New York to Tobago – A new flight route to help you to enjoy the Twin-island

Traveling from New York to Tobago offers a striking transition from the bustling streets of a global metropolis to the tranquil shores of a Caribbean paradise. Attention all passengers, a new flight route between New York and Tobago has just been announced! The flight company Caribbean Airlines just announced a non-stop flight route between A.N.R. Robinson International Airport, located on the island of Tobago, and John F. Kennedy International Airport, located in New York.

The new route is part of an initiative to boost the tourism in the twin-island and to improve the regional connectivity. The airline is also working with key stakeholder to “stimulate leisure travel demand and multi-destination tourism.”

The flights from New York will start to operate on May 5 and will do the route every Thursday.

Trinidad and Tobago Visa and Covid Requirements

If you’re a U.S citizen, according to passportvisasexpress, you don’t need a visa to enter to Trinidad and Tobago, but your passport has to be valid for a minimum 6 months from the date of your departure to the twin-islands.

For now, if you plan travelling to Trinidad and Tobago, you better have your vaccine shots updated.

The country is not allowing unvaccinated non-nationals to enter the country, and if you’re fully vaccinated, you’ll have to acquire a travel pass, a digital document which can be made on and you’ll also need a negative PCR or lab acquired antigen test no older than 72h. If you meet this conditions, quarantine won’t be needed.

You can find more information about the covid restrictions on our blog post Caribbean Travel Requirements COVID-19 Update.

So, now that travelling to the Trinidad and Tobago just got easier, why don’t you see some spectacular reasons for you to choose it as your next destination? And don’t worry, I’ll help you with that by showing you some great places and tours, just so you can see how incredible Trinidad and Tobago is.

Buccoo Bay

Located in the fisher’s village of Buccoo, this bay is a perfect place for those who are starving for some calm waters for swimming and for snorkeling.

There you may also find some horseback riding tours, where you can take a great tour through the beaches and even enter its waters with the horse, and tours to the famous Buccoo reef.

The Nylon Pool

The Nylon Pool is a beautiful sandbank, located south of Buccoo Reef, in the middle of the sea, miles away from the coast. The sandbank got its name from Princess Margaret, who suggested that the pool’s waters were as clear as her nylon stockings.

Nylon Pool – Darkonc on Wikimedia Commons

The pool, such as in Buccoo bay, is a perfect place for swimming and snorkeling, and it’s also surrounded by legends which say that the waters can rejuvenate and that couples who kiss underwater will have a blessed relationship.

Rainforest Tour

Made up mostly of forest reserves, the island of Tobago is the perfect place for a tour through the rainforest, taking a different path from the prepared tourist trails, so pack nice shoes, a hat, some water, food, and some repellent.

The tour will take you through the rainforest jungle of Tobago. During the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to observe a great variety of wild animals, specially birds, and native plants. The tours can last between 2 and 5 hours, depending on which tour you choose.

Kelleston Drain

Home to the biggest brain coral in the world, the Kelleston Drain reef in the south of the little Tobago isle is a must-go for those who love diving.

Diving Kelleston Drain – mdougan1000 on Youtube

The coral colony is about 10ft high and 16ft wide, and it’s surrounded by animals, such as sea rods, sea whips, barracudas, you may even find some manta rays and nurse sharks. The mix of life and colours present in the Kelleston Drain won’t leave you disappointed.

If you’ve decided to travel to Trinidad and Tobago and you want to see more amazing places to visit while you’re there, you can check some 5 dazzling places and tours.

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