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romantic experiences to travel to Cuba as a couple:

Romantic experiences to travel to Cuba as a couple. There is nothing better than choosing a paradisiacal place where you can enjoy the best and most romantic moments with your partner, and Cuba is an ideal place to fall in love or rekindle the flame in a relationship, because it has romantic places that will make your vacation unforgettable moments.

It is very common that at this beginning of the year the flowers decorate the entire environment, February is a month where many emotions are experienced. There are very central points within our Havana and other provinces that become meeting places where many lovers enjoy love for their partners, the pleasant company of a friend, or a friend.

When you’re in a relationship, it’s important to invest time to keep the flame burning. It can be on a romantic getaway, spending days alone enjoying each other’s company, nights out, or just doing special things for each other. Therefore, it is important that you know the most romantic places in Cuba to enjoy pleasant and pleasant moments with your partner, among them are:

1. A cool sunset in Havana to the rhythm of Jazz

Witness the Havana sunsets next to the boardwalk. The view of the Morro Fortress. American cars coming and going, and the best frappé lemonade in town. All of this is a visual and taste concert that you can enjoy from the terrace of the Hotel Malecón 663. A boutique hotel of authentic Cuban design that is worth visiting just to enjoy its original decoration. We recommend visiting on Thursdays, since jazz evenings take place from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. A musical space where you can enjoy live Cuban music, especially the jazz genre.

From young performers to more established musicians liven up the afternoons on the panoramic terrace of Hotel Malecón 663. A magical place to enjoy your honeymoon trip to Cuba.

In Cuba, music is everywhere. It emanates from the densely packed apartment buildings, from the open-air bars and restaurants, from the endless stream of colorful postcard-worthy American cars that traverse the broad cosmopolitan avenues of Havana and meander the narrow cobblestone streets of Trinidad.

But even more memorable is the live music, played day and night in cities big and small. In a single street in Havana you can find several murgas -a trumpeter, a guitarist, a flutist- each planted in their small territory dedicated to perfecting their music. In parks and plazas across the country, the bands are found entertaining crowds of tourists and Cubans, of all ages and ethnic groups, by dancing, clapping and singing.

2. Magical sunset on a catamaran in Cayo Santa Maria

If we are in the center of the island, a highly romantic option is the magical sunset catamaran excursion in Cayo Santa María. Seascape, romantic dinner and Caribbean sunset, all come together in a unique experience in Cuba. From Marina Gaviota Cayo Brujas the boat leaves for a romantic tour of islets in the area to watch the sunset.

To complete the experience, you will have a seafood dinner on board, with lobster and open bar of drinks, set with Cuban music. It is the ideal setting to enjoy an unforgettable sunset.

The Pedraplén of almost 50 kilometers, recognized internationally for its respect for the natural environment that frames it, connects Cayo Santa María with the island of Cuba, Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Brujas, a unique route on which you will have the impression of floating on the sea ​​on your way to the Key. Cayo Santa María is connected with Cayo Ensenachos, and this in turn connects with Cayo Las Brujas.

However, this paradisiacal islet will not only allow you to have all kinds of services, but also offers you the most varied alternatives for nature tourism, especially in the south, where a landscape of exuberant vegetation predominates. So, if you decide to visit the most virgin side of the key, the endemic flora and fauna are in their best state of conservation. This will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an incomparable environment.

3. The best panoramic view of Havana

In Havana, one of the most emblematic views of the city and its bay is obtained from the Monument of Christ, located in the town of Casablanca. An interesting experience that allows you to be in direct contact with Cubans. Likewise, you can enjoy as a couple one of the most privileged views of the city.

The tour begins by taking the Casablanca ferry. In this boat you can enjoy a brief but unique tour of the Havana bay. Arriving at the Monument of Christ, you will have the privilege of appreciating a panoramic view of the city at sunset, where its most emblematic buildings stand out.

To close the day, you can walk to La Divina Pastora restaurant. There we recommend you to have a refreshing Cuban mojito to complete the route through the overseas town of Casablanca.

4. An anti-stress cocktail in front of the exuberant landscape of Viñales

If you are in the west of the country, especially in Viñales, you cannot miss visiting Finca Agroecológica el Paraíso de Viñales. It is the ideal space to taste typical Creole food, relax as a couple and be in contact with the nature of Cuba after a walk or horseback ride through the tobacco fields of Viñales.

You will get to know its own garden of vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants and you will visit the bird observatory with its viewpoint. To finish the route totally relaxed, it is advisable to try the “anti-stress cocktail”, a mixture of piña colada with more than five types of plants. And if you don’t mind spending a little more, we also recommend the Cuajaní Restaurant, also located in the heart of the Viñales Valley with first-class cuisine.

5. Tour Cienfuegos in the purest country style

The city of Cienfuegos is a charming destination due to the peculiarity of its landscape, its bay, the Punta Gorda area and, above all, the visual cleanliness that can be seen in the city.

