Moorings Interline Regatta is probably the biggest sailing and party event in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) having more than 300 races and spectators. The event is all about sailing and racing. You can actually call it the sailing season in the BVI with thrilling races, mind-blowing parties, and abundant fun, all on the water. The Moorings Interline Regatta is a 10-day annual event and it amazes the worldwide people with its endless fun every year. The event actually consists of sail boating, nightly-themed parties, and, of course, the famous bars in BVIs.

Who participates in Moorings Interline Regatta?

Initially, the Moorings Interline Regatta was started for the members, friends, and family of the airline industry only. However, today it is much more than an annual event. In recent years, the event has grown into an international festival driving boaters as well as spectators from every corner of the world. This multicultural gala event brings together people having a passion for sailing. If you wish to participate in the event, a current or former airline employee must be along with you. Only then, you can board the boat of Moorings Interline Regatta.

History of Moorings Interline Regatta

When and how Moorings Interline Regatta actually started is not really known. However, the event is not new to the world. The reason being it’s going to be the 39 edition of this event in 2022. Last year, the event couldn’t take place because of Covid 19. So, we can say that the event started taking place 40 years ago, and since then, the celebration of the event has been getting wilder, bigger, and more fun-filled only.

When the Moorings Interline Regatta usually takes place

This massive gala event takes place in mid-October every year. The dates may vary though. Just before the frosty winter season and the end of the rough hurricane season, this event comes as a fresh breeze for people. It lasts for 10 days. Usually, it starts from the second week in October.

Who hosts the Moorings Interline Regatta?

This Moorings Interline Regatta is completely organized and hosted by the moorings of BVI. You will find moorings charter yachts there. The moorings manage the whole event and make sure people get endless fun and excitement.

What happens in this Moorings Interline Regatta?

Moorings Interline Regatta is for airline employees, their friends, and families. The people from the airline industry participate in the event and general people become spectators enjoying those thrilling races. The event is scheduled for 10 days and each day has a different event. Everyday, you will get to enjoy a new level of excitement and fun in this Megha event. During the day, you will get to enjoy the thrilling activities of the event and, on the night, you will be left amazed by the themed costume parties, raft-ups, and much more. Here, everyone represents their favorite airline and cheers for their team.

Moorings Interline Regatta 2022

Moorings Interline Regatta 2022 is going to be the 39th edition of this Megha event. For 39 years, the event has been happening every year except in 2021 when Covid ruined its fun. BVI is all decked up to host the event at its full Splendor. Like every year this year too, the lovers of boat sailing are rushing to BVI to enjoy this event.

Moorings Interline Regatta 2022 schedule

The Moorings Interline Regatta 2022 will start on 11st October and will continue till 20th October. In these 10 days, you will experience the best boat sailing experience. Not just the sailing races, there will be mind-blowing parties and other themed cultural activities to blow your mind.

October 11: Free Sailing Day

October 12: Free Sailing Day

October 13:Welcome Ceremony- The Morning Marina

October 14: Race Day 1: Marche Bar & Grill- ABC Theme Party

October 15: Race Day 2 – Coco Maya -Toga Theme Party

October 16: Lay Day – Anegada Reef Hotel – Pirate Theme Party

October 17: Race Day 3 – Leverick Bay Resort – 80s Theme Party

October 18: Race Day 4 – Pirate Bight – Award Ceremony

October 19: Free Sailing Day

October 20: Free Sailing Day

Type of yachts in special event 2022

Three different types of yachts will be present at this event and they are:

  • The Moorings 42.1

The Moorings 42.1 is a perfect blend of innovative technology and amazing comfort. Designed by the expert boat builders at Beneteau, this yacht will definitely offer the racers a surreal sailing experience. It has 3 cabins including one master cabin and two general cabins. The master cabin features a double bed with an en-suite bathroom shower, while the other two cabins have a full bathroom and a spacious room for up to 6 guests.

  • The Moorings 45.3

Another Beneteau-designed yacht is here to assure you an unforgettable sailing experience with its unmatched performance, soothing comfort, and mind-blowing smoothness. Featuring 3 big cabins, this yacht will also be a good fit for guests up to 8. The interesting thing about this monohull is that it features a good enough saloon with plenty of seating capacity. It has a fuel capacity of 53 gallons and the sailing area of the year is 1076 square feet.

  • The Moorings 46.3

This yacht is popular among people who love to ride a luxurious yacht at the event. Known for its unmatched combination of luxury and performance. This moorings yacht is a perfect choice for sailors of any skill, for beginners as well as experts.  Designed with three spacious cabins having en-suite bathrooms, the yacht will offer enough space for at least 8 passengers. The unique thing about this yacht is that it features a fully appointed galley having a convertible double-berth saloon.


The Moorings Interline Regatta is going to ring its bell next week. Get ready to experience some most thrilling sailing races and most happening parties. Mark the date. It is from 21st October to 20th October. So, what are you waiting for? Just book tickets and pack your bags for the event.

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