Pirates Week Festival

Pirates Week Festival is the only event of its kind in the Caribbean region. Get ready to dive into the sea of food, drinks, and festivities at its best!

Held each November, it’s a fun-filled day of float parades, street dancing, pirate invasions, sporting events, heritage exhibits, and fireworks displays. A different look and colorful dress every year.  Due to a large number of tourists during the  festival and the demand for accommodation, it is recommended to check hotel rates and book rooms in advance.

Home To The Famous Pirates Of The Time in Cayman Island

This made the chain of three islands an ideal haven for pirates and buccaneers. The island’s golden age of piracy lasted from the 1650s to the 1730s, when some of the most notorious pirates of the time, including Edward Teach (aka Blackbeard), Lowther, Rowe and Morgan, called the Cayman Islands home.

Let The Fun And Games Begin in Pirates Week Festival !

Every night of the Festival there’s a great happy hour, an after party, and a huge fireworks display. Each November, pirates land on Cayman Brac, Little Cayman and Grand Cayman for spectacular pirate parties. The festival attracts more than 35,000 visitors each year and makes the islands colorful and vibrant. The festival features more than 30 different events over 3 weekends on all 3 islands. Visitors can enjoy sporting events,  lively iron pans, song and costume contests, and special activities for children.

The celebration takes place over his five days, with each district committee celebrating its own traditions and showcasing crafts and food. This is a competition in the  Grand Cayman area indulging the guests in a versatile buffet of mouth-watering dishes and drinks.

Perhaps no other Caribbean country celebrates the legend and  heritage of pirates quite like the Cayman Islands. The Islands come alive with spectacle and pageantry celebrations during the annual Pirate Festival. Festival-goers can also enjoy a variety of party nights spread across all three islands, costume contests, cultural and heritage contests, music and more. This year, you will get to celebrate the uniqueness of each district on a seven-week journey and learn how pirates, buccaneers, corsairs and buccaneers have shaped the heritage of islands, regions and seas. The islands are alive with delicious food, crafts and fun that create an inclusive atmosphere for families and individuals: 4,444 locals, residents and tourists, young and old.

Over the past 40 years, Pirate Week has grown into the country’s largest festival, attracting around 35,000 visitors. Pirates Week will be held for the first time  as “Pirates Fest” this year!

Focus on fun and delicious food- The festival delves into the country’s cultural heritage and explodes with a spectacular fireworks display, followed by the annual coronation of the  Festival Queen. The  festival continues the next day as thousands line the streets to catch a glimpse of the most coveted show, Pirate Invasion. Watch an old pirate ship abruptly land in an attempt to capture the Governor. This is quickly followed by a float parade  filled with costumes and plenty of Caribbean rum.

 Discover unique local treasures

In the bustling Cayman Craft Market  during the hustle and bustle of Pirate Week. A great place to visit developed by the Cayman Islands Government, the Cayman Craft Market provides an opportunity for local artists to showcase their unique indigenous products. Using some of the oldest known techniques in the Cayman Islands, Cayman artisans bring their goods to this small seaside market. A unique shopping experience, it’s the  perfect place to escape  the festivities and the perfect place to shop for gifts.

Start with your favorite drink!

Visit top local attractions like  Cayman Cabana and Royal Palms. Enjoy both  local and mainstream music, mingle with new people, and join the celebrations that last into the early hours of the morning.

THE FASCINATING  FIREWORK SHOW – For all the socially tired introverts

Pageant Beach

Not your typical beach with a bar, but  a secluded and peaceful paradise where you can sit  and relax.

Guy Harvey’s, Lobster Pot, Casanova

Pre-book yourself a patio seat and enjoy a spectacular fireworks display while enjoying a conch fritter or two.

Delicious Must Try Cayman Cuisine

Conch – These wonderful shellfish  can be enjoyed in many different ways in traditional Cayman recipes as conch fritters, ceviche and stews. Season  with  salt and pepper and you have what they call a Caribbean treat!

Jerk Chicken – A flavorful marinated  chicken that has made a name for itself throughout the Cayman community as a delicious finger-tanned dish.

What To Wear To The Fest?

Not to worry in the costume department as the festivities does not require any heavy costumes or props. Get yourself a banger pirate dress, a jeans and some nice hats to pair up, you can also wear high boots and finish your look with a pirate eye-mask and voila you’re good to go!