fee will be charged following this phase. Upon successfully making the payment, an official letter will be issued, allowing the applicant to live and work remotely in the Cayman Islands for up to 24 months.
  5. Once payment has been confirmed, this segment of the GCCP then defers to the Cayman Islands Government travel entry application phase. The GCCP Team will work with the relevant authority to complete the travel entry form providing the applicants intent to travel and details of their proposed accommodation option for quarantine upon arrival into the Cayman Islands. Upon approval for travel entry, our GCCP Team will assist the applicant with flights.
  6. An application is considered complete and ready for inspection once all of the above stages are completed. This allows the applicant to present themselves to Customs and Border Control Agent (CBC) for inspection when arriving into the Cayman Islands. In addition to the official travel authorization approval, travellers must also bring along with them the GCCP required documents.
  7. Upon arrival into the Cayman Islands, all successful GCCP applicants will have to follow all arrival and inspection protocols as well as the relevant quarantine requirements outlined by the Cayman Islands Government. This process is subject to change based on the country’s phased reopening plan.

For the most updated protocols on arrival into the Cayman Islands, please visit The application process takes approximately 3-4 weeks, depending on the party size.

All enquires for the Global Citizen Concierge Program can be submitted by email to [email protected] or by calling toll-free (US-only) at 1-833-418-1191. The GCCP Command Centre is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm- local to the Cayman Islands (CST) For Free 15 Minute Relocation Consultation 15-minute Relocation Consultation for advice on moving to the Cayman Islands – Where to live, driving, shipping, making friends, your lifestyle. [email protected] +1(345) 326-4002 For Global Citizen Discount Card Special Offer! Purchase a 1-year membership for $20 (Save $5) or 2 years for $40 (Save $10) and get instant discounts at over 80 local merchants. [email protected] +1(345)929-7283 12 Reasons the Cayman Islands is the perfect destination to live and work remotely. 

Friendly Locals The Cayman Islands has long drawn sun-seekers and adventurers from around the globe, for good reasons! The warm, friendly nature of its people, known as Caymankindness, creates an inviting atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the Caribbean. Whether you’re dipping your toes in cerulean waters on your lunch break, indulging in local island flavours between meetings or planning an exciting weekend exploring the Sister Islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, the Caymankind spirit will leave a long-lasting impression on your work and your life. Reinvigorate your nine-to-five schedule and live the life of your dreams in this tropical paradise.

Therefore, whoever you are and wherever you come from, there is a piece of Cayman that will speak to you. Idealized Location With just 66,000 friendly locals to greet you, the Cayman Islands can be found in the most carefree corner of the Caribbean The three islands that make up the Cayman Islands — Grand CaymanCayman Brac and Little Cayman — each have their own distinctive vibe and identity, with a deep historical heritage that celebrates their uniqueness. These includes their unique personality, reflected by the residents and unearthed in the landscape. From the barefoot elegance of Grand Cayman, to the adventurous spirit of Cayman Brac and the tranquillity of Little Cayman, warm smiles and lifelong memories are its hallmark.

All three islands offer scuba diving, and the Cayman Islands are home to several snorkelling locations where tourists can swim with stingrays. The most popular area to do this is Stingray City, Grand Cayman

Safe and Tropical Paradise With prompt and stringent covid-19 protocols, the small yet resilient Cayman has successfully emerged as the “Carefree Capital of the Caribbean,” safeguarding the health and safety of the Caymanian people, remote workers and future visitors. The Cayman Islands is among only a handful of nations worldwide that has protected its residents from the global pandemic and emerged from this crisis as a beacon of hope, providing a safe, care-free sliver of paradise for those who wish to take full advantage of the freedom of working remotely.  Not to mention, Cayman is host to an assortment of immersive island activities, health and wellness facilities and a culinary scene that is second-to-none.

The newly expanded Owen Roberts International Airport will provide a safe welcome for incoming guests, with ample space and staggered arrivals and departures to accommodate social distancing. In addition, as a Global Citizen, the Department of Tourism will infuse Caymankindness into every step of the process, helping to create a myriad of lasting memories and accommodations from arrival to departure.

Reconnecting and Revitalizing Apparently, it is only in Cayman that you can revive and revitalize the traditional WFH lifestyle, allowing for a swift balance of business and leisure. Thus, as you will be home away from home, leverage this opportunity to bolster the mind, body and spirit and reconnect with family, friends and nature – taking in all what the Carefree Capital of the Caribbean has to offer.