A horse-drawn carriage ride in the purest colonial style can be attractive for couples who want to get to know the city at a slow pace that allows them to enjoy its charms. Accompanied by a guide you can tour Cienfuegos in a horse cart, in the purest peasant style, the Punta Gorda Bay, stroll along the boardwalk, the Cienfuegos Club, La Marina, the Hotel Jagua and the Palacio de Valle.

The tour ends at Camila’s Hostal & Restaruant, a restaurant with a small pier that the couple will love because from there you can have a typical Cuban lunch while overlooking the sea.

6. Romantic night by candlelight in front of the sea

A romantic dinner in front of the sea may sound heavenly, but in Havana it can come true. Any occasion is ideal to enjoy a dinner under the cozy light of candles at the Vistamar paladar restaurant. Its location is unbeatable, since it is located on the Havana coast, in the Miramar neighborhood, with direct views of the sea. The colors and the breeze combine perfectly with the dishes from national and international cuisine.

It is the ideal place for a dinner as a couple, as a prelude to a night that culminates among boleros, in the Dos Gardenias complex, located very close to the aforementioned restaurant.


7. Avant-garde culture and cuisine in Vedado Habanero

For lovers of good cultural vibes and who are seduced by the charms of music and avant-garde cuisine in Cuba, we recommend visiting the El Cocinero restaurant. Located in the old oil factory of the same name, its peculiar tower stands out in the capital’s panorama. There you can enjoy the good atmosphere that is breathed in its terrace in height, since it is very frequented by young people, artists and bohemians.

The site is located right next to Fábrica de Arte, making it a perfect combination for after dinner touring the facilities of the most fashionable cultural venue in the capital. A space where you can appreciate live concerts in Havana, visual arts exhibitions, micro theaters and where you can have a refreshing cocktail.

8. The best GIN TONIC in the seductive nocturnal Havana

A night walk through Old Havana can be a magical experience if you live as a couple.

Walking through its narrow streets, illuminated in the colonial style, exploring its architectural corners, visiting its well-preserved squares and exploring its design shops and art galleries is a highly attractive proposal. We can let ourselves be carried away by its alleys, and even border its coastline enjoying the sound of the sea. Discovering the city in a free and spontaneous way is something that any traveler longs for.

But to end the route, in the middle of a maelstrom of places, bars and restaurants that come together in the small space of the Historic Center of Old Havana, we recommend visiting the El de Enfrente bar, on whose terrace you can have the best gin and tonic in Havana.

9. Take a ride in a vintage car along the Malecon in Havana

A ride in a convertible American car from the 50s along the entire coastline of the Havana boardwalk, with the breeze on your face, the salt on your lips and the company of your better half, is a spectacular plan to enjoy your honeymoon in Cuba.

In front of the Capitol of Havana begins the route that includes a tour of the Paseo del Prado and that covers the residential areas of Vedado and Miramar. After getting to know the charms of Havana by night in the most vintage style, it is worth making a stop on the Casablanca ferry to cross the bay and take a unique photograph of the city from the Plaza del Cristo de La Habana.

During summer nights, the Malecón acquires an extraordinary atmosphere thanks to the carnival, where races and customs are mixed with float rides and tireless troupes. A great party where the traditional sound of the drums is mixed with modern salsa and reggaeton songs. In this place are some of the best hotels in Havana, such as the Hotel Nacional, the Riviera or the Meliá-Habana.

10. Bay and port of Havana

Traditionally, Havana has been a city closely linked to the sea. Right at the end of the Malecón (in front of the Spanish Embassy), the Atlantic continues its course and enters the bay of Havana, where the city’s port and cruise terminal are located.

A very well-kept and beautiful area to walk, with a seafront full of small boats that offers beautiful views of the other side of the bay. From this area we can see the fortifications of Havana and the Casablanca neighborhood, a perfect place to put the finishing touch to a romantic day in the city. There you can contemplate the most spectacular panoramic view of Havana, and enjoy a sunset. sun at sunset that will remain engraved in your memory.

Why take a romantic trip to Cuba?

Cuba is an irresistible destination to travel for your honeymoon. Imagine together as a couple watching a magical sunset while the sea breeze ruffles your hair, taking a bath in the turquoise sea of ​​a paradisiacal beach immersed in a dream environment, touring picturesque cities together and discovering hidden corners in the purest nature. Few countries will be able to offer you everything that Cuba has for a trip as important as your honeymoon.

In Cuba you will be able to experience each of those moments and many more. The warmth of its people, the tropical climate that prevails throughout the year and the infinity of extraordinary cities and superb natural landscapes that it possesses make it the ideal place that will make the happiest day of your lives culminate with an unforgettable romantic trip. . Just enjoy your wedding leaving the planning of the honeymoon in Cuba in our hands.