Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a cruise across the azure Caribbean waters to the Bahamas? Or are you someone looking for a fun and restful vacation this summer? And are you wondering how to plan a memorable cruise trip?

At IC Caribbean, we seek to provide the best deals and services to people traveling to the Caribbean, a wonderful vacation destination that promises beautiful weather, breathtaking scenery, and relaxing memories. One of our most recent efforts to fulfill this goal was partnering with MSC Cruise Ships and MSC Excursions . MSC Cruises like MSC Seaside, MSC Seascape is the world’s third largest cruise business, taking travelers year-round to the Mediterranean and Caribbean and employing a global team of over 30,000 people. It prioritizes a safe and high-quality experience for its travelers, offering fun family-friendly cruise activities, diverse itineraries, and a commitment to sustainable tourism technology.

As a partner of MSC Cruise Ships and MSC Excursions, we inform our travelers of the wonderful adventures available through the cruise and bring these adventures closer to our audience. In this blog, we will provide valuable information for travelers wanting to travel aboard a cruise as we follow IC Caribbean’s CEO, Mr. Icen’s trip to the beautiful Bahamas with MSC Cruise Ships and MSC Excursions.

All to Know About Cruises

First, what are some important things to know about cruises? Cruises are one of the few activities where the journey itself often holds more focus than the destination! On a cruise, you are traveling at around 20 miles an hour. They are usually around three football fields in length and can carry around 3,000 people on board.

Cruise trips can also range from only a few nights to a few weeks. There are even some rare cruise trips that last over a hundred days, taking travelers across the world to all different continents and countries.

Mr. Icen’s recent trip to the Bahamas with MSC Cruise Ships and MSC Excursions lasted 5 days. He shares, “I enjoyed a lot, this was a lifetime memorable trip for me and my family.” 

Because travelers spend so much time on the cruise ship, cruises have lots of entertainment available. Some common activities on cruise ships include:


  1. Swimming in outdoor / indoor pools
  2. Competing at Game night
  3. Enjoying Magic Shows and Performances
  4. Going Ice-skating
  5. Watching a movie
  6. Playing Sports / Gym exercise
  7. Relaxing in your room
  8. Gambling at a Casino
  9. Singing at Karaoke
  10. Going Bowling

On his trip, Mr. Icen says that his favorite MSC Excursions and activities were pool and specialty restaurants. And the most memorable was the Island tour.

On a cruise trip, there is also plenty of time to enjoy the view of the vast ocean on open-air decks and experience the different food options available. Cruises usually include dining halls, restaurants, and bars full of different cuisines and food options created by world-class chefs.

Mr. Icen’s favorite dish on his trip was lamp. He says, “ ed snapper “.

Fun fact: Did you know that an average cruise ship carrying around 3.5 thousand passengers carries 250,000 eggs for each week of its travel?

Booking a Cruise Trip

Now that you want to plan a cruise trip for you and your loved ones, what is the process of doing so?

Today, you can book cruise trip tickets through the cruise company itself as well as through partnering companies or travel agencies. To find a destination and cruise that will suit you the most, make sure to do some research beforehand and think through what you are looking for from the trip. Embark on a Trip of a Lifetime: MSC’s World Cruise 2024 Takes You to 56 Destinations Around the World. MSC Cruise Ships and MSC Excursions has Cruise ships that covers over 56 destinations of the Worlds including cruise ship MSC Seascape, MSC Seaside etc covering many Caribbean Islands.

Here are 4 Ds to help guide you in your cruise trip planning!


  1. Destination — Consider the weather, language, distance, culture, and living expenses or the place you want to travel to! Do you want to travel to a beach getaway, a bustling city, or a historical site? Where are the boarding ports and how will you get there?
  2. Duration — How long do you want to be at sea and how much time do you want to spend at your destination? Consider how much time you have available for your trip and choose a cruise that fits your schedule. This also ties in to the price of the cruise trip. How much do you want to spend? Are there any deals available right now?
  3. Dining — As we mentioned before, cruises usually have many different food options. Do you have a preference for a specific cuisine or style of food? Does this cruise ship company accommodate for any food allergies or dietary restrictions you may have?
  4. Diversion — What are the different amenities and activities to do on the cruise? Are they family friendly or suited for a different audience? Choose a cruise ship that has activities and amenities that you are interested in!

One last tip is to read reviews from previous travelers! This can help you get a picture of what your vacation might look like and hear from someone else who has experienced it before!

Packing List for the Cruise

Once you have booked a cruise ship and you are nearing the day of departure, what should you pack?

Because it is a cruise with a variety of activities, make sure to bring the right items for each activity! This includes examples like thicker clothes for ice skating, shorts for rock climbing, swimsuits for swimming, casual clothing for lounging, and formal attire for fancy dinners. Also don’t forget to bring the appropriate shoes for the respective activities as well!

In addition to the regular necessity items you would pack, don’t forget to bring important government and travel documents such as your passport, ID, COVID Vaccination card, and more.

Traveling internationally can be exciting, but going through customs and immigration can be time-consuming and frustrating. However, if you’re a frequent traveler, you may be eligible for a program that can help expedite the process. Global Entry is a game-changing program that offers expedited clearance for qualified travelers. And now, there’s even more good news for travelers to the Caribbean Islands – Enrollment on Arrival (EOA) is now available.
Check out more about Global Entry Program.

Some of Mr. Icen’s most important travel items that he brought with him on the cruise are: swim suit, camera, light colors clothes and snacks.

What are 5 most important packing items to take with you on a cruise and was there anything you forgot to bring or something you bought but didn’t need?

He suggests, “Water bottles is a must, phone charger, camera, all right outfit, t-shirts, short pants, lots of snacks and cash to tips.”

One last recommendation for cruise packing is sea-sickness medication. You will be at sea for a prolonged period of time and although cruise ships travel very smoothly, bring some motion sickness medication if you know you are sensitive to sea travel!



Enjoy your Cruise Trip!

In this blog, we covered all to know about cruise trips, things to consider when booking a trip, and what to prepare for a cruise. You are now ready to sail toward the Caribbean! If you still do not know where you would like to travel to, CEO Icen Collins recommends going to the Bahamas. (Learn more about the Bahamas here.) He had an amazing time recently with MSC Cruise and with careful and thoughtful planning, he is sure you will have a memorable and enjoyable experience as well.

Safe travels!

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