Overwater bungalow resorts redefine the luxurious experience in the Caribbean, offering travelers an unparalleled stay where every accommodation choice, from cozy nests to lavish retreats, exudes opulence and ensures an unforgettable retreat. Here, when we are talking about the luxury of accommodation in the Caribbean, let us tell you about the overwater bungalow resorts that are literally a paradise that will offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After all, enjoying your stay on the top of the water while feeling its warmth and capturing the awe-inspiring vista of the surrounding is not a usual thing. No? So, let us tell you the 10 best overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean.

10 best overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean

  1. Sandals Grande St. Lucian in St Lucia

This all-inclusive Caribbean resort in St Lucia has been grabbing the attention of worldwide tourists because, recently, it added an overwater bungalow facility to its luxuriousness. Located next to the majestic Peninsula near Pigeon Island National Park, this overwater resort offers personalized butler services.

In the resort, you will find an outdoor shower, lounge chairs, a deck with a swim-up platform, an overwater hammock and couples soaking tub, sparkling light-up glass floors, and king-size beds. In addition to that, the resort also features a far-stretching beach, 12 restaurants, and 6 bars.

To please you even more, you can indulge in several water sports activities on the beach of this resort and make your stay a little more fun-filled and enjoyable. Not to forget, the dishes offered in the restaurant of this resort literally tickle your tongue.

  1. Palafitos Overwater Bungalows at El Dorado Maroma in Mexico

This adult-only resort is located in El Dorado Maroma and is a perfect destination for couples. Featuring as many as 30 overwater bungalows, this resort will literally make your honeymoon spark with love and romance. To make the experience more memorable, you can choose between a classic overwater bungalow and an Elite overwater bungalow.

Though you will get some additional customized services in elite bungalows, you will get a private deck, glass floors in the bedroom and lounge area, a hot tub, a mini-bar, and an outdoor shower in all bungalows. The rooms of the bungalows are quite spacious measuring 600 square feet and having a 211-foot terrace.

Relax in your private deck and capture the all-around view that you can’t actually get from anywhere. This luxurious resort is literally a treat to your soul and body.

  1. Rosewood Mayakoba, in Mexico

Another overwater resort from Mexico that is one of the most popular overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean and the reason for that is its uniqueness. It is covered with luxury and comfort all through and makes sure to offer the tourists an unforgettable staying experience.

Located amidst the mangroves and near a white sand beach, the resort is completely eco-friendly and offers deluxe lagoon suites with butler service. Given this fact, you are assured to have a soul-soothing experience at this resort.

It features 18 suits and each of them is equipped with a walk-in closet, a posh private deck with a heated plunge pool, a boat dock, and an outdoor garden shower. You would be surprised to know that this overwater Bangalore is set at 1,000 square feet.

  1. Aruba Ocean Villas

Aruba is another name for the luxuriousness and beauty of nature in the Caribbean. So, you can expect the glory of nature with luxury and comfort in Aruba Ocean Villas. Being an adult-only resort, this is very much popular among the love birds and it makes sure to add fire to their burning hearts with love.

If you talk about the luxury offered in this resort, it has its own beach where you can have some peaceful moments while experiencing the luxury and tranquility all around. The villa offers soothing ocean views and features a covered hot tub as well.

The plunge pool of the resort allows the visitors an opportunity to bask in luxury in the best possible way. Apart from all that, you’re sure to get another basic luxury at this overwater resort anyway.

  1. Royalton Antigua Resort & Spa in Antigua

If you want to experience the best overwater staying experience in Antigua, no other resort can be a better choice for you than Royalton Antigua Resort & Spa. Featuring a private beach and a number of other facilities, it is definitely one of the best overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean.

The unique thing about this overwater resort is that it features a spa where you can indulge in a soul-soothing spa session and freshen up your body from the tiredness of a trip excursion. In addition, you can also enjoy some unique features in this resort like a 60-minute sunset mixologist experience. For that, you need to make the booking in advance.

If we talk about the notable features of the resort, here you will get a private sun deck, a swim-out infinity plunge pool, and a king-size bed. Above all, you can also get a personal yoga instructor.

  1. Cayo Espanto in Belize

Located in Cayo Espanto, Cayo Espanto manifests the mesmerizing saga of luxury. From this posh overwater resort, you can capture the mind-blowing views of the Belize Barrier Reef, which is said to be the world’s second-largest coral system.

Spreading over a vast area of 1100 square feet, this overwater resort is a one-bedroom villa featuring hand-crafted furnishings, a lavish private dock, and an eye-catching glass floor with a light of different colors.

To surprise you even more, the resort also has a spa and restaurant where you can give your body as well as your tongue a much-needed treat. In the luxury restaurant of the resort, you will get different types of dishes that will make you ask for more even if your tummy is full.

  1. Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica

Sandals Royal Caribbean is said to be the first overwater Caribbean resort. Right after its inception, it created a sensation among tourists and today it is one of the best overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean right now.

What made the resort attract the attention of tourists so rapidly is its mind-blowing services which are light-up glass floors, king-size beds, an outdoor shower, a suspended patio with a swim-up platform, an overwater hammock, and spa-style bathrooms.

In addition, you will also get butler services. What more can you ask for? This overwater Resort is literally heaven that makes sure to offer you a never-forgetting staying experience.

  1. Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge in Panama

You will find only a few overwater resorts in Panama and Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge is one of them. This is the reason that it has managed to secure a place on the list of best overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean.

Situated on the lap of Colon Island in close proximity to the Bocas del Toro archipelago, this luxurious overwater resort is splashed by crystal clear water all the time. To your surprise, there are colorful bungalows as well in this resort. These types of bungalows are designed using different techniques.

In this resort, you will get three types of rooms, and that are the master suite, luna, and punta caracol suites. To add further, you can enjoy in-room massage services if you feel like your body is not ready enough to go outside and explore the beautiful island.

  1. Thatch Caye, in Belize

Located off the coast of Dangriga and in the proximity to Belize Barrier Reef, Thatch Caye is one of the most popular overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean that has already impressed tourists from all around the world.

All thanks to the panoramic setting of the resort and the services offered here that make it one-of-a-kind and never fail to amaze the tourists. To help you have an unforgettable staying experience, different activities are offered. You can participate in any of them.

From basket weaving to cruising, you can indulge in different fun activities in this resort other than enjoying the luxury and comfort offered here. If this is not your thing, you can have a coffee date with your partner in its coffee lounge.

  1. Anthony’s Key Resort in Honduras

Another name on the list of best overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean is Anthony’s Key Resort, which has been in existence for more than 50 years. Given this fact, it is the best resort to experience some rustic life.

To let you stay closer to nature, the resort does not offer you any TV or phone services. You can get Wi-Fi but you are likely not to get any other such amenities here. Owing to this fact, this is the best place for you if you want to rush away from the chaotic city life and spend some calm moments somewhere.

Despite the fact that the resort is quite old, it does not compromise on the facilities. When it comes to luxury and comfort, you will get everything.


So, these are the best overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean. Stay in any of them and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You are sure to be impressed by the luxury offered in these resorts.

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