Is the bustling life of metro cities killing your soul and you want an escape to nature where you can breathe a little more and your soul can smile a little wider? Then, you should consider visiting Cuba which is the biggest island in the Caribbean and is known for its lush nature, panoramic charm, and a number of sparkling beaches. That’s not all about but there is a lot more that you would love to explore on this beautiful island, the unspoiled charm of nature. So, read our complete Cuba travel guide and head to this land of beauty.

Places to Visit in Cuba

Let us begin with the major tourist attractions on the island because it has not just one or two but a whole bunch of tourist destinations that you can’t afford missing. From pristine beaches to verdant nature and marvelous architecture to culture-rich places, Cuba has everything to offer you in a single plate. Here, have a look at not-to-be-missed tourist destinations in Cuba.

  • Varadero

As we already said, Cuba is home to a number of striking beaches and you yourself can experience it in Varadero, which is one of the most famous beach destinations in Cuba. You are sure to be spellbound by the sand-water and palm-fringed beaches in Varadero. Among many other tourist destinations in the City, Varadero beach is the most popular one.

  • Old Havana (Habana Vieja)

Old Havana is a good place for history buffs, as it is completely immersed in the rich history of Cuba. This 200-year-old historical monument unfolds the glorious history of Cuba in the most beautiful way. You would definitely love exploring this UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • Guardalavaca

If you are already fed up with the chaotic city life and want some peaceful soothing moments in the lap of nature, no place can be better than Guardalavaca for this. It is actually a coastal paradise that never fails to please nature lovers as well as adventure freaks. Here, you can go snorkeling, diving, and other adventurous activities or simply sit by the beachside and enjoy the panoramic surroundings.

  • Parque Nacional Viñales (Valle de Viñales)

The glory of nature can be experienced at its best in Parque Nacional Viñales, which is a lush valley in Cuba. The steeped hills draped in all greenery look literally surreal. This UNESCO World Heritage site has a lot to amaze not just nature lovers but also adventure enthusiasts. You can go hiking or horse riding in the valley.

  • Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Cuba has something special to offer art lovers as well and it is Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, the National Museum of the island. Here, you can find a wide collection of Cuban art ranging from ancient history to modern time. The architecture of the museum is striking itself and what it showcases is just beyond everything.

Things to do in Cuba

Cuba tour guide can never be completed without talking about the must-do things on the island because there are many things that can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you in Cuba. This is why make sure to indulge in at least not-to-be-missed things when you are on your Cuba tour. If you wonder what those things are, let us tell you about them in detail.

  • Go for an adventurous day in Trinidad

The tourist glory and the magnetism of Trinidad need no introduction. It is already an international tourist destination and there are many fun activities to get indulged in. However, it’s the snorkeling and the diving that catches the attention of visitors the most. You can also go swimming and horse riding here.

  • Dance on the streets in Santiago De Cuba

The joy of street dancing can be experienced at best in Cuba. Just head to Santiago De Cuba and get fully immersed in the colors of Cuban culture, music, dance, and everything. The city is known for street dancing and here you can sway to the tunes of non-stop music. The awe-inspiring landscape and marine setting of the city increase the excitement even more.

  • Don’t forget to savor local food

When you are in Cuba and don’t revel in its sumptuous foods, it would be really an injustice to the gastronomic glory of the island. From street foods to cocktails, the list of must-to-taste foods in Cuba goes endless. So, don’t rasist yourself from savoring as much as you can.

  • Dive At The Garden Of The Queen

Cuba is an underwater paradise and The Garden Of The Queen is a seal mark to this. Being the largest Marine reserve in the whole Caribbean, this archipelago can literally tickle the souls of scuba divers. Not just that, but you can go for almost all water sports activities here.

  • Go for a shopping spree in the local market

Your trip to any place can never be completed without going on a shopping spree and the same goes for Cuba. So, explore the colorful markets of the island which are brimming with various amazing things. So, buy till you drop.

Places to eat and drink in Cuba

Now, you have a brief Idea about the major tourist destinations in Cuba and what you must not miss doing on this beautiful island but what about food and drinks? No? Okay, let us tell you that as well.

  • Otramanera, Havana

So far, you must have eaten Spanish foods and Cuban foods but if you want to experience the fusion of these two, head to Otramanera, Havana, which will please you with its fine dining experience. Here, you can enjoy a wide collection of wines.

  • Restaurante Sol Y Son, Trinidad

Love seafood? Then, you need to drop by Restaurante Sol Y Son, Trinidad, where you will get one-of-a-kind seafood with a twist of flavors. The Cuban music going on in the background amid the dim candlelight will make you wonder which is more soothing food or the ambiance.

  •  Finca Paraiso Agroecológica, Viñales

You enjoy meals in restaurants and streetside eateries everywhere and all the time. Why not do something different this time? Yes, you can come by Finca Paraiso Agroecologica, Viñales and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime organic food experience in an organic farm world capturing the captivating views all around.

  • Restaurante Villa Lagarto, Cienfuegos

Getting to dine out in a posh restaurant at an average price is literally no less than a privilege and you can enjoy this privilege at Restaurante Villa Lagarto, Cienfuegos, which is known for its near-to-perfect meat dishes. Its waterfront setting further intensifies the dining experience.

Events and holidays in Cuba

The charm of Cuba is not limited just to its tourist places and some interesting things to do but there is still a lot more you need to experience if you really want to explore the ins and outs of the country. No idea what we are talking about? Well, we are talking about the significant events and holidays on the island. Let us tell you little information about that too.

  • Liberation Day – national holiday – on 1st January
  • Habano festival – cultural festival – in February
  • Cine Pobre- film festival – in April
  • International urban dance festival- dance festival-  in April
  • Cuban Carnival – cultural festival – in April
  • National revolution day- national holiday – on 26 July
  • Fire Festival – traditional festival – in July
  • Independence day – national holiday – on 10 October
  • Parranda of the remedies – traditional festival –  from16 to 26 December

How to get around Cuba

Since Cuba is a hot international tourist destination, getting to and around the country is extremely hassle-free. The island has connectivity to almost all major countries of the world. When you are in Cuba itself, getting around is effortless too. There are many options like buses, taxis, rental cars, rental bikes, trains, boat services, and even horse-drawn carts. Among all, hop-on and hop-off buses are the most convenient, reliable, affordable, and safest mode of transportation for tourists.

Best time to visit Cuba

You get to enjoy the real fun of a trip when the weather is neither too cold, too hot nor too wet. Means the weather remains pleasant. There you can experience optimal weather from November to April. These are the dry months of the island, so you can enjoy your trip the most, as there is barely any chance of rain. Nevertheless, the island can be explored throughout the year because it will greet you with the same love.

Where to stay in Cuba

You must be wondering what are the best hotels and accommodation facilities. right? Well, we will tell you this as well. Below, have a look at the best options to stay in the country.

  • La Villa Teresa, Havana
  • Casa Flamboyan – Boutique Guest House, Havana
  • Residencia Santa Clara, Havana
  • Casa Colonial Abogados Leonardo y Angela, Havana
  • Gran Muthu Almirante Beach Hotel, Guardalavaca
  • Suite Florencia, Santa Clara

Cuba is a beautiful island in the Caribbean and you must explore it if you are a true globetrotter. The island has so much to offer you and gives you memories for a lifetime. So, what is holding you now? Just pack your bags.

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