Located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean in the southeastern Caribbean, West Indies, this panoramic Island is a trove of nature’s awesomeness. The Island is 21 miles long and dotted with a number of worth-visiting places. If you are also mesmerized by the island and planning your next trip from India to Barbados, let us help you with that.




What should you pack?




First of all, let’s talk about what you should pack while traveling to Barbados from India. Once your bag is ready, we can talk about other things.




  • Swimwear




The first thing you need to get along with you is a pair of good swimwear. Barbados has almost 60% of beaches. So, going there without swimwear would be like going out in the rain without an umbrella.




  • Bug spray




This may sound weird but yes you do need bug spray while traveling to Barbados. The reason being, Barbados is filled with pesky mosquitoes and insects, and we are pretty sure that we won’t want to get the bites of these insects.




  • Beach bag and hat




As you already know that Barbados tourism is all about beaches, so it is necessary to carry a small beach bag and stylish hat along with you. These both things do not only make you look stylish but also make things easier for you.




  • A small medical kit




The most important thing to get along with while traveling to Barbados from India is a medical kit. You don’t really need to carry a bunch of medicines but you must get the basic ones like bandages and a few other medicines for pain and fever.




  • Windproof umbrella and raincoat




The weather in tropical islands like Barbados is quite unpredictable. In fact, there are more chances of heavy winds and rains. This is why it is a wise decision to get a windproof umbrella and a good raincoat with you while traveling to Barbados from India.




  • Other important things




Apart from the above-mentioned essentials, there are a lot more things that you need to carry with you while traveling to Barbados from India. Those things include masks, a snorkel, a bunch of dresses for different occasions, different types of footwear, a fun pouch, a makeup box if you are a girl, a camera, a portable charger, a water bottle, a passport, travel insurance if you have, a secured wallet, travel adapter, and many other basic things that you need while traveling outdoors.




Best airline to take from India to Barbados

Places to visit in your trip from India to Barbados




Barbados is dotted with a number of mind-blowing and fantastic places to visit. Among all, there are certain places that will catch the heart of Indians, especially. The reason being, they would suit the travel test of Indians. If you want to know what those places are, read below and must cover these places on your next visit from India to Barbados.




  • The capital city of Bridgetown




Bridgetown is a must-visit tourist destination for Indians because it is a blend of modernism and history. Like Delhi in India, Bridgetown has embraced a fine blend of history and modernism within it. As an Indian, you will definitely love to explore the iconic historical sites and monuments of this city.




  • Crane beach and the crane resort




If you are a person who loves Goa beaches, you will definitely love the awesomeness of Crane beach in Barbados. Known for its alluring pink coral sand, the beach is one of the most popular beaches in Barbados. Here, you can enjoy surfing, sunbathing, and many other adventurous sports activities.




  • Folkestone Marine park and museum




Another place that Indians will love in Barbados is Folkestone Marine Park, which is known for its artificial reef and varied marine life. Here, you can spot different types of marine life including lilies, sea sponges, corals, small fishes, and many others.




Important things to know when traveling to Barbados from India




  • Language




People in Barbados speak their local language. However, if you know English, you won’t face any problems, as English is the official language in Barbados.




  • Food




If you eat only Indian dishes, you probably need to visit sophisticated restaurants in Barbados because, in the local market, you will get the local food only and that is mainly sea foods.




  • Communication mediums




Since Barbados has a modern telecommunication system, you won’t face any type of problem in communicating with your people. You can use any digital medium of communication and stay in touch with your people.




  • Money




Needless to say that the national currency of the West Indies is used in Barbados. However, as a foreign visitor, you can use US dollars or your credit card without any problem.




  • Covid restrictions




To get your entry in Barbados, you need to follow the rules and regulations of Covid. You need to present your valid certificate of full vaccination against Covid 19. In addition, travelers are required to download the BIMSafe app and upload their vaccination and testing certificates. Then, the code generated by this app needs to be presented on arrival. Besides that, masks and basic Covid measures are also compulsory too.




  • Immigration form




To travel from India to Barbados, tourists must complete an online immigration and customs form 72 hours before their departure and then present the generated receipt on their arrival.




  • Other medical measures




Upon departure, the health screening of every passenger would be done such as temperature checks and visual assessments. If any Covid 19 symptoms are found, the passenger would be quarantined.




  • Best time to visit




For Indians, the best time to visit Barbados is from April to June. The reason being, during this time, it is neither too hot nor too cold.




Barbados is a popular travel destination among Indians, as it is enriched with unmatched flora and Fauna, which are absolutely loved by Indian people. So, book your tickets and explore this mind-blowing Island.

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