Planning a vacation is not easy, but it is useful especially if you have a family, or if you need to plan your vacations on a budget. To plan a delightful trip, and have a US Virgin Islands vacation that you can’t forget, you need to come along with this post to hit the target.

Benefits from early planning for your vacation:

You may feel that the early planning for your upcoming vacation may be confined to gaining some savings from your booking, but it is totally wrong. Early planning has a lot of benefits that you should consider before starting to plan.

These benefits may vary from one person to another but you should be sure that many of them will be fit your case. These benefits are:

  • You can make your trip more affordable and save some of your money.
  • You can know the sites and activities of your desired destination and decide what to do, and put your schedule.
  • You will be aware of the special events, carnivals, festivals, and other occasions which you may like to attend or avoid.
  • If you have a family with children, that is useful to know if the destination is kid-friendly and what activities may fit their age.
  • You can get cheap flights which can make some big savings, especially for big families.
  • It helps you save your time from wasting on random choices and make your trip more productive.

Planning a vacation on the world map

Explore US Virgin Island and see what are the attraction sites, activities, and events from our US Virgin Islands destination page to plan your trip well.

How to plan your vacation in advance:

To plan your vacation in advance you need to search destinations and determine your desired one. Then you can start writing down your steps.

As we are on showing you how to plan your trip to US Virgin Islands, the amazing Caribbean destination, so we are going to write the steps and help you get the highest benefits from this planning.

Steps to plan your US Virgin Islands vacation:

  1. Determine the best time to travel to US Virgin Islands, and if you want to spend your USVI vacation during high, low, or shoulder season, and determine the vacation duration.
  2. Book your flights after comparing prices and deals.
  3. Book your residence and for your luck, the US virgin islands can offer a variety of them.
  4. Plan your daily desired activities wisely and see if early bookings can save money or if these activities are subject to availability.
  5. Plan your packaging, and start to buy the needed items.

So, let’s start our planning mission for a wonderful US Virgin Islands vacation step by step.

Timing is really important. It affects your vacation budget significantly. If your timing is flexible you may consider planning your vacation during the shoulder season in US Virgin Islands.

The shoulder season in US Virgin Islands is between April and June. But if you don’t have the choice in your timing so you may find yourself going there in the peak season from December to March, which means additional costs.

Determine the duration of your stay, which is important to your next steps in planning, controlling your budget, and finally booking a return flight ticket on a certain date.

You can pick additional information about the weather in the US Virgin Islands by reading this article, Best Times to Visit US Virgin Islands.

Really we are lucky. Using the internet made this step very easy, as you can find a lot of websites that give you the opportunity to compare flight prices. If you started to plan your trip two or three months in advance you can find a lot of good deals to make reasonable savings.

Remember to consider these points:

  • check the packaging rules for the offers as they may not fit your needs, and this may take all the savings you have earned.
  • Avoid booking non-refundable tickets if you are not sure about the vacation time.

We advise you to use this website and compare many flight prices and get good deals on your flights.

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At this point, you will never be a loser. US Virgin Islands is a fascinating destination with a lot of attractive sites that you can enjoy. Many luxury resorts and affordable ones exist, which gives you a wide range of choices that will suit your needs and budget.

But making such a decision is not easy, this is because you need to make sure of all the aspects that you care about. Try to compare the resorts and hotels and check reviews. This step is very useful and gives you a lot of information about the residential property.

Try to use this site to compare residence sites in US Virgin Islands and their prices, then you can book your accommodation at reasonable prices.

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You can also check the hotels and resorts’ reviews and book the best deals using this website.

This step may take the most planning time. It is about exploring for the best activities, making a list, checking prices and availability, and finally making your decision on which activities suites your vacation and budget.

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Take care when planning this step, you should consider what fits you, and the estimated time for every activity. Then you should make sure that you aren’t making a condensed daily schedule as you are planning to spend a lovely relaxing US Virgin Islands vacation.

Consider that you may like some activities when you are at the destination, so leave space for these last-minute decisions.

Carnival Victory

Check the best cruises in the US Virgin Islands and their availability here.

If you like to explore more activities check this link.

Tripadvisor Tours and Activities Homepage

For car rentals, you can use this link.

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The final step is to plan what will you need on your trip. You may find some needed items you have to buy. Before you make the decision and go for traditional exhausting shopping, check our online store for vacation products you may like to buy at handy prices.

Your packages planning should be wise and don’t crowd your bag with a lot of items. The less your packaging, the more likely you find a cheap flight with low packaging options. You also will be more comfortable with light weights for your bags.

Some people like to book their vacation from sites that offer an entire vacation plan with a fixed budget. This is maybe easier for people who don’t like to go with the headache of planning and computing their budgets.

This choice is fortunately available on many great sites. Read the instructions and rules of the offer to not get surprised by what is included and what is not.

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And you may consider booking all your needed bookings from our website IC Caribbean, as we offer good deals from our partner hotels and car rentals.

Finally, You need to know that a happy vacation goes around your mindset of being happy and enjoying every moment. Make unforgettable memories and be flexible for any sudden circumstances. Wish you a Happy US Virgin Islands vacation.