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9 Must-Visit Historical Marvels in the Bahamas Island

Are you taking a tour to the Bahamas Island? Apart from the beautiful beaches, glamorous marine life and clear warm waters, you should take your touring goal to the next level by visiting popular tourist locations that inform its rich history and culture. It is surrounded by monuments, ruins and colonial features that define the beauty of the Bahamas and explain the transition that the island has gone through to be one of the beautiful Caribbean islands serving as a captivating tourist destination.

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Queen’s Staircase

The landmark located at Fort Fincastle was named after the abolishment of slavery by Queen Victoria in all colonies. It serves a significant 66 steps built by enslaved people to provide a route to Nassau city from Fincastle and has a water feature and a surrounding garden that gives it a magnificent look.

Fort Fincastle

Also known as Bennett’s Hill fort, where visitors must take a tour if they are in the Nassau due to its unique design and features. The fort is placed strategically on a hill with its beautiful spiral staircase and conical shape. It serves the Islands’ history and protects them from potential attacks launched by pirates during the American revolutionary war. Visitors enjoy the great view of the entire Nassau city as the city is open to the public, so you can visit with family and friends. Tourists enjoy climbing and watching the entire city.

Fort Charlotte

It is one of the large impressive forts offering a beautiful nature of the military history of the colonials in the 18th century. It was used by the military to defend Nassau from the attacks by the pirates. Its distinct architecture of giant walls, towers, barracks, chambers and tunnels where visitors can tour and appreciate its style. Also, visitors get to enjoy the surrounding attractive gardens and its top offering of the nature of the Nassau harbor.

The Cloisters

Located in Nassau, this breathtaking European feature with tropical Versailles gardens surrounding the ruins built in the 14th century represents the French monastery remains built above the sparkling water. It is located in the eastern part of a paradise island and offers a view of Nassau Harbor.

Fort Montagu

It is the oldest Fort in Nassau city, constructed in 1725. It offers the history of the forts and how the British began constructing the forts to assist in wars against pirates. Although it was the first fort, the current one was rebuilt to defend Nassau from the Spanish invasion. It serves two histories of two wars, the pirates and the Spanish army against the British army.

The San Salvador Island

It is one must-see island that serves the history of the famous Christopher Columbus’s first landing in the New World. As a tourist, you will learn about a famous explorer who discovered the Bahamas and how his voyage impacted the Caribbean and America. It is also rich in artifacts and relics, such as a monument dedicated to Columbus. It is blessed with natural beauty, and visitors can participate in different recreational activities.

Christ Church Cathedral

The Gothic-style church built in 1670 is among the famous landmarks on the island. It has well-crafted stained-glass windows, and visible white stone faces. Anyone can visit the church and see its stunning beauty to date. The interior still holds its beauty, with the mahogany ceiling and thick white pillars showing the constructors’ expertise. Christians can also participate in daily service that is conducted in the church every day in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Nassau Public Library and Museum

The building was first constructed as a jail and later turned into a museum and library. It attracts tourists from its octagonal design built for eight people cells on every two floors. It was converted to a library in 1873 in New Providence and stocked with colonial documents and prints added today, bestsellers books can be the best place to relax as tourists learn history from the prints and watch the business and shopping areas of Nassau.

The Parliament Square

It is located in the capital city of the Bahamas. It is the center for the government, a colonial architecture built in the 1800s, a house stationed near the Supreme court, Parliament chambers and the house of assembly. It offers incredible scenery of beautiful and historical government houses.

In Conclusion, the above are the most iconic historical sites in the Bahamas that are rich in its history. They show the Bahamas’ power and mostly its architectural side that assisted in beautifying and defending Nassau from pirates. Therefore, as a tourist you will learn more about the Bahamas’ history and, most importantly, enjoy the incredible views of the land in Nassau and its beaches.

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