5 unique corners to explore nature in Cuba

The wonderful natural corners that the Island has, you can not imagine it! When you think of Cuba, the first thing that comes to mind is: The beaches, the streets of Havana and we don’t get hooked; The mojitos and the cigars! (and if? hehehe). But… Do you know anything about the corners of nature to explore in Cuba?

That is why today we want to show you five of these corners of nature in Cuba, there are many more, but we wanted to first highlight these little paradises in Cuba that are worth exploring and making an excursion to get to know them. Shall we start?


Lago Hanabanilla (Villa Clara)

This beautiful artificial corner is formed by the union of the Arimano, Guanayara, Negro and Jibacoa rivers. These waters come from the Guamuhaya mountain range, also known as Sierra del Escambray, in the province of Villa Clara. Lake Hanabanilla, (in the aboriginal language Hanabanilla means “small basket of gold”) this natural corner, will surprise you with its beauty, its vegetation and the natural ensemble it forms with the surrounding landscape. We recommend you tour the lake by boat. On this tour in which you will be alone because this lake is outside the tourist circuits of Cuba, you will be in direct contact with nature enjoying a cooler microclimate than in the rest of the island.

From the lake you will be able to take spectacular hiking trails, such as the “Senda de los Helechos”, a route of extraordinary beauty where you will enjoy waterfalls, ancient ferns and native birds such as the Tocororo, the Cartacuba, the Zorzal or the negrito. In short, Lake Hanabanilla and its surroundings is one of the corners of Cuba that you cannot miss, where nature is the protagonist. Well worth a trip there!

Vinales Valley

The Viñales Valley is located in the province of Pinar del Río, which is the westernmost area of ​​Cuba,  this corner constitutes a unique landscape where heights of metamorphic rocks are combined with karstic mountains, known locally as “mogotes” and valleys of a great beauty. It was declared Cultural Landscape of Humanity for its extraordinary uniqueness. In this Valley you will be able to discover the tobacco plantations and dryers, as well as explore the way of life and the artisanal elaboration of this Cuban product.

The Abra de Canasi. (Mayabeque)

Este tranquilo corner está ubicado en la llanura Habana-Matanzas. En Abrá del Canasí te quedarás con la boca abierta con el paisaje natural que encontrarás en una mezcla de paisaje de montaña, mar y río. Sorprenden las Lomas de Picadura o Canasí, con sus mogotes azulados, un cerro de 100 m de altura que bordea toda la costa y por donde discurre el río del mismo nombre. También podemos explorar cuevas marinas, como la del Convento o hermosos acantilados como el de La Cazuela, ideal para la práctica del snorkel y el buceo. No puede dejar de visitar el Abra de Canasí, uno de los rincones más hermosos de la naturaleza en Cuba.

Alto de Collantes (Trinidad)

It is an immense protected area of ​​nature in Cuba, located in the central part of the island within the Guamuahaya or Sierra del Escambray mountain group.

In this protected environment you can enjoy many corners and tourist attractions, such as El Sendero de Vegas Grandes, which has exuberant vegetation, a cave, a viewpoint, waterfalls, swimming pools and native flora and fauna of the island.

You can also enjoy the beauty and spectacular nature of Salto del Caburní, a 62-meter-high waterfall. A place you have to visit in Cuba! And what better than with a personalized excursion to Tope de Collantes!

Guanaroca Lagoon (Cienfuegos)

This salty lagoon is fed by the waters of the Arimao River and the waters of the Jagua Bay. A local legend tells that this lagoon is the representation of the moon on earth. In the lagoon, we can take a boat ride and see, among other migratory birds that come to this ecosystem, colonies of pink flamingos. Once there, you can visit the nearby dolphinarium. A perfect place to spend a day surrounded by nature.

Enjoy the wonderful corners of nature in Cuba!

These are just five examples of the wonderful natural corners that you can explore on the island of Cuba, a country to enjoy with all five senses. Are you coming to find out?