Disconnect from the Big Cities’ Rush in Grenada

Tired of the big city rush? I certainly am. All that traffic, appointments, the need to go here, there and everywhere – this is a Beatles song, in case you haven’t noticed – all the time leaves all of us exhausted, it sucks our energies, right?

That’s why from time to time we need some vacations, some time for ourselves, to drink, meet new people, discover a new culture, to enjoy the nature, spend the time on the beach with white sands and tranquil crystal waters, where you can enjoy the sun and just relax. Our brain and souls need this in order to get back at 100% of our capabilities, because, as my father would say, we aren’t machines.

Now, all of your vacation needs can be met in the Caribbean region, but I’ll get more specific and recommend you to take a trip to relax on the island of Grenada.

Magazine Beach, in Grenada – Tony Hisgett on Flickr

Take a look at the table of contents below to see what you can find in this post.

Table of Contents

Presenting Grenada

The Spice Isle, as Grenada is also known for due to the production of nutmeg and mace, actually is a tri-island destination – Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique – located only 100 miles, about 160 km, from the coast of Venezuela, surrounded by crystal waters and beautiful beaches.

The isle also counts with plenty of amazing things to see and do, such as trekking trails, an underwater museum, waterfalls, lakes, some delicious food, and many other activities that can distract you from all the honks and phone calls of your daily life. We will talk a little about what you can do in the Spice Isle, so keep reading.

What do I need to get to Grenada?

Passports – Jaimie Harmsen on Unsplash

If you’re from the USA, Canada, UK and most European countries, British Commonwealth, most Caribbean countries, South Korea and Japan, and you’re entering Grenada through air, you won’t need a visa at all, just carry your updated passport and return tickets and you’ll be fine.

But if you aren’t from any of the nationalities above, don’t worry. Most nationalities can obtain a visitor visa for 3 months, but don’t forget your valid passport and return ticket, you’ll need them.

Now, if you’re taking a lovely cruise and you’re lucky to stop on Grenada, you’ll be granted a 24 hours permit, doesn’t matter from what country you’re from.

And remember to always check the information about the COVID-19 restrictions. You can find the updated information on puregrenada’s website, the official tourism website for the isle

What can I do?

Now, you got all your documentation and arrived in Grenada for your relaxing vacations, so what are the things that you can do?  Here I’ll tell you a little about some beautiful places in Grenada.

Underwater Sculpture Park

If you love diving and love museums, the underwater sculpture park is a must for you. Located in the Molinere Beauséjour Marine Protected Area, the 75 sculptures cover an area of 800 m² and are in a depth between 5 and 8mts.

Underwater Sculpture Park – The Wanderers Notepad on Youtube

The sculptures also serve as an artificial reef, attracting a great amount of species to the site, creating a mix between nature and man, and proving that we can create beautiful things while helping the marine environment.

The underwater park can be seen by scuba diving, snorkeling, and glass bottom boats. Each way to see the sculptures provide a different experience, but all of them are spectacular.

Magazine Beach

With white sands, crystal waters, and surrounded by trees and palms, the Magazine Beach is so beautiful that it seems it was taken out of a magazine (pun intended).

Even though the beach is close to the city, the Magazine beach is a perfect place for you to relax from the big city’s rush, take some sun, or even to do some snorkeling in the nearby reefs. The beach is located only 500 m away from the airport, so if your flight gets delayed, you can walk to the beach and wait there. But be careful, you don’t want to relax too much and lose your flight… or maybe you do want to stay a little longer in this piece of heaven.

Grenada National Museum

Created in 1976 and using an 18th century building as its location, the Grenada National Museum guards items that tells us a little about the history, culture and heritage of the spice isle.

Grenada National Musuem Building – Jenni Konrad on Flickr

There you can see pre-Columbian artifacts, whaling equipments from the whaling Station, ancient machinery used for the sugar and rum old industry, historical pictures and documents with historical significance to the Isle, and many others items that tells us a little about the country.

And, as if the historical and cultural part of the museum wasn’t enough, the museum also holds some weekly activities, such as jazz, dancing, singing, poetry and many other live performances.

Grand Etang National park & Forest Reserve

If you like hiking and trekking, the Grand Etang National park & Forest Reserve is your place!

The national park is the home of many animals like armadillos, the mona monkeys, the tropical mockingbirds, broad winged hawks, mongoose, and many others. The forest vegetation creates a special place for nature to thrive and show its beauty.

In the park, you can take a hiking trail that takes you to the Seven Sisters Falls. Even though the trail is harsh – take this hint and take a bottle of water and some good shoes with you -, the falls and the trail itself is an amazing experience that can’t be missed.

The whole scenery of the park creates a peaceful environment where you can reconnect with an untouched nature, extremely different from the city’s environment.

What should I eat?

That’s actually a very hard question because the gastronomy in Grenada is mouth watering. Just by its nickname – the spice isle –  you may have an idea that the culinary on this island is rich and full of flavours, the World Food Travel Association (WFTA) even named Grenada as the world’s first “Culinary Capital”.

But there are some dishes that are a must for this island, such as the Grenada’s national dish, called oil down, the fried bake and saltfish – a fried bread that goes well with anything -, and the delicious lambi souse. Of course that the spice isle has a lot more dishes to offer, but if I go on, you’ll end reading a book.

So, what are you waiting to plan your next vacation to this piece of heaven on earth? And a quick tip, if you want some gear for your next trip, you can find them on our shop