Epicurean Delights A delectable gastronomic destination known as the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean“, the Cayman Islands offers sophisticated dining choices and authentic island cuisine, five-star establishments to buzzworthy brunches and freshly caught fish prepared straight off the boat. For the working digital nomads, daily lunch breaks are now elevated with the freshest flavours of the Caribbean. With more than 200 restaurants and culinary influences from all over the globe, the Cayman Islands offers options to accommodate all lifestyles, taste and idiosyncrasies. The Island Lifestyle

Remote workers can start the workday off with a swim in the warm Caribbean waters, kayak in between Zoom meetings, or even take the office to the beach. The Cayman Islands offers unforgettable activities both on and off-land. Perhaps spend your day at the famous Stingray City in Grand Cayman’s North Sound, where dozens of friendly southern stingrays’ glide in and around; or even a leisurely stroll through the vibrant George Town to fully immerse yourself into the Caymanian lifestyle and cultural history of the islands. For the ideal weekend getaway, explore the untouched, off-the-beaten path adventures on the Sister Islands, featuring breath-taking views of the 153-foot Bluff, enticing caves, underwater wonders and more.

Therefore, bolster the mind, body and spirit and escape the office for some “self-care” moments that take your breath away. To end off the exhausting work week, pay a visit to one of Cayman’s world-class spas, or unplug and meditate on the award-winning Seven Mile Beach.

Live in Luxury Cayman is the perfect setting for corporate retreats, conventions and more. It offers an endless array of unparalleled accommodations and activities, it’s no surprise that the affluent traveller turns to Cayman for their new home and workplace. The Cayman Islands is truly home to the finer things in life. What sets the Cayman Islands apart goes beyond its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters.

You watch dawn rise with the stingrays, explore the world’s most intricate coral reefs, relax in a hammock underneath a casuarina tree, and eat at a five-star restaurant, spend the weekend on a private yacht charter that explores the deep blue seas and end each night in one of Cayman’s extravagant villas, suites and resorts – the perfect home and office! Experience The Best of Stingray City

For a unique and exhilarating experience in Grand Cayman, Stingray City boasts with crystal clear water and one of the closest encounters you’ll ever have with wild stingrays hence is a must-see. It is indeed one of the few places in the world where it’s possible to swim with hundreds of friendly southern Atlantic stingrays in open water. Stingray City is a 25-minute boat journey from the beach and a fantastic destination for families, couples, and lone visitors. It’s a wide sandbar surrounded by barrier reefs that’s home to a variety of fish and, most notably, stingrays.

The fact that the southern stingrays that inhabit the area are exceedingly friendly makes Stingray City the most popular activity on the island. These massive sea creatures are so accustomed to human interaction that they allow people to feed, play with, pet, and photograph them. Stingray City Tours are supplemented with visits to Starfish Point, Coral Garden, and the Turtle Centre. It is a once-in-a-lifetime Caribbean adventure to explore in Cayman Islands. Experience The bioluminescent bay (underwater fairy dust)

A secret lagoon on Grand Cayman is one of a handful of places in the world where the phenomenon of ‘bioluminescence’ can be found. Best described as underwater fairy dust, it is caused by a single cell organism reacting with the water which results in a green or blue light, and can be experienced on nights when there is a new moon by kayaking into the lagoon. It is the emission of light from the extremely high concentrations of bioluminescent phytoplankton that live in the water. When disturbed, they emit a burst of light flash lasting a fraction of a second.

This light emission is used as protection to scare predators. The bioluminescent bay is one of Grand Cayman’s most popular night-time tourist attractions. The visibility of the bioluminescence is best seen when snorkelling in the water with a mask. The concentration of the plankton fluctuates every week due to weather and tides, and has nothing to do with boats/snorkelling The Bioluminescent Bay is located on the North Side of Grand Cayman. It is a 10–15-minute kayak from Rum Point, Starfish Point and Kaibo, and approximately a 45-minute ride by boat from Seven Mile Beach. Year-round dive site

The Cayman Islands are widely recognised as the birthplace of recreational diving in the Caribbean, and a top choice for diving holidays. With more than 40 dive operations and 365 dive sites, people from all over the world choose to dive in the Cayman Islands for the warm, calm waters, 30m+ visibility, stunning reefs and incredible variety of marine life. Explore varied flora and fauna

The varied flora and fauna in the Cayman Islands make the destination a haven for nature-lovers, but Cayman is home to some incredibly rare species; the blue iguana which was saved from almost total extinction by an extensive breeding programme, and the rarest orchid in the world, the endemic Ghost Orchid. The red-footed booby colony on Little Cayman is the largest breeding colony of these birds in the western hemisphere. It might interest you to know that the only native land mammals of the Cayman Islands are bats. There’s also the buffy flower bat, which is only found in the Caribbean and drinks nectar from flowers like a hummingbird. Experience Peace and Tranquillity

Only 197 people live on Little Cayman meaning it is devoid of hustle and bustles of spoilt cities. At only 10 miles long and one-mile wide, Little Cayman is one of the least developed islands left in the Caribbean.  It has just 197 residents but around 2,000 iguanas, all of whom have right of way. Choose from one of just three tiny resorts or a handful of private cottages on the island, escape the rat race and get ready for total relaxation.