Dominican Republic Travel Guide:

We have already made clear why the Dominican Republic is everyone’s favorite place to visit. The thought of visiting Dominican Republic immediately brings to mind that warm and lively island where the faint sunset light illuminates the white sand, the palm trees sway gently in the sea breeze, and the waves crash on the shore. Well, in this dream place you can also find smaller islands that will make you say once and for all that the Dominican Republic is just that place: the real Caribbean paradise.

Saona Island

Located in the south of the National Park of the East, it is home to countless whales, birds, dolphins, turtles, and manatees, and is the everyday destiny of visitors who travel to its coasts by boat to experience the island’s mysteries. Only around 500 people reside on the island. Construction is prohibited on the island, so they live in huts made of grass and palm trees, and their primary occupation is tourism and fishing.

This island in the Dominican Republic has a rocky coastline with plenty of caves in the northwest, making it a highly interesting area due to the large number of indigenous relics that have been discovered there.

As for the rest of the island, a series of endless white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters display different shades of blue in harmony with the gorgeous golden sunsets.

Catalina Island

A must-see spot in the Dominican Republic is the beautiful Catalina Island, which is the ideal place to relax on the pristine blue sandy beaches of paradise.

Known for its coral underwater reefs, scuba diving enthusiasts can enjoy thrilling underwater sessions featuring incredible underwater fauna and the remnants of Captain Kidd’s shipwreck, found only two to three meters below the surface in the surroundings of the island.

The reefs, alongside the wreck, form an extraordinary wall of coral that has caused countless shipwrecks in the area and is now one of the top destinations for scuba divers exploring the country.

Goat Island (Isla Cabritos)


Goat Island, known as Isla Cabritos in Spanish, is a small island located in the southwestern part of the Dominican Republic, specifically within Lake Enriquillo. It is a popular tourist destination for anyone who wishes to witness a diversity of endemic species of flora and fauna.

The island’s terrain is covered by subtropical dry forest and thorny bushes, due to the area’s rather low rainfall. Home to a wide variety of both aquatic and terrestrial birds. Here you will be able to see flamingos, Florida ducks, native ducks, and grey herons, among others. There is also an abundance of reptiles such as the American crocodile, rhinoceros iguanas, and Ricord’s iguanas.